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2005 Sep. - Oct.

This section of the site archives past news & updates from the Home page.

Oct. 30 - Fan Fiction
Non-EQ Fiction Index from the Boards

A number of our writers have included their work on the boards for the fans to enjoy.  Those have been indexed for easy access here

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Oct. 25 - Equilibrium Fan Fiction
The Cleric: Chapter 1 - by Amie

Princess Amabel Darnay leaned against the railing of the Romanoff, staring down at the teeming avenues hundreds of feet below her.  Up in these vertiginous heights, she had always felt even more alone than usual, her thoughts as dark and murky as the emptiness that gnawed inside her. 

At that moment, she wondered for the thousandth time, How would it feel to fly through the air as she dropped to her death on the streets below?

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Oct. 21 - New Download
Equilibrium Production Clip: #9 added...

#9  On the Set with Christian Bale: Blocking and filming.

Download WMV file (17.5M) here 

Download Original VOB file (96M) here

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Oct. 18 - Site Addition
Two International Variations of the USA Trailer Added...

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Oct. 15 - Equilibrium Fan Fiction
The Cleric: Prologue - by Amie

One of the out-of-planet passengers left the terminal and immediately blended into the throng, threading his way without seeming purpose through the streets.  He was dressed unremarkably as a well-to-do businessman, carrying nothing more than a single black bag.  

He had left the more populated parts of the waterfront and wandered ever deeper into the bowels of the city.  There, even the police refused to patrol.

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Oct. 12, 2005 - EQ Fan Art
Two More Equilibrium Fan Art Added...

Oct. 9 - Site Notice
All Links to the Gun Katas MOD have been removed

Due to piracy and fraud by Lazer the links on the site to the Gun Katas MOD are no longer available.  For more information please see the message board here

Oct. 7, 2005 - Web Graphics
2 New Equilibrium Sigs by DuckDRe

Oct. 4 - Site Feature
Equilibrium Fansite Newsletter - October 2005

The October newsletter has been sent out...

Dear Equilibrium Fans,

September again has been swamped with just too much to do and as a result the updates to the site have been sporadic at best. I did find the time to complete and add an interview with Equilibrium's editor, William Yeh. Not only was he kind enough to respond to my queries about the film but those of site members as well. Unfortunately he did not take the bait on my request for an UltraViolet scoop. Ah well, such is the case with contract restrictions and we'd hate to be responsible for one out on his life. It was a thrill to be able to add his insight on Equilibrium all the same. Enjoy!!


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Sep. 30 - Site Exclusive
Interview with Equilibrium's Editor, William Yeh

William Yeh: ...Wimmer wasn't standing over my shoulder the whole time.  He was sitting on a couch behind me.


The long answer: On studio films, the editor cuts during photography and is given a short period after wrap to assemble the film alone.  Then the director gets a couple of months to work with the editor to create the Director's Cut.  Then the studio gets involved.

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Sep. 26 - Equilibrium Fan Fiction
Immune - Chapter 13 by Judas Austin

DuPont took a deep breath, focusing on the young man in front of him over steepled fingers. The Vice-Council's voice, when he spoke, was polite and eminently reasonable.

"Acolyte, I can't help but feel you're taking the piss."

Kevin stared stonily ahead.

"Feel, sir?" he said impassively. "Are you sure about that?"

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Sep.. 21 - New Equilibrium Pictures
Equilibrium Production Stills: Set 15

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Sep. 18 - Site Additions
Three New Equilibrium Music Videos Created by Fans

I have added three new music videos created by NoClockThing, frivolity, Eithne Ame to the site's Music, Videos, & Films page.  These were originally posted on the Message Board

Sep. 14 - Site Notice
Guestbook Submissions Suspended Due to Spam

Since someone has been using the guestbook to submit robotic spam I have deactivated it for the time being.  If you wish to comment on the film please do so on the site's  Message Board

Sep. 11 - Site Addition
New Fan Poetry: Oath of a Cleric

A new fan poem by Nekessla, Oath of a Cleric, has been added to the Poetry collection on the site

Sep. 8 - On the Boards
Hall of Mirrors: Update

Rico Wrote:
Here you go people, here's the last update I've been promising you all. We're now entering "Stealth" mode which means we'll be working diligently on the release of the mod and getting everything completed.

In the meantime... maybe this will tide you over:


Sep. 6, 2005 - Site Update
23 Equilibrium Icon by frivolity

Sep. 4 - Site Feature
Equilibrium Fansite Newsletter - September 2005

The September newsletter has been sent out...

Dear Equilibrium Fans,

August was quite a busy month for me so the updates to the site have been minimal. I did stumble upon some new storyboards for Kurt Wimmer's next film, UltraViolet and am swamped trying to catch up with all of the fan submissions. I appreciate everyone's patients as I get caught up on things around the site.


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