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Equilibrium Fansite News Archive
2003 Oct. - Dec.

This section of the site archives past news & updates from the Home page.


  • Dec. 24 - Due to the holidays I plan to be busy committing many sense offenses over the next few days so updates will be suspended for a bit...hope you all are found guilty as well. - JenGe

Created by Ryu


  • Dec. 23 - Taking Sides - Chapter 15 by Judas is now completed...
  • Dec. 22 - Navigation links to the new E-card page have been added above & to the right.
  • Dec. 21 - Help Promote Equilibrium - Send an EQ-Card - see the site's new E-card page.  Images will be rotated periodically. (A very special thanks to Father (Christmas) & Redbaron for the seasonal ones currently there.  Note - these will be changed after Christmas.)
  • Dec. 20 - A link to the Music Video by TheRealFragger @ fileplanet is now listed with the other off-site fan items on the Sense Offense page.  (a special thanks to him for posting this on the boards!!)
  • Dec. 19 - Three more wallpapers have been added to the Backgrounds page.  (A very special thinks to Father, Corinthian, & Sage Raven for their contributions to the site!!)

  • Dec. 17 - The following taglines to promote Equilibrium can now be found on the site's Poster page...
    • In a future where freedom is outlawed outlaws will become heroes. (USA)
    • Two men. One battle. No compromise. (UK)
    • The only thing more powerful than the system, is the man that will overthrow it. (Scandinavia)
    • Killer of Emotions (Germany)
  • Dec. 16 - Update & Correction - Improved pictures of Equilibrium stills used to promote the film in the UK have now been correctly placed in the Image & Stills Gallery with one new image added to the collection.  This corrects the former error of them being placed in the Screen Caps Gallery.
  • Dec. 15 - New fan fiction by Resistance member Libby...Dizzying Highs & Abysmal Lows. (A special thanks to her for her extreme patience with me.)  It will be added soon to the Sense Offense page.

EQ is playing on the canadian movie channels:
dec 14th at 4:15pm on Mexcess 8am and 10:45pm on Mfun
dec 19th at 7:00pm on M 12:45pm and 3:15am on Mexcess
dec 24th at 2:15pm on M 7:50 am and 9:00pm on Mexcess
dec 29th at 6:00pm on M 9:30am and 4:10am on Mexcess

(See this link for Mexcess' Equilibrium page & new trailers...)

My thanks to all the fans who add humor & enjoyment to the site!!


  • Dec. 8 - New site page created for the Ultra-Condensed Equilibrium originally posted on the message board.  Many thanks to all of the fan contributions & wit!!
  • Dec. 7 - Source links for the Japanese & Korean editions of Equilibrium have been added to the site... 

  • Dec. 6 - Warning...unsolicited webmaster ramble...

A year ago today a small film was released to a meager 301 theaters in the USA.  Little did I realize at the time what a profound effect it would have on me, catching it only because Christian Bale's action performance in Reign of Fire had been impressive and found Equilibrium listed in his IMDb credits.  I saw no trailer...no poster...only read its synops at IMDb, then learned of its release through Ebert & Roeper.

Stunning is all I can say of my theater experience. One I seldom find but longingly seek with each new film.  The action junkie in me wanted...no needed more, but Equilibrium was unceremoniously dropped from the theaters before I could adequately fill my new addiction. In desperation I turned to the Net to take the edge off of the withdrawals only to find CHUD.com. Not even an official website had been granted to this film. 

In creating & maintaining this site I aimed to fill a need. A need that had been severely neglected since I knew without a doubt that Equilibrium would & will be discovered by like minded people & action aficionados. I didn't want to see the small but incredible amount of information about this film lost in the vast receptacle we call the Worldwide Web. So, uncharacteristically, I created a "fansite."

Rewarding is an understatement.  This film & this site have been more fulfilling to me then many endeavors I have blindly pursued in my life. The gift of the filmmakers in creating Equilibrium has touched me deeply.  The love & devotion of the fans is overwhelming.  My appreciation & gratitude can never be adequately expressed except in the work I render here. Thank you!! 

