5 Types of Videos to Use for Your Business

Do you remember back in preschool when your teacher asked you to present something for show-and-tell? That was probably the very first encounter you had with visual representations—a “product” is shown to you, and your classmate (or you) tells the audience about the product and why it’s cool and inspiring. This is exactly the way that videos work now. Something is presented to the viewer. That something is explained to the viewer through a video made by a video production company in Manchester, for example, that has efficient local fixers. The viewer can either reject the information or wholeheartedly embrace it and make an action that’s beneficial to the business—either purchase a product or subscribe to email newsletters.

While there are many types of videos that you can use for your business, there are generally five that are considered to be the most effective. Here are the five types of videos and how they can work to promote your business:

Product Videos

If your business is selling a product or service, these are the best video format that you can try. Think about a TV commercial. It is a fine example of a product video. Generally, what you do is show the product to your audience, describe or show what it can do, and try to convince your viewers through its benefits.

How-to or Explainer Videos

These are the type of video that you use when you have a product or service that not all of your target audience is familiar with. If you are marketing a state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner, for example, you have to show your consumers how to use it and why investing in it is a practical decision.

Testimonial Videos

A consumer study shows that 78% of those they surveyed believe testimonials—whether in the form of a blog or video—as much as they believe personal recommendations made by friends and families. Testimonial videos are valuable to any business. That’s why businesses try to engage customers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Positive feedback can bring a lot of opportunities for business. Testimonial videos are trustworthy because they are made by real people who give honest reviews about the products and services they have tried. This is why you should never try to fake a testimonial video.

Promotional Videos

green screen videoshoot

People often confuse product videos and promotional videos. They are not the same. Promotional videos have a specific call-to-action that they want the consumer to do. At the end of the video, viewers will be asked to do either of three things: attend the event, call the hotline, or buy the product. Think of promotional videos as personal video invitations. They give a brief overview of the product or event and then go on to encourage viewers to save the date on their calendars or go to the nearest branch to avail of a sale.

Company Culture Videos

If you’re not doing company culture videos, you are doing your employees a disservice. Your employees deserve to be recognised for the work that they do. These videos will allow your customers to see people behind the scenes as they work on the products. You can show your employees’ hard work or just some of the activities they do outside office hours. This humanises your company and makes it easier for customers to feel a connection to you.

Still, when dealing with videos for your business, you need to remember that people rarely like watching anything more than three minutes. Your videos need to be engaging, compelling, and interesting to attract potential clients.

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