Taking Your Yearbook Photo: What to Do to Look Your Best

Getting your yearbook photo can be exciting but also scary. Who knows how your picture will look? You want to look back at your yearbook fondly, so you want to look amazing in your photo. Luckily, there are ways that you can look great in your picture.

Here are six tips to ace your yearbook photo.Practice Makes Perfect

Practice posing in front of your mirror to find your best angles. Practicing poses will help you know what to do when the camera is in front of you. You can also try using your camera with a self-timer, so you know how the pose will look in photos. Try to practice several different poses, so you show off different angles of your face.

Work with A Professional

If you are lucky, your school might let you use a professional photo taken by a high school senior photographer in Utah for your yearbook. Most school photographers only take a few pictures, so if your photos do not look good, you might not have the best photo. Luckily, you can hire a professional photographer to take loads of pictures of you for your yearbook to get the perfect one. It will give you peace of mind and confidence when they hand out the yearbooks to the class!

Plan Your Hair and Makeup

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When it comes to doing your hair and makeup, you should remember one thing – less is more. You do not want to overdo it because it might not turn out well in the photo. If you’re going to wear makeup, it would be best to skip the bold makeup look. Instead, go for light makeup that enhances your features and hides your blemishes. Try to make your hair look neat and simple or you can go to your hairdresser beforehand to get your hair done.

Know How to Sit

More often than not, the photographer will ask you to sit on a chair for the photo. So, you should know how to sit for the photo properly. Angle your shoulder, then face your feet in the same direction and lean in a little towards the camera to get a flattering angle. Doing this will help you look confident and poised. Do not let your body face the camera head-on, because it tends to look awkward in photos.

Stay Relaxed

One of the most important things you should do is relax. If you are stiff and uncomfortable when you get your photo taken, it will show in the picture. Just inhale slowly, then relax and smile. You can also ask your friend or a family member to take photos of you while you practice posing. It will help you get used to being in front of the camera; that way, being in front of the high school photographer will be a breeze.

Choose Your Clothes Carefully

Usually, you would only have to wonder what shirt to wear because most yearbook photos only show the upper half of your body. Pick a professional shirt, like a collared button-down shirt, or wear a plain shirt with a classy cardigan. Be sure that you feel confident in the shirt. Do not forget to choose a flattering color, too.

High school yearbook photos do not have to be stressful. Try out these tips to have the best yearbook photo.

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