Brain Boosters: 9 Simple Activities to Improve Your Creativity

These days, being creative is one of the essential traits that one person should have, whether you are a student or an employee. But a lot of people think that they lack creativity. Or that they are not creative enough for certain activities.

Yes, creativity might sound intimidating. And a lot of people think that creativity is just for artists. But the truth is, anyone can be creative. You can be creative in your day-to-day life. And it is not that hard to boost your creativity as it may seem. Just start with simple ways to enhance your thinking and imagination.

Research studies suggest that some behavioral activities can lead to happiness, reduce stress and boredom, and even improve your heart rate. Enjoyable leisure activities are considered an excellent way to boost your performance, creativity, and productivity.

This article will discuss new hobbies that you must try to improve your creativity and mind health.

Mind Games

Mind games like puzzles, board games, and card games can help us create new cognitive patterns, understand emotions, consider different points of view, and deepen our thinking. Puzzles might look stressful, but the truth is they can stimulate our brain and even reduce stress.

Practice doing a crossword or playing sudoku while having your healthy breakfast to improve your creativity and productivity.

These games also improve our decision-making skills, making us more effective on other tasks.

Creating DIY Crafts

If you have a lot of free time, you might want to practice creating DIY crafts instead of scrolling through your social media accounts. DIY crafts like crochet or recycling your old furniture or clothes to be something new, or making decorations from old items.

You can also try diamond painting. It is a style of needlework painting with a pattern. Include these activities in your hobbies to boost your creativity.


You can get a lot of benefits from exercising. It is not just for toning your muscles. Exercise also improves your physical health, gets rid of stress, and even improves your mental health. Exercising also improves your focus, memory, and concentration.

Find a physical activity or a sport that you enjoy and do it as often as possible. Be consistent, and you’ll see a lot of improvement.

Exercising might be at the top of our list. Doctors suggest that people should exercise regularly. Making an exercise routine will make you enjoy many benefits and prevent a lot of health ailments.

Developing Your Image or Video Editing Skills

If you are on the techy side, you can improve your creativity by putting your photo or video editing skills into practice. Learn from the best editors on YouTube or get insights from them. After all, we are in the social media era, which means you can boast about your creations on your page. Who knows, you might even land a job at a professional video production company.


Writing is also a good hobby that you should try. You don’t need to be a famous author, and you don’t need to worry about your penmanship or grammar. All you need is to write anything that interests you—a novel, short story, anything that you imagine.

You can write a journal if you don’t like writing creative stories. A journal helps you improve your critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and creative muscles. By writing, you boost your analytical skills on evaluating life challenges and stress.

Time might come where you feel confident enough to publish your writings.

Practicing an Instrument

playing the guitar

Playing an instrument is a good practice for your mental health. It helps you condition your eye and hand coordination. It might be difficult at first, but you will be surprised by your improvement over time with consistency.

And when you already know how to play that instrument, you can now practice creating your own piece of music. This boosts your creativity and confidence. Playing an instrument also reduces stress and distracts your mind from random thoughts.

Learning a New Language

There is a lot of research that proves the benefits of learning a new language. Researchers say that studying a new language improves your brain health, memory, critical thinking skills, attention span, and better cognitive abilities.

It is also fun to learn new languages and boost your confidence, especially when planning to travel to different places with different languages.


There are a lot of styles and genres of dancing that you can choose from based on your interests. You don’t need to apply for dance lessons. You can just search on YouTube and start practicing. And then, over time, you can create your choreography or start freestyle dancing, boosting your creativity.


Doodling is also a great pastime activity or hobby. It can help you to stay present and engaged in your training. Doodling can activate unique neurological pathways, which leads to cognitive breakthroughs and new insights.

Following these hobbies not only improves your creativity but also improves your health and lifestyle. Try to find some ways every day to improve your creativity and your skills for self-growth and development.

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