- JenGe


  • Dec. 4 - Two different styles of a new wallpaper by KareBear have been added to the Backgrounds page...
  • Dec. 3 - Changes have been made around the site to reflect the fact that "The Cleric" is now available to order from Abbyshot.com  
  • Dec. 2 - Several new images & the following updated information about Abbyshot's "The Cleric" coat have been added to the Equilibrium Center.


The design features a cuff-collared military style neck and front chest plate, and two sideseam pockets. Flared from the waist, this 3/4 length trench is a truly unique style. The tough, water-proof shell is made with AbbyShot`s StormGrid outerwear fabric and has a black Kasha lining. Request a free sample of our Stormgrid fabric, email info@abbyshot.com with your request.

The Cleric will be available in two versions, standard sized and custom fitted.  The custom fitted version will also come with several exclusive options.  Pricing information will be available on AbbyShot.com by December 3/03. 

... you can email newsletter@abbyshot.com to be added to their newsletter list.

  • Dec. 1
    • Links to full size versions of fan art have been added to the Sense Offense page.  A very special, heartfelt thanks to Hellion, KareBear, & Redbaron for sharing their talents with us & allowing me to add their work to the site!!

  • Nov. 28 - Several changes/additions to the "DVD" section on the EC-10 page... 
    • Link & image about the Korea packaging added.
    • "Outside" links to DVD pages
  • Nov. 27 - Thanks to our new Resistance member, Ryu, we get a look at Korea's excellent packaging for their DVD edition of Equilibrium.  Take a look at more images & add your thoughts here...

    • Nov. 26 - Three stills from the Official German Website for Equilibrium have been added to the Image & Stills Gallery. Two of them are new and one is a better quality image previously in the Polish Collection. These pictures are also available as download-able wallpapers(backgrounds) on the German site.
    • Nov. 25 - A page has been created for Judgement Call, the "instant" fan fiction by ClericWolfSense Offense page... and is now listed with the others on the 



    • Nov. 20 - The following changes/additions have been made on the Equilibrium Center page...
      • A link to the official site for Angus Macfadyen's upcoming sci/fi thriller, Europa. (A very special thanks to devisun & the Angus Macfadyen fansite for the information!!)
      • A link to the site's newly created Ultraviolet page. (Note that this page is to consolidate much of the UV information & links that were formerly in the Equilibrium Center which will now only offer "Recent Info.")
    • Nov. 19 - Australian DVD Rental Release for Equilibrium - Today EQ is slated for release in Australia. It appears to currently be a "rental" only release.
    • Nov. 18 - A link to the newly created page for the Equilibrium Region 1 DVD Promotion Card has been added on the R1 DVD page.
    • Nov. 16
      • Several new items have been added to the trivia section on the Libria page - information on costumes, the gyro clips, the kendo-like sticks, & additional guns.
      • The following change has been made on both the Libria & FAQ - Interrogation pages...
    • Nov. 15 - A link to the Geoff Zanelli Official Website with two MP3 music clips from Equilibrium's soundtrack is now in the Nethers. Zanelli created "additional" music for the film.
    • Nov. 14 - 8 more screen captures have been added to the already extensive Screen Caps Gallery...
    • Nov. 13 - A link to yesterday's newly created Animations Page can now be found in the EC-10 section.

    • Nov. 12 - A new page has been created to hold & keep organized the site's various Equilibrium Animated GIFs...
    • Nov. 11 - The cast/crew project list at the Equilibrium Center has been updated and the following names have been added...Dominic Purcell, Angus MacFadyen, & William Fichtner.
    • Nov. 9 - A cover scan for the R1 DVD (USA/Canada) can now be found on site...here... 


