A Simple Groom’s Guide for Wedding Planning

Weddings are traditionally thought to be a bride’s event. But obviously, that’s not the case. A wedding is a celebration of a couple- it’s both their moment. While most brides want to take control of the planning process, that doesn’t mean that the groom should sit back and avoid the responsibilities. A relationship is all about equality, and preparing and planning for your wedding is a great example of that. Here’s how every groom can plan for their wedding.

Talk to Each Other About the Level of Involvement in the Planning Process

Some brides want to be heavily involved in the planning process, while some don’t want to be overwhelmed with all the choices that they have to make. And that’s perfectly fine. People are different, and sometimes brides want to lean on their partners for most major decisions. Of course, others want to be part of every step of the way, and still, some want to make the decisions with their partner. What’s important is both of you know what you want, and both of you discuss expectations from each other. Before you suddenly make all the decisions yourself or rely on your partner for all the decisions, make sure that you know the boundaries and understand the spread of responsibilities.

Organize Your Team

No wedding is complete without groomsmen and best men. Make sure you complete the roster with your friends and talk to them about their role in your wedding. It’s best to choose from your close friends, family members, or even from your bride’s family. These men will be your teammates and partners when it comes to organizing the wedding, doing errands, giving you advice, and in some cases, even helping you keep your wits about. Your team plays an important role in your wedding, especially during planning, so don’t neglect them.

Sometimes You Have to Let the Bride Decide


Of course, wedding planning is always a decision made by two, but just as we mentioned before, some brides want varying levels of commitment. There will be moments when the bride should make the call- recognize what these moments are to know when to give them the wheel. If the bride wants something specific, for example, the type of flower they want on the tables in the reception, it’s best to follow their lead. The importance here is to let them decide on the things that they like. Her preferences most likely have a significant meaning to her, and sometimes, it’s just best to let them make the decision.

Look Your Best: A Crash Course

Every groom wants to look their best during their wedding, so here are some tips to help you out.

Start Working Out and Dieting Beforehand.

You already know that you have a wedding, and hopefully, you know it far in advance. This gives you ample time and opportunity to work on your body. You can get a custom-fitted tuxedo, but you still want to be in the best shape of your life for your big event. Months before, join a gym and hire a personal trainer to help guide you through your process. Give yourself a goal and a deadline. However, this deadline shouldn’t be too near the wedding day, as you need to prepare for something else later. A month or so before your wedding day is the best time.

Get Your Gear Sorted Out.

Part of looking your best is dressing your best, so you want a good tailor to help you get the best fitting tuxedo. You might also want to get your jewelry retouched in your photos, especially if you want to wear ancestral jewelry at your wedding. However, it’s best to remember the rules in grooms’ wedding clothes: the simpler, the better. You want a simple but elegant design, one that will remain timeless as you look back at your wedding pictures in the far future.

Walk with Confidence.

This is the day that you’re the man, you’re marrying the most beautiful woman in the world, and you’re at the top. This is the moment that you can show that! Walk with absolute confidence and swagger. Take this opportunity to express both pride and joy. You’re achieving a major milestone in life, and on this very day, everyone’s attention is on you and your partner. Enjoy it, and cherish the memories.

Your wedding is a turning point in your life. Do your best to organize it, do your part, and hope that it all turns out seamlessly. In the far future, you can look back at this day with fond memories.

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