Women’s Guide to Living a Creative and Positive Life

As modern-day women, we often feel like we have no choice but to force ourselves to struggle with everyday challenges. And most of the time, this leaves us blinded to what matters the most – ourselves. How long has it been since you sit down and evaluate your physical and mental state? How healthy are you right now? Are you practicing positive lifestyle habits every day?

When we try to seek inspiration and ways to transform our lives, we all get those common self-care tips. These can be engaging in physical activities, eating right, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep. So, in this blog, let’s try other awesome ways that can help you live a creative and positive life filled with fulfillment and happiness.

Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself from time to time can have awesome positive effects on your mood and energy. Take time to recognize your efforts and milestones, regardless of how small they are. Have you found a sports production service partner for your upcoming shooting? Did you just close a huge marketing deal for your startup? Have you finished a chapter in the book you are writing?

Whether it’s a personal or professional achievement, reward yourself with things you love. You can buy that dress you’ve been eyeing since last month. You can go on a weekend getaway with your best friend. Or, have a stay-at-home movie night with yourself or your friends.

By giving yourself some enjoyment or breather, it will be easier for you to reboot your system. It creates a cocktail for brain chemistry that came you feel cared for (because you are!). Create a personal reward system that works for you.

Promote self-love

No matter how busy you are with your career, there should be no excuses for practicing self-love. It is the ultimate key to a happy and fulfilling life. This is where you should realize that it’s okay to hold high standards for your own happiness and well-being and accept your weaknesses and flaws. Focus your energy on yourself instead of other people.

Some awesome ways to practice self-love are taking time for yourself, working out and eating the right way, continuing to learn more, embracing self-compassion, and forgiving yourself. Going deeper – reflect on your actions with support and empathy, recognize your emotional state and accept it, and start mindful self-talk that encourages positivity.

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Perform mantras

We are often distracted by things that don’t even matter, and mantras can help our minds relax. Performing a mantra can do amazing things for your mindset, from improving focus and creativity to boosting self-awareness and self-compassion. Reading mantras to yourself can slowly but effectively eliminate negativity from your mind and calms your soul. It can even change your mood and improve your attention.

Create your own mantras and perform them for at least 10-15 minutes every day. It will help if you write them all the mantras that you think will serve you positively and improve your self-worth. Some of our favorites are: ‘Progress, not perfection,’ ‘You are worthy and strong, so keep striving!‘ ‘I have the power to create change,’ ‘I choose to radiate love and happiness,’ and ‘I’m unique and confident.’ Choose or create yours, declare them powerfully, and believe in them.

Take an artist date

An artist date is an amazing approach to re-energize your creativity and renew yourself. This is about devoting time just for you to do things that you find enjoyable and creative. It’s ideal to do this at least once a week for a minimum of two hours. But since we know modern-day women like yourself are too busy, why not do it at least once or twice a month? Find time in your professional and personal calendar where you can have uninterrupted time for a solo adventure or moment.

Do whatever you want. You can go to the park where you can get fresh air while you’re alone with your thoughts. You can write poetry, prose, or personal thoughts in your journal while you drink your favorite chamomile tea. You can visit a museum and discover new artists and histories you didn’t know before.

Whether you’re juggling two jobs every week or managing your own business, always remember to prioritize and search for positives in your life. From improving your overall well-being to getting rid of your unhealthy daily habits, there’s so much you can do to have a more positive lifestyle. What are you waiting for? Use this guide and start your journey towards the healthier and happier woman you’re meant to be.

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