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2004 Nov. - Dec.

This section of the site archives past news & updates from the Home page.

Dec. 30 - New!!
The Cleric - Custom Leather Trench Coat

From Abbyshot - "Your next leather coat is waiting for you at AbbyShot. The Leather Cleric Custom is a knee length coat inspired by the Grammaton Cleric characters in Kurt Wimmer's film, Equilibrium..."  More

Thanks to Max for posting this on the boards!! - Ok, who likes ...leather?

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Dec. 29 - New Equilibrium Link
Italian Fansite - Grammaton Cleric

A link to the new Italian Equilibrium Fansite, Grammaton Cleric created by Resistance member LoneClericCobra has been added to the Nethers

(A special thanks to LoneClericCobra for his patience with me!!)

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Dec. 27 - Equilibrium Fan Fiction
Ashes Part 3 - Retribution

ClericWolf has completed the next chapter in his Equilibrium fan fiction & I am more than pleased to add it to the site!!

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Dec. 26 - EQ Calendar
Equilibrium Movie Airing Times This Week

UK  (thanks to Beefie)

Tue  Dec 28  11:00P on Sky Movies 3

USA (Thanks to TV-now.com)

Sun Dec 26 10:00A on Showtime
Tue Dec 28 01:45P on Showtime Women
Wed Dec 29 04:10A on Showtime Women

Canada (see TMN.ca)

Fri  Dec 31  01:00p (EST) on MFest

Dec. 24 - Holiday Fan Fic
EQ related Christmas Short Story

By ClericWolf
An Eq-Christmas story

“God rest ye Merry Gentlemen…”

In between satin sheets and soft pillows a man dreamed a rather strange dream…

The dappled layers of firelight shone around the inner sanctum in DuPont’s Hall of Mirrors. The Vice Council enjoyed his position of power in this coddled environment, he was safe and sound with a legion of Clerics all hand-picked and ready to defend him should the need arise.

One of the many logs cracked and crackled drawing his attention. With furtive steps he examined it, knowing full well the emotion and state he was feeling was a mix of fear and elation. His particular plan had been carried off flawlessly. Father was gone and he was now using the best in holographic technology to keep the old man’s spirit alive. (read more)

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Dec. 23 - New Pictures
Equilibrium Production Stills - Set 3

20 new Equilibrium images have been added to the site's Stills & Image Gallery. More coming soon.

Dec. 21 - Equilibrium Fan Fic
Immune - Chapter 6 by Judas Austin

The next chapter in this continuing Equilibrium Fan Fiction by Judas has been completed & is now on the site here

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Dec. 20 - Site Update
Two More Equilibrium Wallpapers Added

By El Alphonso

Equilibrium Wallpaper

Equilibrium Wallpaper

Dec. 19 - EQ Calendar
Equilibrium Movie Airing Times This Week

UK  (thanks to Beefie)

Thu  Dec 23  10:20P on Sky Movies 1

USA (Thanks to TV-now.com)

Sun  Dec 26  10:00A on Showtime

Canada (see TMN.ca)

Tue  Dec 21  06:00A (EST) on MExcess
Tue  Dec 21  12:31P (EST) on MFest
Sat  Dec 25  09:35P (EST) on MFest

Dec. 17 - Charts
Amazon Sci/Fi Action Films - Top 25

Yesterday I discovered that Equilibrium is in the top sellers on Amazon for Science Fiction/Action movies.  At posting time it is ranked at #20.  Not bad at all considering it's been two years since EQ's release to USA theaters!!

Dec. 16 - Site Update
Equilibrium Stills - Set 2

20 more Equilibrium pictures from the production of the movie have been added to the new Stills & Image Gallery.  Enjoy!!

Dec. 15 - New Link
New Gun Kata Fansite - Gun Sau

This website is about GUN KATA (a fictional martial art shown in the movie Equilibrium) and GUN SAU which is a real martial sport based on one of the fight scenes in the movie...

...The last fight scene is between Preston and Dupont who is the leader of Libria. They are both Gun Kata masters so this is a kick-ass fight! Unlike most of the other fight scenes in this one they are both using single handguns while fighting at trapping range using sweeps, locks, deflections, etc.

This fight scene was the inspiration for the new martial sport of GUN SAU.

