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Sense Offenses
Equilibrium Fan Poetry

All of the following are contributions by avid fans of the film.  Those who wish to submit their writings, do so to Eqfansite@aol.com or on the website's Message Board

  EQ Poetry Collection

The Demon

I try not to cross the path of the Demon
The Demon being human emotion, and the
path leads to a corrupt society, for it is
crippled with human emotion.
Why then am I pacing forth on this path,seemingly
without any hestitant move?
Do I wish to turn the society awaiting me to a smoldering
pile of ashes strewn for the wind?
Or do I wish to see what the face of a human soul would
look like, if it had been allowed to flourish?
I do not know, but I do no stop.......

- Electra Montoya

The Watcher

I stand here watching over you.
Like shadows with the faintest shape of humans
you walk past me on the pavement where I stand.
I look at you, but you cannot see me,for I am no longer
with you. I was pushed abruptly to the other side by people
dressed in black. Now I am no longer more than a phantom,
a low whisper in the wind, a cold draft from an open window. Yet
I feel moore alive than you!!! How can that be?

- Electra Montoya


As black as midnight we are in our jackets.
Our eyes as cold as the nights hurling winds.
Our precision with weapons as sharp as a
We are clerics of the Tetragrammaton.
We serve at Father`s will and command.
We are the last line of defense.
This last line will never be broken.
Or maybe it will be now that rumours are
saying that a cleric is feeling.......

- Electra Montoya


I go to this fire for a reason.
The reason being human emotion.
I don`t have many minutes left to live.
Yet I stand in front of these living, breathing,
bursts of flames with a high head.
I shall not bend to the doctrin of the leading figure.
Because without love, without sorrow, breath is just
a clock ticking.
I shall not cry, I shall not utter a word of pleading
for mercy.
They will never break my spirit, though they can take
my body!
But I will remain like an unforeseen spirit to haunt them
in their ghostly nightdreams.

- Electra Montoya

The Angel

The Angel in white are making his way through
the hall outside my office.
I hear sounds of thumping, as of dead guards.
Then, holes in the door swiftly appear.
And so he comes in, the Angel.
I send my right hand to take him down.
But, he soon falls, no, descends into pieces on
the floor.
Before this the Angel has ended the lifes of my
personal bodyguard, every single one.
I am trying to shoot him now, and fighting him
at the same,not wanting his gun to be in my face…
Everything is just so dark,it`s darkness without ending.
I know where I am now. I`m dead!

- Electra Montoya

Each time I watch EQ, I wonder about the old man..why he attacked
Preston when he knew he stood no chance...what led him to this fate...

My life before was hard enough;
I watched
my precious children slowly die as I
stood with my
empty hands outstretched; my belly
crying to be filled as they
cried to be held.
No man should outlive
his children: and so it was
I buried part
of me
with them.

Then war broke out and Hell broke loose;
I fought
alongside all my faithful friends until
they fell with
bloody hands outstretched; my beliefs
dying in my heart as they
died on the earth.
No one should leave this
life unmourned: and so it was
I buried more
of me
with them.

The Peace that came was falsely claimed;
I sought
out others who rejected Father's will
and grasped their
welcome hands outstretched; my feelings
showing in my eyes as they
showed theirs to me.
No one should live life
unfeeling: and so it was
I buried grief
and fought
with them.

The bullet in my back was no surprise;
I fell
into his arms and watched him feel my pain
and saw his
bloody hands outstretched; my demise
reflecting in his eyes as he
reflected on the truth.
No one should live life
unfeeling: and so it was
I buried part
of me
with him.

- Libby

Sense Offender

Do I offend you?
Because I want to praise the glory of the sunrise
And weep at the beauty of its setting?
Because my heart leaps at my loved one's approach
And beats passionately in time with his?

Are you offended?
When your eyes register nothing but stark reality
And sunset is just another scientific fact.
When your heart is numbed by liquid amber
And beats merely to the ticking of a clock.

- Libby

Father's Speech
(There is a disease in the hearts of men... )

There is a disease in the hearts of men
The cause of war that led us here
The cause of death that we can smell

Behold this desolated land
The place that we called home

There isn't anything left to burn anymore

But there is a cure that can bring us hope
For peace and the final end of wars

It'll give you freedom from your nightmares
It'll give you freedom from your fears
It'll give you freedom from emotions
The ones that force to kill

It'll give you freedom
From being free

World Without War

I've been told there will be no wars anymore
As soon as emotions will be foregone.
The yellow cure that we dose everyday
Should release us from hatred, anger and pain.

