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Equilibrium Fansite News Archive
2005 May - Jun.

This section of the site archives past news & updates from the Home page.

June 29, 2005 - UltraViolet: On the Net
ComingSoon.net: UltraViolet Used New Transfer Technology

"UltraViolet uses the Sony e-VTR's enhanced file transfer capabilities, working with Orbital Data's TotalTransport technology, to speed the backhaul of dailies, allowing data files to be reviewed electronically instead of the more time-consuming process of distributing hard media via physical courier. The results are significant savings in production time and budget."

June 27 - Site Addition
Thirteen New Equilibrium Wallpapers

11 by Alowyn 2 by Cleric Wilkinson

Equilibrium Wallpaper

see more   Equilibrium Backgrounds here

Jun. 24 - Equilibrium Behind the Scenes

Seventh Production Video Download Added

The following has been added to the site...

#7  On the Set with Christian Bale: Blocking and set up for the gun butt sequence.

Download WMV file (19.7M) here 

Download Original VOB file (99M) here

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Jun. 22 - Site Update

New Page: Equilibrium Mobile Downloads

Here you will find a number of downloads for your mobile phones such as ring tones and wallpapers.

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Jun. 20 - Call for Site Assistance
Fan Submissions for New Mobile Page

JenGe Wrote: I want to create a page on the site with a collection of cell backgrounds as well as ring tones. If you want to do this just post them here on this thread or email them to me at Eqfansite@aol.com.

More info here

Jun. 17 - On the Boards
Hall of Mirrors: Interview with Pmods

Rico Wrote: Pmods recently did an interview with us and it has gone online just a few hours ago. You can find it by clicking the link below.

HoM interview.

There's a ton of new screenshots to accompany it of course and there's some exclusive information in there as well so go ahead and read it!

Jun. 15 - Bale is Batman

Batman Begins: Equilibrium Fan Reviews

Equilibrium fans speak out on Christian Bale's new action film Batman Begins.  I for one think that it is the first time that Batman was really done right and no one has perfected his persona as Bale.  If anyone wonders why many of us fell in love with Equilibrium just take a look a Bale's performance in Batman Beyond to get an idea.

Read more or add your own thoughts here

Jun. 13 - Site Update
Links on the Nethers Page have been Updated

The following changes have been in The Nethers

Removed  (no longer available)
  • Wraiths On Wings

June 11 - New Equilibrium Pictures
Equilibrium Production Stills: Set 12

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Jun. 9 - On the Boards
Anyone up for some Photoshop Phun? (Redux)

I have reposted fan created images from the original thread that are still available to a new one...here...

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Jun.. 7 - Equilibrium Behind the Scenes

Sixth Production Video Download Added

The following has been added to the site...

#6  Location blocking for the warehouse Nethers sequence, with Mike Smith, Jim Vickers, & Kurt Wimmer.

Download WMV file (14.4M) here 

Download Original VOB file (101M) here

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Jun. 5 - On the Boards
Hall of Mirrors: What would you like to see in the MOD?

Rico Wrote: As many of you know we're looming closer and closer to release and as a result the possibility of including major changes and additions is diminished.

However, that doesn't have to stop anyone from suggesting what they'd like to see in the mod! I have always thought about supporting the mod by releasing new versions after we complete the first version. The point of this thread is to gather suggestions about stuff you'd like to see added, I might be able to include some of this stuff before we release and if not, I might be able to include it in any additional releases we might have.

So have at it! Don't worry about how "realistic" the suggestions are, go crazy. We'll worry about whether it's possible or not

Comment here...

Jun. 3 -  Delayed Update
Working on Sixth Production Video

I am currently working on the sixth production video but due to the drawbacks of a new laptop it's not going as easily as I had planned.  I hope to have the bugs worked out ASAP.  In the mean time if you have not already, take a look at the other Equilibrium Production Downloads

Jun. 1 - Equilibrium Fan Fiction
Immune - Chapter 10 by Judas Austin

Kevin huddled in the doorway, wrapping his arms around his shoulders and stamping his feet in an attempt to get some warmth into them.

Nice one, Kev. Next time, would it really hurt you to check the weather forecast before making your big, dramatic exit?

Read more

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May. 30 - Fan Video
Second Equilibrium Music Video by ViDawn

On the boards ViDawn wrote: I finally finished my 2nd vid. This one centers around Preston's emotional journey - at least I hope I pulled it off!  Download here

 Comments More Equilibrium Videos

May 28 - Site Addition

Three New Equilibrium Wallpapers

by XTRO5! (9 styles)
By Dead Cleric

see more   Equilibrium Backgrounds here

May. 26 - Site Feature: Equilibrium Fan Article
The Martial Solution by ClericWolf

Kurt Wimmer’s vision of the future is a starkly dark portrayal of what could happen if society survives a third world war, a war that tears down the core roots of our own society and buries it firmly in the rubble. It would be a horrific undertaking for any kind of government to re-establish itself in the post-war trauma that followed but for some reason Father’s regime survived and prospered, thanks mostly to the drug Prozium and the enforcement of the Grammaton Clerics, the lethal right-hand of Father’s new justice.

Read on...


May 25, 2005 - OSNews.com
Actor William Fichtner on Technology, Movies, & Career

His latest movie is UltraViolet. Geeks will recognize its director, Kurt Wimmer, as the director of 'Equilibrium' in 2002. "Kurt is a really smart gentleman. I had a really good experience shooting UltraViolet 1 1/2 years ago in Hong Kong and Beijing." Milla Jovovich plays "Violet", a woman with a blood-eating disorder, set in a futuristic world. "Milla is unbelievable", Fichtner says. "She has an inner torque, she is a super hero. I don't think anyone could have played her part better than she did, she was unbelievable, just like in Joan of Arc. She has such a commitment. I play Garth, a super-techie guy who is taken with Milla's character, but she is one notch above the ladder for him. I play a good guy this time, and I think that no matter what other roles I ever might portray for Kurt Wimmer, he will always ask me to play "good, underground guys". Fichtner played the leader of an underground resistance movement in Equilibrium. "This film had a huge internet underground following, of mainly teenagers. Many times I am stopped on the street by 19-year olds shouting "hey dude!", remembering me from Equilibrium, in specific".

