Optimizing Space for Quality Sleep: Is It Possible?

The bedroom is sacred for most of us. It serves as your sanctuary to recharge and heal after a long day. Thus, it is only fitting to make our haven feel extra cozy to match our comfort, relaxation, and individuality.

According to experts, the ideal temperature to achieve the optimum level of sleep is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This means, if you live in a relatively warm or cold area, you will need to have systems installed to control the room temperature. Mix in the bed, closet, bedside table, and other accessories, all while making sure there is enough room to move around; things can be quite tricky. More so if you’re operating in a limited space.

Decors in, Gadgets Out

Maximizing a small space is challenging, especially if you have a lot going on inside. Remember that bedrooms should give you privacy and provide a place to sleep in. Any other activities outside that, you can do it somewhere else. That’s what other areas of the house are made for.

Thus, if you want to achieve a cozy room in a tiny space, you need to get rid of things that cause distraction and clutter. This includes the TV, computer, laptop, e-books, game consoles, and even your smartphones. Removing these will also help minimize the mess caused by scattered wires, cables, and chargers.

Your gadgets will only steal your time away for relaxation, affecting the quality and quantity of sleep. In return, this can then leave you feeling tired, irritated, and moody. It can even lead to road accidents as sleep-deprived individuals tend to have trouble focusing and concentrating. In addition, if this goes on, your immunity might weaken, making you more susceptible to various medical conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and diabetes.

So, instead, replace them with minimal room decorations that are easy to the eyes. For example, choosing cool and neutral tones for your walls can help soothe the ambiance. On the other hand, warm and bright colors such as pale blue, off-white, light green, and earthy ochre can help create the illusion of a bigger space.

Moreover, remember to choose subtle accessories to liven up your room, create contrast, and leave a touch of your personality. You can do this by putting up personalized canvas prints of your most treasured moments, wall-to-ceiling sheer curtains to create a soft and fresh look, and a small bedside table for your alarm clock, books, or a glass of water.

Invest in Convenience

Having a tiny floor space can only do so much. Therefore, you need to think big and maximize the other areas of the room to the fullest. For example, if you want to bring in nature, consider placing plants on your windows or hanging them using a macrame hanger or cloth strings for unique aesthetics.

Tapestry is also a good alternative if you want to add more character to your bare walls. Moreover, if you need a study table in your room, consider installing a foldable desk on your walls or use portable folded chairs and tables instead. This can save you more space and minimize clutter when you’re not using them.

If you live alone, elegant loft beds are a good investment. The combination of a compact bed, study table, and drawers in one can help optimize the area and create a cozy nook for comfort and convenience. On the other hand, a tatami wood bed frame or under-bed storage may be more convenient for couples.

Furthermore, having a wall-mounted lamp can be a more convenient option instead of the traditional ones. A light within arm’s reach will save up space and time from turning the room lights off. It also aids in getting a good amount of sleep. Just makes sure to invest in various light brightness options to suit your needs, whether for reading, studying, or dimming the room to help you relax.

The truth is, we only spend around a third of our lives sleeping or at least trying to do so. Unfortunately, that means we are bombarded with life’s stresses and demands the rest of the time, further putting much toll on our mental and physical health. The world is already complicated as it is to make it even more so. Thus, we should treasure the time we have and give ourselves a cozy and well-deserved place to rest, recharge, and take a break regardless of the bedroom space. Invest in what’s necessary and get rid of those that are not to help you restore your strength and brave another day.

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