So why do I have to kill those who don't believe
That Prozium is the cure that will bring us relief?

Emotions bring death, that's what I've been told.
These are only perfect, who remain cold.
Yet it is I who wages war
In world without murder.

The peace is gone, this word has faded away
From my understanding - I was led astray.
The eyes of my victims are looking at me
I hear their voices telling me to join in.

My world which longs for peace is doomed,
Drowned in a liquid, trapped in its rules.
I am the witness of its demise.

I am the last one who has survived.


My life is a Carousel.
Each new moment is weighted against the next,
each step and turn is compared to a probability.

I am the wheel of Father's will.
I am his right hand.
I am his left.

My life is a Carousel.
I am the Angel of Death in a world with no Angels,
A pitch-dark weapon of calculating effect.

I am the wheel of Father's will.
Devoid of emotion.
An equation of balance.

My life is a Carousel.
I pitch and turn with a staccato beat,
A flash of enlightenment and the enemy falls.

I am the wheel of Father's will.
A Cleric of the Tetragrammaton.
The last line of defence.

My life is a Carousel.
In a world where joy burns and hope is a flat stone,
I feel no pity or fear for I am as hollow as the tomb.

I am the wheel of Father's will.
Prozium is my friend.
Prozium is my master.

I am the wheel of Father's will.

The wheel turns eternal.

My life is a Carousel. 

- ClericWolf

Breath of Fire

“It is better to have loved and lost – than never loved at all”

The pages of the book I read, as I flipped in cold and dread,
gave to me an insight great, about our society devoid of hate.

Shakespeare, Yeats and all the rest, reviled and feared,
when they should be blessed.

Sent instead to face no trial, gathered sorted in a pile,
held in a flat grey cell, their final fate to be sent to hell.

Perished words with such a phrases turn,
thrown into a chamber, there to burn.

And I here stand now soon to follow,
throat so dry, can barely swallow.

A single moment before the pyre,
to perish in a Breath of Fire.

- ClericWolf

A hole in a book

In watchful Gothic splendour, my eyes see only the betrayal of my trust.
Pregnant shadows give pause to dappled soliloquy, emotions banned, fear and lust.
Across from me the betrayer shows no hint of redemption, in his eyes.
I feel the course of action in predicted clarity, soon one of us will die.

No begging or pleading from his lips, falls like a bloody petal'd rose.
He knows the path he's walking, the fateful destiny he's chose.
Alone now there he sits a hand moving down, my choice is now but one.
His motion forces me to act, I seek the trigger of my gun.

A flash of light in Grammaton's cross, the betrayer jerks back swift.
A smoking hole within a book, I dispensed my final gift.
I want to feel and want to cry, for the life before me now robbed.
But I serve a liquid master now, preventing even a single sob.

I turn from him my once good friend, and walk a lonely path.
Back to the arms of my fellow Clerics, as black as shadow's laugh.
Death's hand motions at me from behind a veil, but I do not see her wave.
My time will come, they know this now for I am Father's slave.

My arm is his and his will be done, to feel is now to die.
Let it be known across the land, I come for those who try.

- ClericWolf

(in original Portuguese - translation to follow)

Chorei Chorei quando partir, sem um adeus sem uma palavra.
Chorei quando contigo me cruzei e naquela rua, e em silêncio tinha de solucei.
Chorei Quando pensava em ti, nas tuas palavras, no teu carinho e..., e não te podia ter.
Chorei quando descobri que te amava, amava loucamente,
Chorei quando descobri que fazias parte de mim como o ar que respiro.
Chorei em silêncio, e em silêncio vivi para te amar e esquecer.
.....Era tarde demais

Esther Paisante

(translation by MaWa)

I cried I Cried when leave, without a good-bye without a word. I myself cried when with you I crossed and in that street, and in silence had of solucei.
I cried When thought of you, in your words, in the your affection e. e. .., and could not have.
I cried when I uncovered that loved you, loved crazily,
I Cried when I uncovered that you were part of me as the air that breath.
I cried in silence, and in silence I lived to
you love and he forget.
I cried. ..Porque... .....Era late too


There was a time
When everything was simple
When all the answers were known
To me

Till the day has come
My former life was shattered
Along with the broken dose

The former me is gone
Whole life of mine is buried
With everything I believed in

Now I'm left alone


The enemy that came
The one I can't defeat
The one I do not understand

The questions were unleashed
So many of them
Along with the one you asked me once
Why am I alive

