Hacks: How to Make Your Jewelry Shine in Photos

High-quality and authentic jewelry naturally shine on their own. However, no matter the shine and shimmer that it naturally possesses, these pieces can still look dull in photos. Below, we will give you a few tips on how you should handle your jewelry when trying to take photos of it. We will also discuss why it is important to get jewelry photo retouching services for these pieces to truly stand out.

Use Natural Lighting

Taking photos of your jewelry with just your camera flash on is definitely not a great idea. The shine will most likely bounce off the jewelry, making the photo look overexposed and unbalanced. Your jewelry will most likely look whitewashed in the photo, which is never a good thing. Make sure to shoot during the day so you can make use of natural lighting. You can simply place your jewelry near the window and sue a couple of props and a pretty background to get the perfect photo of it.

Keep the Background Simple

You should keep the background simple to make the jewelry pop in the photo. You want your piece to be the focal point of the photo, which is why you should make sure to use a simple and plain background for it. You can simply take a white sheet of paper or even a white plain blanket to use as a background. This will make the jewelry absorb all of the colors, making it pop in the photo.


Use a Mannequin

If you want to present your jewelry in the photo professionally, then it would be best to use a mannequin for the shoot. A lot of jewelry shops use mannequins to sell their jewelry, and for a very good reason: people simply get drawn to the jewelry if they see how it looks like when worn. If you want your jewelry to look elegant in the photos, then you should use a mannequin as a prop. You do not have to take full photos of the mannequin, as you should make sure that the jewelry is still the focal point in the photo.

Have it Retouched

Sometimes, no matter how good your photos turn out to be, they still lack a little bit of “oomph” to it. If you feel like something’s missing, then you might want to have your photo retouched by professionals. You can ask them to tone the brightness down and make everything look balanced so your jewelry can be the star of the show. These professionals know what they are doing, and you can make sure that they will make the jewelry look amazing so you can sell it to your clients in no time. Make sure to hire the right one though, and ask to see some of their sample photos first.

Being creative and patient is all it takes to make your jewelry look amazing in those photos. Take a look at a couple of photos online and see how the professionals do it. Apply it to your photos and see those pieces come to life!

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