A link to this new Equilibrium Fansite has been added to the recently reorganized Gun Kata page 

Also see  Discussions on Gun Kata Board

Dec. 13 - Site Update
New Equilibrium Fan Wallpapers Added

By Samurai Tex

Equilibrium Wallpaper
In two sizes...

Equilibrium Wallpaper

Dec. 12 - EQ Calendar
Equilibrium Movie Airing Times This Week

UK (thanks to Beefie)

Mon  Dec 13  08:00P on Sky Movies 5
Tue  Dec 14  03:45A on Sky Movies 5
Sat  Dec 18  11:30P on Sky Movies 7

USA (Thanks to TV-now.com)

Mon  Dec 13  08:45A on Showtime Women
Fri  Dec 17  07:00P on Showtime
Sat  Dec 18  09:35A on Showtime Women
Sun  Dec 19  01:40A on Showtime Women

Canada (see TMN.ca)

Tue Dec 14 10:45P (EST) on MFest

Dec. 10 - New!!
Collection of Equilibrium Production Stills

Christian Bale & Mike Smith - More to be added soon!!

Dec. 9 - Site Update
Working on New Equilibrium Production Stills

I am currently working on adding new stills & reformatting the Gallery for them.  20 of them should be done sometime tomorrow.  In the mean time see my teaser on the boards...here

see site the site's extensive  Equilibrium Image & Stills Collection

Dec. 7 - Update
Look at the Equilibrium MOD

The Hall of Mirrors team has been busy & Rico recently left the following message with images on the boards...

I am currently near finished with most of my work (at least what I had planned for this version) and if the rest of the team gets done, we migh be looking at a release date pretty soon.

New screenshots of my work...here

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EQ Calender
Dec. 6 - The First Annual Libria Experiment...

Happy Libria Day!!  - Today commemorates the second year since Equilibrium's release to USA theaters.  As I stated last year I am still surprise at the impact that this movie has had on me...a little film from nowhere by a first time director.  This year, since our numbers still are too small for a full fledged convention, we have initiated a new idea...make today an Equilibrium day then tell us about it on the boards.  If I get enough pictures and input I'll create the site's first fan commemoration page.  If you want to know more or have ideas of your own see the site's message board here 

also see last year's comments  EQ - A year later...

EQ Calender
Equilibrium Movie Airing Times This Week

Dec. 5, 2004

UK (thanks to Beefie)

Wed Dec 8 21:00 on Sky Movies 3

USA (Thanks to TV-now.com)

Wed  Dec  8  05:25P on Showtime
Thu  Dec  9  04:00P on Showtime Women
Fri  Dec 10  03:45A on Showtime Women

Site Feature
Equilibrium Fansite Newsletter - Dec. 2004

Dec. 3, 2004

December's Newsletter was sent out this morning...

November has been busy adding new items & links to the site.  We also would like to invite all EQ fans, past & present, to join us in our  "First Annual Libria Experiment" on Mon, Dec. 6.  It is to commemorate the 2nd year since Equilibrium's release to USA theaters on that date.  To participate please read more here...

Entire Newsletter   Join Board to Receive Site Newsletter

On The Boards
Fan Fic Teaser: Uncompromised II

Dec. 1, 2004

Posted by nouseforaname
Ok so I have slowly begun work on my followup to my EQ fan fiction [Uncompromised]. This is very very much a work in progress and the narrative and some spelling is a little off but I will fix all in time. Anyways here is a little teaser for you and I hope to have it all finished in a month or two.  Just depends on school and the holidays and such.

Read teaser here Uncompromised I More Equilibrium Fan Fiction

Site Addition
New Equilibrium Wallpaper by Stephen Torreno

Nov. 30, 2004

Sizes - 1024 X 768 or 1280 X 1024

Equilibrium Wallpaper 
also see

EQ Calender
Equilibrium Movie Airing Times This Week

Nov. 28, 2004

UK (thanks to Beefie)

Mon Nov 29 22:45 on Sky Movies 3
Thr Dec 2 21:25 on Sky Movies 1

USA (Thanks to TV-now.com)

Wed  Dec  1  02:35P on Showtime Women
Thu  Dec  2  04:25P on Showtime
Sat  Dec  4  07:15A on Showtime

Canada (see TMN.ca)

Wed Dec 1 09:25A (EST) on MFest

Site Update
Holiday Images Added to EQ-Cards

Nov. 27, 2004

Three Equilibrium images on the EQ-Cards page have been temporarily replaced by holiday themed ones.  These were created last year by Rue, Father, & Redbaron.  I am thrilled to be able to use them on the site again this year.

