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Here you will find a number of downloads. Most have been created by fans & my personal thanks to each!! If you have anything to contribute contact me, JenGe, at Eqfansite@aol.com or post on the Message Board

Note on downloads: if you get an error message please try again later.

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For Wallpapers see


by Roy Batty - "...It's just a "slideshow" type of thing with transitioning stills. File has to be copied to the 'C:\Windows\System' -OR- 'C:\Windows\System32' directory (depending on your OS), then go to your display properties under the 'Screensaver' tab & select it." -R
Download now

by TrentPraeger - With 15 songs from EQ and over 100 stills. Currently only available in Windows format
Download now

Screensaves by Rohan: (off site)
(click to his Deviant Art page to download)

Equilibrium Fonts

Three different fonts that are similar to the ones used on the Equilibrium posters are offered here.  Try mixing upper & lower cases as well as the different fonts to achieve desired look.  Click on font image to download.


Special thanks to Matt Goldberg & CastorTroy for finding these!!


Desktop Icons & Cursors

Set 1 by John Porter - (download zip file now...)


Set 2 by John Porter - (download zip file now...)


Equilibrium PPC Themes

Pocket PC 2002 - (Thanks to Andy Gilfirn for creating these & allowing me to add them to the site!!)

Instructions - You need to copy the .tsk file to either the My Documents or Windows folder on your Pocket PC. To do this, make sure your Pocket PC is in the cradle and turned on. Then, double-click on My Computer | Mobile Device. Simply paste the .tsk file there. Or, if you have a MyDevice_MyDocuments folder on your desktop, copy the .tsk file there. Then do a sync.

Once you have the .tsk file copied to your Pocket PC, click on Start | Settings | Today. There, you can select any theme and click Ok on the top right.

Download Version 1

Download Version 2

Download Version 3

Download version 4

Tetragrammaton PPC Theme
by KSChester
Download Now 

  Winamp Skins

Winamp Skins
(Need Winamp to use)

Download Now

Download Cleric

Download Rebellion

Download Equilibrium

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