Tips for Great Maternity Photos

Pregnancy is a miracle. It is the time of your life when you nurture a human being in your womb. Although there may be some difficulties as changes happen to your body, the feeling of joy, excitement, and anticipation still prevails. That mixture of emotions is better captured and documented through maternity photos. For well-documented and snappy shots, here are some tips for a maternity shoot that you may consider:

1. Location

You can go anywhere—outdoor, indoor, urban, or rural, depending on your preference. But among the popular choices are beaches. With their serenity and soft images, beaches are a perfect location for a maternity shoot. It is best to take those dramatic shots at sunset for that colourful and romantic effect.

2. The Right Time

The goal of a maternity shoot is to show the bump at different angles. A maternity shoot during the early stages of pregnancy might not show the bump. Furthermore, it might be uncomfortable for the pregnant mom during that period. The best time to have the maternity shoot is at the beginning of the last trimester or before the 35th week. At this time, the bump is pretty obvious at all angles, and the mom-to-be has already adjusted to the condition of her growing belly. In addition, complications and risks have already been ruled out during this time.

3. Props

A pair of baby shoes or booties, baby clothes, ultrasound pictures, and baby books are ideal props for a maternity shoot. Since the focus of the picture is the props, the photographer should have the skill to shift focus on the props and the belly. Family members can join the shoot with the props to make a funny shot. It doesn’t matter if the props sometimes steal the attention away from the belly. In the end, it is still the bump that will shine.

4. Poses and angles

pregnant woman's belly being shown in a garden environment A cute pose at the right angle makes a great picture. The goal is to take a picture of the pregnant mom at cute poses and flattering angles. Hands on the belly is a typical maternity pose that reflects the mom’s pride and joy of what’s inside her growing belly. The dad’s hand on the bump while hugging the mom is a perfect picture of proud parents-to-be.

The couple with family members can sit or stand in a relaxed pose with a slight twist on the side to show off the bump. If the couple has older kids, they can dance and sing around the mom slightly touching her belly. Their pet can also join the shoot for more fun.

Pregnancy is a combination of body changes due to the growing belly, love and affection from the entire family, and everyone’s admiration for the pregnant mom. It is the time to celebrate and anticipate the coming of another family member. The celebration continues as the baby grows and takes part in the family photo shoot. For great pictures, there are experts in maternity and baby photography in Melbourne who can help you. Let the professionals capture those precious moments from your pregnancy up to your baby’s growing up years.

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