    "I had thought, at worst, the film would be simply dismissed - but, in fact, it is being pilloried. ...it muddily seems to me that the film is being held to a much higher standard of comparison than most $20 mil sci-fi/action films - the narrative standard of 1984 (the best book of the 20th century in my opinion) and the action/production standard of The Matrix. ...But, in the end, I can only hope that cinephiles will find the film and judge for themselves because it is the audience of people who love and love to be entertained by films that I made it for." - Kurt Wimmer, CHUD Message Board

    • Oct. 30 - Changes have been made to the EC-10 page so that current & future DVD pages will be better organized on the site. Note also that there is no longer a link there to the Official UK Site for EQ.  All official sites are linked in the Nethers & some on the Clerics page. 
    • Oct. 29 - Which Equilibrium Character Are You? - Take the new Equilibrium profile quiz and see which character best fits you. Created by our very own Resistance Member, JudasFm!!
    • Oct. 28 - NEW SITE PAGE!! - Cubic - Scandinavian DVD Edition of EQ - A very special thanks & hugs to Shamus for making the creation of this page possible!!
    • Oct. 27 - The following links to fan creations on other sites can now be found on the Sense Offense page...


    • Oct. 25 - 14 new screen captures mostly of the Beethoven/Snowdome sequence & two of Preston (Wimmer's One Sheet comment on the DVD) have been added to the Gallery.  The image used in the site's new title was taken from this set.  (A heartfelt thanks to Suzana for making these by request!!)


    • Oct. 24 - Kurt Wimmer's recent remarks about Ultraviolet from the CHUD message board have been added to the Equilibrium Center...

    "...I am off to China tonite to begin the undertaking of making this film. Between now and February 9th - the first scheduled day of principal photography - lie innumerable pitfalls; any of which could scuttle the production and send me back to America. But if I make it that far, and beyond, through the very long shoot - then, I will do everything in my power to make for you and for me - the best film I possibly can. Kurt "

    As fans of his first film we need to remember to keep our expectations at a realistic level...at least until principal photography begins. Here's wishing him luck & all the best!!

    • Oct. 23
    • Oct. 22 - Updated title images on this page and on the Message Board...
    • Oct. 21
      • The image of the Cleric Sidearm on the Gun Kata page has been updated to more accurately reflect the Beretta model used in the film (Thanks as always to Batty!!)
      • Comments from the message board have been added to both the Libria & FAQ - Interrogation pages. (Thanks to both Sathanai & Ryan)
        • Sathanai - on additional firearms used in the film
        • Cleric Ryan - info about the Cleric's white car
    • Oct. 20 - 19 interview sound-bites from the director & cast have been added to the Clerics page.
    • Oct. 19 - All three banners that I have created for my site are now available at the bottom of theFAQ - Interrogation page.  Webmasters please feel free to use them.  This is the latest variation...

    • Oct. 18 - Corinthian, a new member of the Resistance, has offered to create avatars on request.  See the following message board thread "animated .gif"  His creation to the right has been added to the Gun Kata page in the section where Wimmer comments on his cameos. (a very special thanks to Corinthian!!)
    • Oct. 17 - The following changes/additions have been made to theFAQ - Interrogation page...
      • Addition - Kurt Wimmer's comments from CHUD's message board about Brandt's & DuPont's emotional state.
      • Change about the Cleric's sidearm - "A highly modified Beretta 92FS
      • Addition - "with additional music by Ramin Djawadi & Geoff Zanelli"
      • Change about coat options - "Wait... abbyshot.com  is currently working on a replica.  You can check their progress on their forum."
    • Oct. 16 - Thanks to ClericEd & Cleric Bally three more wallpapers have been added to theBackgrounds page. 

    "...So began the third day. But I was so happy to take part again- in my guard dress, bullet proof and armed with a plastic pistol then with a machine pistol during shooting .... I felt great, I felt stronger and invulnerable with those clothes..." More...

    • Oct. 11 - The following have been added to the Clerics page...
    • Oct. 10 - More links are now available in the Nethers & a new section, "Miscellaneous Links", has been created.
    • Oct. 9
    • Oct. 7
      • Yesterday's DVD release of Equilibrium in the UK saw it ranked as high as #10 on Amazon UK's best sellers list.
      • A new Winamp skin by Nia has been added to the Downloads page...
    • Oct. 6 - The additional questions & comments with Richie Nieto from the site's Message Board have been incorporated into his interview page: Editing EQ's Music - Interview with Richie Nieto. (again a very special thanks to him!!)
    • Oct. 5 - 28 new images have been added to the Screen Caps Gallery. Four of them are from the DVD short "Finding Equilibrium." (Again my gratitude to Imylover & Suzana!!)

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