The answer is beyond my reach

You made me what I am
And now you're gone
Before I could see
The point of my existence

I wish I never felt


You're gone
You left this world
And all I could give you
Were my tears

I wish to follow you
To the point of no return
Where everything is clear


Exploring the abysmal lows
I wonder
What makes you want to feel

Knowing that you'll die
Likely from my hand

Standing with my dose prepared
To free myself from the inner pain
Longing for relief
Seeking clarity


The dawn came
Sunbeams lit the city
Searching for every dark place
Without missing anything

They found me

They reached the abyss I was in


(in original Portuguese - translation to follow)

Outra vez,
E desta vez mais forte,
A saudade me sacode, desarma, atropela.
As lembrancas aflorando.
No peito, a dor sangrando.
Nos olhos, o pranto silecioso a rolar
E um abismo sem fim me suga, arrebata.
Ai que tristeza!
Saudade do que fui e do que fomos
Saudade do que fiz do que fizemos
Saudade dos acertos (poucos)
Saudade ate dos erros (demais).
Incontrolavel saudade: das cancoes, dos livros, pequenos objetos...
As fotos envelhecidas
A voz embargada no telefone: - estou vivo, porem, continuo comprometido
E irremediavelmente perdido.
A saudade, numa explosao brutal
Me faz gemer de dor,
Chorar de amor.
Me faz gritar.
Saudade do muito que se perdeu no tempo,
Do pouco que ainda restou,
Saudade do meu amor!
Amor que um dia desprezei

Esther Paisante

(translation by BlackDragon)

I despised love

And this time is stronger
The sorrow shakes me, disarms, runs over.
The memories cropping out.
In the chest, the pain is bleeding.
In the eyes, the silent weeping rolling
And a no ending abyss sucks me, snatches me
Oh such sadness!
Sorrow of what I was and what we were
Sorrow of what I did and what we did
Sorrow of rightly done things (few)
Sorrow even of the mistakes (too many).
Uncontrollably sorrow: of the songs, books, little objects…
The aged pictures
The repressed voice on the phone: - I’m alive, however, I steel uncomfortable
And irremediably lost.
The sorrow, in a brutal explosion
Makes me groan of pain,
Weep of love.
Makes me scream.
Sorrow of much witch is lost in time,
Of few that I had left
Sorrow of my love!
Love that I once despised.

We were once a we
A thinking entity
A formation in elatiom
Marching in formation
With no thoughts
To call our own
But nothing last forever
A rebellion always rises
Bringing down the masses
Silencing all those we's
We are no longer
I'm no longer we

- Mallory


Libria Oh my libria
Now you are lost to me
Where I once yearn to see you
Now I yearn to leave
You are full of sorrows
Your walls run with blood
You have brought the memories
Of wars long past
Once a safe heaven
Now your are a trap
A jail cell that is waiting to collapse
Libria, oh my libria
Gone you are to me
You are a tomb with fading memories
Destruction runs amock your streets
Filling the nights with piercing screams
Libria darling city of mine
Were I once could in peace
Now that peace is gone
Reveries of your greatest moment
Will forever be in me
But I no longer can remain
I am fading into dark for
the bullet hit my heart
Good-bye forever Libria of mine

 - Mallory


When you think they will never have you
They come and take you
They destroy every mirrors
You ask them to stop
But they tell you your aleredy dead
They smile at you
When they broke your walls
With crowbars
And when they tell you your doomed
You point a gun at them
Thinking you can kill e'm
But your already dead...

- ME

 The Need to Feel

The blood splatters on my gun
from the poor soul who tried to run
I try to feel pitty and mourn
But I'm like an infant that can't be born
Trapped in a womb of unfeeling and empty
I try to push, break through the confines
But I can feel nothing new in any of these times

Tens and dozens fall to the floor
Reload... and fall even even more
I am like the angel of death
Sweeping through the helpless ranks
of those who simply to try to save
what can make us feel.

I take my doses but I try to overcome it
But I have pushed too hard and there's no turning back
I feel nothing. I see nothing. I taste not joy nor sorrow.
I feel and see only death. The death I have thrown upon
fellow humans for the system.

The new clips enter my pistols and I prepare
My former allies are going to meet a surprise there
The amber vile cracks in my palm and the liguid gushes
Down the halls I run... thoughts turning to ashes

And as I turn my guns on the sweepers and my old friends
They fall down as lead screams into their insides
For now I'm making for us all unexpected ends

But there was the one I didn't see from behind
The one spot where I was blind
Collasping to the ground I see only white
The burning in my back feels so right
As the blood and Prozium flow out of me at last
And I fall asleep in comfort, safe from my past.

