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Equilibrium Storyboards
by Steve Werblun

From my interview with Steve

I just wanted to convey to you my delight and surprise to discover that the world was finally discovering as well as appreciating something that I had known for years now...that "Equilibrium" is a tremendous cinematic achievement...or as I told Kurt the night I saw it for the very first time; "...it's an art-house, sci-fi/action masterpiece....!"  ...Read More 

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  Steve's Equilibrium Artwork

Preliminary Equilibrium Art & Sketches
(3 pages)

Several preliminary sketches, thumbnails, and storyboard notes.

Opening Sequence (26 pages)
These are from beginning of the film where the rebels and their leader, Seamus (Dominic Purcell), prepare and face the power of the Tetragrammaton .

Darkroom Shootout Storyboards
(p. 59-62)

Drawings from the "strobe shooting" segment of the film.

"Art" Segments (p. 63, 71-72)
Three pages for art related segments. The first is just prior to the discovery of the Mona Lisa and the second two involve the snow globe/Beethoven section.

Cathedral Scene (p. 107-113)
Eight panels from the cathedral scene in which Preston confronts Partridge as he is reading Yeats.

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