Glitz and Glam: Adding Gold Accents for Your Interiors

Gold has always captivated people’s imagination. History has shown how the Romans, Egyptians, and most prominent personalities of the earliest time have draped themselves in gold as a symbol of status, wealth, and power. It has been considered a precious material that people have admired for its glamour and luxury, often leading to a number of past wars and conquests.

Today, we’ll be looking at how gold has conquered the world of interior design in Phoenix and other locations, from embellishments to interesting details that symbolize sophistication, class, and affluence.

Fortunately, adding touches of gold to your interiors doesn’t mean you have to turn back the hands of time. To truly use gold as an interior design element, you’re not only limited to traditional and Victorian designs. There are contemporary interiors that have golden accents that bring out a stylish and stunning vibe. Here’s how you can do the same for your space:

Swing on a Chandelier

The best place to start incorporating this shiny yellow metal in your home is with a chandelier. Get an elegant piece that gives an added whimsical touch to your room. Go for one that’s more about the glass than the metal, with gold accents on the arms. Adding this piece to your living room, dining room, or bedroom is the perfect mark of elegance. Yes, chandeliers are no longer limited to the dining rooms. Choose an unexpected room in your house for that glammed up look.

Add Gold Accessories for That Sparkle

You don’t have to fill your room with golden furniture pieces just to achieve that glamorous look. Candles are a good way to start. These tiny accessories aren’t just there to keep you warm. You can use them as decorative pieces. Get some over-the-top gold candles and put them on your coffee table in your living room for that subtle elegance. But if you’re not into candles, you can add gold to your fabrics, carpets, and living room blankets. Create your own glitzy centerpiece with a glass vase containing gold decorative balls.

Throw in Some More Gold Furnishings and Paints

gold abstract paint

Gold furniture may be the hottest thing in interior design, but you wouldn’t want to go overboard with your gold accents and end up with a tacky-looking space. Browse through interior design websites and even magazines to see how gold is effectively incorporated in a subtle yet interesting way. You’ll be able to see how touches of gold are spread strategically throughout a room to achieve balance and sophistication at the same time.

Your curtains, linens, pillows, and area rugs are other interesting decorative items that can have hints of gold colors without completely covering your space in this bold color. You can also create an accent wall in your living room. Choose an area that you can turn into your accent wall painted in glimmering gold, with everything else in a neutral shade to truly make it stand out.

Finally, if an entire wall covered in gold seems too much for you (even if it’s just one portion), get some throw pillows and covers with simple specks of glittery gold all around. This might be subtle, but it’s sure to add glamour to your space.

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