- ProziumAbuser

Lost in a New World

Deprived of what I know
I'm lost in the unknown
Where everything is gone

Exploring the new world
Which existence wasn't known
To me

I'm lost

In world of feelings I can't name
Like a blind I can't see the way
Which I should take

You, who were my guide
You're dead while I'm alive
I saw your death in flames

I kept calling your name
Still looking for your hand
I found darkness instead

And I never saw the light

- Mawa

The Unlucky Sense Offender

He made a mistake that day
He saw a cleric and didn't run away
Instead he held his ground
For a belief that let him down
He pulled his gun a little to slow
Meanwhile the cleric had killed four
and as the offender got ready to shoot
He receive two bullets in turn
That unlucky offender died that day
For believing he could deceased
A grammaton cleric, indeed
And that concludes this sad story
Of an unlucky offender who found no glory

- Mallory

I was looking at the screen shot of Preston touching
the snowglobe on the table and I decided to write this.

So clear
So simple
Fragile as
The lives of those who
Hoard relics of the past
Mysterious globe of glass
I had no feelings about it
Needless thing, symbol of the old way
Just a common bauble like all the rest
The impact of such a small thing could not
Be understood by a man like me
I had only to look inside
To see what it truly was
Life itself trapped within
How I wasted mine
Cool to the touch
No more

- ClericRiff

Preston's Sonnet on Confronting Partridge in the Church

When was it I first noticed you had changed,
Your eyes betraying all the thoughts within;
Becoming from the chosen path estranged;
Believing what we do a mortal sin.
Perhaps your silence after every raid;
The haunted look which shrouds a troubled soul.
I should have seen right through the masquerade
To disillusion, loss of self-control.
And yet it was not I who saw the lie.
Another had to lead me to that end.
You face me now, accepting you must die
For reasons that I cannot comprehend.
So why am I disturbed by these extremes?
What truths lie hidden in the depths of dreams?

- Libby

 Risen from the dead

No bullet, no blade
Was able to reach me
I could dodge every bullet
I could block every steel

Yet I was dead

There was no sun
No stars
No other being
No light

Cold void was my universe

Yellow poison flowed in my veins

I was dead
And now I live again

- MaWa

Looking up the faceless moon
With arms across his chest
A dispirited sigh that won't go away
For tomorrow comes anew
With a deadly duty he will do
His heart is broken for all the lies
All he trusted was for naught
And this moment has marked his fate
Filled with the silent cries of death
A cruel but just decision
For a cleric with a godly mission
To restore all forbidden
And awaken all the souls
To a human nature that was lost
But will reign again with hope
For its freedom that makes life worth

- Mallory

And there is no more rage,
not in hearts of young or old.
And there is no more laughther
nor noone weeps.

And there is no more dreams
nor no more love to behold.
And tonight is still
as justice sleeps.

And no more terror in our minds,
no more war shall break loose.
And no more fear for men,
nor grief of wasted lives.

And thus there is no relief
of peace and final truce.
And laws are all there is,
all everyone abides.

- Locke

Oath of a Cleric

By: Nekessla

We serve our Father day and night,
Within walls which hold neither hate nor war.
Our duty is this: To do what is right,
To succumb to the noble oaths to which we swore.
Justice is ours, we are the light,
And should we come knocking on your doors
You'd best not show any sign of fright
In Libria.

Within these walls, if you do Feel,
You are a traitor to mankind,
The venomous serpent which bites the heel
Of our great land, a nation which binds
All men together in a singular deal
With which we look forward, never behind
To a future of Justice. Everyone kneels
To Libria.

Your love and hate are traitors both
To your fellow men. Your friend will become
Your enemy, against whom you have sworn an oath
To turn in for the safety of all the ones
In this great city. It's Father's will that we all dose
Upon the gift of science: Prozium.
This is the fate which mankind chose
For Libria.

We are the Cleric, we are the Just,
We do not have a single trace of Feeling,
We are those whom Father's trust
Has been bestowed to provide such healing
Upon those who suffer such a lust
Of emotions that it leaves them reeling.
We are the only help that they can trust
In Libria.

In Father, there can be no wrong.
The best of the best serves his will,
From the Cleric to Tetragrammaton,
We risk our very lives and still
There are those who think that joy and song,
Peace and hope will ever kill
The greatest man who's ruled so long
Over Libria.