May 22 - EQ Calendar
Equilibrium Movie Airing Times This Week


Tue May 24  21:00P on Sky Movies 3



May 20 - New Equilibrium Pictures
Equilibrium Production Stills: Set 11

Also see Equilibrium Screen Captures  Other Image Galleries

May. 19 - Site Feature: Equilibrium Fan Article
Influences in Equilibrium by Shawn Novinger

Now, most anyone who has seen Equilibrium can say, at some point or another during the film, “Hey! That’s familiar!”  Yes, it most likely is.  Kurt Wimmer (the director) made excellent use of a wide array of influences to make this amazing movie work so well.  Almost all forms of art – be it film, written, painting, or otherwise – have been seamlessly woven into the story, to make it seem very real.  If you have something to compare an idea to, it becomes all the more possible in your mind. 

Read on...


May 17 - Site Feature
Equilibrium Fansite Newsletter - May 2005

May's newsletter has been sent out...

(UPDATE May 18 - No, it was not sent since ProBoards has some kind of glitch.  I no longer will be sending the Newsletter through this system and plan to install a site email list in the next few days.)

Dear Equilibrium Fans,

Unfortunately last month's newsletter was only sent out to a few due to a Proboards glitch since they were upgrading the boards. If you are interested in taking a look at it please see the link at the bottom of this page. You will also find a few new changes on the boards as well.

In the mean time more features have been added to the site including a new weekly Fan Article section that was inspired by the exceptional report from Aikido Al of Kurt Wimmer at the University Filmmakers Alliance Conference in Austin Texas on April 9th. I will be looking for more submissions to add to the site. ClericWolf has finished his Equilibrium Fan Fiction, Ashes, and more downloads have been added.

For those of you waiting for the Hall of Mirrors MOD, the crew has released their trailer on-line. Enjoy!! - JenGe

Entire Newsletter 

May. 16 - On the Boards
Hall of Mirrors Trailer Now Online

On the boards MisterAnderson wrote -  Check it out now, my funk soul bruvaz (and sistaz).

HoM Trailer At Levels 4 You

Theres a bit of a lead in of movie footage before you get to see the game so be a little patient

Hopefully it gives off a movie trailer feel (if only in the last couple of seconds)...

May 15 - EQ Calendar
Equilibrium Movie Airing Times This Week


Fri May 20  21:40P on Sky Movies 5



May. 13 - Site Notice
Message Boards are being Upgraded

The site's message boards are currently offline since Proboards is updating it to their new format.  Please check back soon.  In the mean time if you have something you would like to post feel free to do so in the Guestbook.

May. 12 - Equilibrium Behind the Scenes
Fifth Production Video Download Added

The following has been added to the site...

#5  More Gun Butt Blocking, Practice, & Discussion.  Various angles filmed by Kurt Wimmer.

Download WMV file (22M) here
(note that this version is slightly off sync)

Download Original VOB file (121M) here  

Also see  Other Downloads

May. 10 - New Site Feature: Equilibrium Fan Articles
Ideas on Libria's Timeline by Judas Austin

So.  What about Libria's earlier years?  Although I'm virtually terrified of plugging my work, I have had a few people now comment – either via email or the boards – that Immune is an interesting window into those years...and it also serves as an easier analogy than trying to blind everyone, including me, with maths.  Chronologically speaking, I guess they're right, in the same way that the 1970s is an interesting window into England's/America's/Insert Country Here's earlier years.  But the bottom line is, by the time the first events in Immune take place, Libria, Prozium and the Tetra Grammaton have already been well-established for at least two or three hundred years, and most of my EQ writings on and off the site are based in the late 2400s/early 2500s.  Why?  Read on...


May 8 - EQ Calendar
Equilibrium Movie Airing Times This Week


Tue May 10  20:00P on Sky Movies 9
Sun May 15  22:00P on Sky Movies 9

USA (Thanks to TV-now.com)

Tue May 10  11:15A on TMC Xtra
Thu May 12  10:05A on TMC Movie Channel
Fri May 13  02:45A on TMC Movie Channel

May. 7 - Fan Addition
New Equilibrium Fan Art by Kim Schultz

See more celebrity portraits by Kim Schultz other EQ fan art

May 4 - New Website Feature
Call for Site Assistance: Fan Articles

I have been thinking about incorporating a weekly or bi-monthly fan article section to the site. The inspiration came from the awesome article Aikido Al wrote for the UFA Conference and the interesting write ups at Wikipedia: Equilibrium. Also most of the submissions so far have been very graphics heavy (except for the wonderful fan fictions) and I think something like this would counterbalance the site and give it a better well rounded feel as well as interest. The fan participation was so astounding last year when we did the Commentaries I felt some of you might enjoy contributing some of your own thoughts about the film, its symbolism, ect.

Read more

May 2 - New Equilibrium Pictures
Equilibrium Production Stills: Set 10

Also see Equilibrium Screen Captures  Other Image Galleries

May 1 - EQ Calendar
Equilibrium Movie Airing Times This Week

USA (Thanks to TV-now.com)

Wed May 4  01:15P on TMC Xtra
Thu May 5  04:30A on TMC Xtra
Sat May 7  03:15P on TMC Xtra
Sun May 8 01:35P on TMC Movie Channel

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