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Equilibrium Fansite News Archive
2004 Sep. - Oct.

This section of the site archives past news & updates from the Home page.

  • Oct. 27 - On the Boards: Equilibrium Posters @ MovieGoods.com - I wasn't going to do this but I feel it is too important since fans have been looking for a poster source for sometime. MovieGoods.com has both Equilibrium's USA one sheet & DVD posters available as well as reproduction "mini" posters. I'll add this info to the site once I resume updates in Nov.

  • Oct. 24 - Notice -Due to the fact that I am extremely busy prepping for Halloween, I will be taking the upcoming week off. Updates to the site will be suspended until the first week in November. In the mean time please visit the site's Message Board for any current information. - JenGe (Webmaster)

  • Oct. 23 - Added: 11 More Storyboard Pages - Gads this took me longer than expected!! 11 new official Equilibrium storyboards from the "Opening" sequence have been added to the others. Again lots of hugs to Steve Werblun!!

  • Oct. 13 - More October Airing Dates & Times for EQ in the UK

Sat Oct 16 20:30 on Sky Movies 7
Thu Oct 21 22:00 on Sky Movies 1
Sun Oct 24 20:00 on Sky Movies 5

  • Oct. 12 - Three New Fan Drawings - The Fan Art page has been slightly reformatted & the following new submissions added...

by AlphonseCapone
by Darko
by Cleric Trinity

  • Oct. 10 - I am currently redesigning the Fan Art page slightly & will also be adding new submissions. Should be finished in a few days.

"These are the newest and coolest products our customers of Cult Movies are buying. This list, updated daily, is based entirely on purchase patterns."

  • Oct. 7 - Site Update - Links to Equilibrium's official websites in Japan & Korea have been deactivated since they are no longer available.

  • Oct. 6 - Bale's The Machinist in Limited Release on October 22 - Recent discussions about Bale's upcoming film on the site's message board...

  • Oct. 3 - Equilibrium on TV - October Airing Dates & Times (UK)

Fri Oct 8 23:00 on Sky Movies 3
Mon Oct 11 21:45 on Sky Movies 1

  • Sep. 30 - Working on another set of Equilibrium conceptuals and should be finished sometime late tomorrow (PST).

  • Sep. 28 - Equilibrium on TV - October Airing Dates & Times (USA) - (Info from TV-now.com)

Thu Oct 7 08:00P on TMC Movie Channel
Fri Oct 8 08:15A on Showtime Beyond
Fri Oct 8 04:30P on Showtime Beyond
Sat Oct 9 05:30A on Showtime Beyond
Mon Oct 11 11:55A on Showtime Beyond
Mon Oct 11 06:40P on Showtime Beyond
Tue Oct 12 09:30A on TMC Movie Channel
Tue Oct 12 06:00P on TMC Movie Channel
Thu Oct 14 07:10A on Showtime Beyond
Thu Oct 14 01:50P on Showtime Beyond
Thu Oct 14 11:30P on Showtime Beyond
Sun Oct 17 08:05A on Showtime Beyond
Sun Oct 17 02:35P on Showtime Beyond
Mon Oct 18 01:20P on TMC Movie Channel
Mon Oct 18 11:30P on TMC Movie Channel
Fri Oct 22 12:35P on TMC Movie Channel
Fri Oct 22 08:00P on TMC Movie Channel
Sat Oct 23 03:15A on TMC Movie Channel
Sat Oct 23 07:40A on Showtime Beyond
Sat Oct 23 02:45P on Showtime Beyond
Wed Oct 27 10:00P on Showtime Beyond

  • Sep. 27 - Links to the newly created Equilibrium Concept Art page are being added to various other pages throughout the site.

  • Sep. 24 - In Process - I am currently working on a new page for various official Equilibrium concept art developed during its production and will be adding new scans to the site. I hope to have this project completed sometime tomorrow.

"Dimension fought very hard to call it The Cleric.
Glad I waited that one out."

  • Sep. 16 - Equilibrium Mini Posters @ AllPosters.com - Three different "mini posters" for Equilibrium (11in X 17in) can now be found at AllPosters.com. Links to these will be added on corresponding pages throughout the site...

Equilibrium (2002)
11 in. x 17 in.
Japan - Mini Poster @ AllPosters.com

17 in. x 11 in.
UK Mini Poster @ AllPosters.com



  • Sep. 11 - New Additions - The following "off-site" links have been added to the Equilibrium Fan Art section of the site...

The following comment was added to the site's UV page...

"Ultraviolet is tentatively slotted for a summer 2005 release."

See Article "UltraViolet in Home Stretch" Discussion

  • Sep. 8 - Equilibrium On UK's Sky Movies - September
    • Sep. 8, 22:00 (Wednesday)
    • Sep. 12, 21:00 (Sunday)
    • Sep. 16, 21:00 (Thursday)
    • Sep. 20, 22:00 (Monday)

See also EQ's September airing dates in the USA Germany (posted earlier)

Ultraviolet is currently filming on location in Hong Kong. [Milla] Jovovich is the leading star. [Ricardo] Mamood will be playing her husband...Pressed for more details about the script for Ultraviolet and what his scenes with Jovovich will involve, he carefully sidesteps the question. "I don't know if I'm allowed to say that," Mamood begins, "I'm her husband, I can tell you that much and I'll leave the rest for you to watch. I don't want to give it away but I'm very excited about it because to play opposite an established professional actress is very good exposure."

See Full Interview Mamood's Official Website

  • Sep. 4 - Due to some unexpected computer difficulties updates to the site will be suspended for a few days while I unravel the problems.

  • Sep. 2 - Added: Equilibrium Storyboard Pages 1-10 - Official Equilibrium storyboard pages 1-10 have been added to the site along with pages 11-15 which where already there. Again a very special thanks & lot of hugs to Steve Werblun!!

  • Sep. 1 - I am currently working on the first ten pages of Equilibrium's storyboards by Steve Werblun & should have them finished sometime tomorrow. Here's a teaser...

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