Link Addition
Klaus Badelt @ Soundtrack.net

Nov. 26, 2004

Klaus Badelt

A link to the page at Soundtrack.net for Equilibrium's composer, Klaus Badelt has been added to the site's Nethers page.  It can be found under "Other Cast/Crew Sites." 

This page also includes a listing of movie trailers that have used the music from Equilibrium.  So far the only one being the teaser for King Arthur (see here ).

also see articles

Site  Info
Updates Suspended

Nov. 23, 2004

Due to the fact that I have discovered some technical problems with the site updates will cease for a few days while I work out the kinks.  In the mean time any news will be posted on the Message Board

Site Addition
UK Trailer Tagline
The following is now on the Poster page...

Nov. 22, 2004

You cannot get angry.  You can get even. (UK Trailer)

Site Addition
UK Trailer - Downloadable MPG File

Nov. 20, 2004

A download of Equilibrium's official United Kingdom trailer has been added to the Trailers page.  It is in MPG file format & 15.3 MP.  Lots of thanks & hugs to Libby for getting this to me!!

Link Addition
Korean Equilibrium Fansite - Libria
Nov. 19, 2004

Libria, a Korean Equilibrium fansite can now be found linked in the "International" section of the Nethers.  Be sure to visit their pages of wallpapers.  All are different from the ones here on this site.

Site Addition
20 More Equilibrium Screen Captures
Nov. 17, 2004

Even though there is an extensive collection of Equilibrium images & pictures here on the site there still are a few of my favorite shots that I want to add.  The first set of 20 can be found here 

More to be added soon.


I present you my very first EQ fan fiction - "The Files of Martin Stein". The story will be coming in chapters, so stay tuned for the updates...here  

EQ Calender
Equilibrium Airing Dates & Times This Week
Nov. 14, 2004

UK - Mon  Nov  15  22:00 on Sky Movies 1

Nov. 12, 2004
The servers have been repaired & the Boards are now back up & running...

Message Board Off-line
ProBoard is currently experiencing difficulty with some of their servers.  As a result the site's boards are down.  Hopefully they will have this fixed soon...

Site Update
Three New Equilibrium Wallpapers
Nov. 11, 2004

by Katav 


by DaSurge

Site Update
Working on Wallpapers
Nov. 10, 200

I had hoped to be finished formatting three more wallpapers for the site but it's just not happenin' today.  Should have them online tomorrow.

Nov. 8, 2004

Site Update
Trivia Added - The following has been posted in the "Trivia" section on the Libria page...

Kurt Wimmer had originally cut the Beethoven sequence to the Karajan arrangement of the Ninth Symphony but due to cost had to recut it to a different version. (see comments @ CHUD.comDVD commentary.) & on the

Nov. 7, 2004

New Equilibrium Fan Art
Saint Anger by Cleric Trinity

Nov. 5, 2004

"In the past I have used the board's "e-mail members" option to occasionally send an update about what is happening on the site & the boards. I have decided to use this feature as a monthly Newsletter instead. [Here] is what I sent out [yesterday] for November. If you do not receive one or wish to be taken off the list either post on this thread or e-mail me at eqfansite@aol.com."

Nov. 4, 2004

UV Update
Addition to UltraViolet Page

Cameron Bright told SCI FI Wire that he just wrapped production on the upcoming SF-horror-adventure movie Ultraviolet, in which the 11-year-old actor co-stars with Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil)..."It was fun," Bright said. "The director [Equilibrium's Kurt Wimmer] wrote the screenplay. It was lots and lots of green screens. Because it's an action movie, there was a lot of that type of stuff. I did a lot of wire work myself...There were [also] a lot of guns shooting and explosives..."

 see full article Bright's Official Website

Nov. 2, 2004

Links to the Equilibrium movie posters @ MovieGoods.com have been added to  the "Equilibrium Merchandise" section on the Nethers page. They will soon be included on the site's Poster page as well.

EQ Calender
Equilibrium Airing Dates & Times This Week
Nov. 1, 2004

United Kingdom

Tue Nov 2 22:00 on Sky Movies 1
Sun  Nov  7  23:15 on Sky Movies 7

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