Making Your Small Business More Credible to Consumers

Even if you have a reliable system and a great business model, getting consumers to know about your brand, put their trust in it, and patronize your services or products takes establishing your credibility. These should be done upon the first interaction they have with your business. Many consumers find new businesses from online searches and even use the web as a reference when they hear about a brand.

Here are some important tasks to accomplish in solidifying your online presence.

Create a corporate video

Video is a powerful and engaging tool that can help you send out a message and establish your business’s ideals, giving viewers a feel of what your company is all about. Corporate video production has become one of the most in-demand services because of the video format rapidly increasing as an avenue for promotion.

Recent data has revealed that the average person is now consuming around 100 minutes of online video every day, and marketers have noted a positive return of investment when releasing these throughout the world wide web. This has seen a stark jump in just five years. That’s because general sentiment has drastically veered towards video and its capabilities of introducing a service or platform to the common public, whether it’s through landing pages, social media, or streaming sites.


Set up a good website

Part of establishing your credibility is having a website that is not only aesthetically pleasing and streamlined with your brand but also functional, informative, user-friendly, and secure. While it’s key to stand out and make something memorable, the most important factor is how easy it is for people to browse through and find what they need.

Surveys have revealed that most consumers look for functionality within the design of the website itself when determining whether they’ll revisit it. Since this serves as both an online calling card, an information hub, and a platform to generate engagement, it’s essential that your website is properly set up and worth representing your business.

Have an open platform for feedback

This is one of the most important things you can set up, and it can determine general sentiment toward your company. There are numerous avenues to set this up, whether it’s for employee feedback or client reviews.

In a consumer survey, 90% of consumers revealed that they read online reviews, and the majority of them trust these reviews as much as they would a personal recommendation from someone they know. Mainly riding on word of mouth, this can help establish trust with new customers who have yet to patronize your business. Reputation does a lot to drive sales and credibility, and it can encourage consumers to develop loyalty with your brand if they feel a sense of being heard and have other trustworthy reviews to rely on.

These are some of the ways you can make your mark and show how much trust and reliance consumers can put on your brand right off the bat. These are tried and tested across industries.

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