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2004 May - Jun.

This section of the site archives past news & updates from the Home page.

  • Jun 29 - This month Equilibrium premiered on Showtime (Jun 19) and the word is coming in that they have even given the film some decent promotion.  The following are airing dates & times for the rest of the month as well as July. (Thanks to Pyro for originally posting this on the boards!!)

Wed Jun 30 08:00A on Showtime #2
Wed Jun 30 07:00P on Showtime #2
Sat Jul 3 10:00P on Showtime Beyond
Sun Jul 11 10:40A on Showtime Beyond
Sun Jul 11 05:10P on Showtime Beyond
Mon Jul 19 06:00A on Showtime Beyond
Sat Jul 24 09:50A on Showtime Beyond
Sat Jul 24 06:50P on Showtime Beyond
Sun Jul 25 01:00A on Showtime Beyond
Tue Jul 27 10:00P on Showtime Beyond
Fri Jul 30 08:35A on Showtime Beyond
Sat Jul 31 03:40A on Showtime Beyond

(Info from TV-now.com)

  • Jun 27 - Still working on recovering lost pages.  Should be finished sometime later today.
  • Jun 26

I just wanted to convey to you my delight and surprise to discover that the world was finally discovering as well as appreciating something that I had known for years now...that "Equilibrium" is a tremendous cinematic achievement...or as I told Kurt the night I saw it for the very first time; "...it's an art-house, sci-fi/action masterpiece....!"   Read More  ... Comment on Message Board

  • May 31Updates Suspended Until My Return from Europe - Well, after working on this site almost daily for over a year I figured that I've earned a small vacation. While I am gallivanting around Europe anything new will be posted on the message board  or feel free to contact me at eqfansite@aol.com.  New updates will commence upon my return home - June 24 or 25.  I still have oodles of stuff to add to the site. - JenGe
  • May 30All the Commentary Chapters are Now on Site - Yes, after months of working on this & lots of help from everyone it is finally finished.  My gratitude to all those who have assisted me in getting this on the site!!  I could not have done this without you.  Thank you!!
  • May 28 - Site Correction: Several of the previous wallpapers by Ktek utilize a graphic created by Snufkin.  A credit has been added here .  My personal apologies to Snufkin for initially omitting this!!

Lucas Foster - One little editorial comment, just about the practical exigencies of production. Christian, through this last scene and this scene was holding the sword tightly, gripping it tightly and, people might infer that that's because it was some acting thing, and he's being intense or whatever.  Actually it was we couldn't get this sword to hang properly and we told him, "Listen... sorry but you gotta walk through this scene holding on to it and keeping it in-line because otherwise it's going to flop around."

"I was trying to create a world that looked different from other sci-fi films, rather than another Blade Runner clone. We couldn't afford to digitally create a world or to build it, so we had to find it existing someplace, and Berlin seemed pretty unique because it has some fantastic new architecture and some remnants of 19th Century architecture and the fascist neo-classical architecture, which we also found in Rome where we did some shooting." ( Read more )

  • May 22 - Due to server difficulties yesterday some pages on the site have been lost.  I will be spending the day recovering them. 

  • May 19 - Working on new fan art.  Should be finished tomorrow.

Kurt - Now, I'm sure Dimension won't mind me saying this but in the shooting script Emily is supposed to live.  She is suppose to sort of deus ex machina come back at the end and Lucas and I agreed that that was not true to the script.  Certainly true to a commercial ending but not true to the story and so I ... we were in Berlin and they were in New York, the studio.   And so I made a sort of command field decision and I didn't shoot her coming back in the end. (Read more...)

Equilibrium was nominated for an award last year??!!

It was nominated for the Ninth Annual American Choreography Awards (2003) under "Outstanding Achievement in Fight Choreography" for Jim Vickers. Though EQ did end up losing to The Bourne Identity it is still thrilling to see it receive recognition at all!!

  • May 15 - Notice of Guestbook Change - Since the inception of the site all new entries in the Guestbook have appeared at the bottom of the page.  As of May 8 Freewebs has changed this and now all new posts are at the top.  Just FYI.

UltraViolet Mentioned in Hong Kong Gov. Newsletter
(added to site on May 11, 2004)

Hong Kong on Location (Issue No. 11)
The Film Services Office Bi-quarterly Newsletter (8.2003 – 1.2004)
(see page 4 - also note the error in production costs which is actually $30 mil)

Hollywood’s $300 million Production Sets the Stage in Hong Kong

Hollywood’s $300-million sci-fi Ultraviolet (directed by Kurt Wimmer) is at the height of pre-production in Hong Kong. Starring Milla Jovovich of The Fifth Element, the director decided to shoot 80% of the film in Hong Kong — a leap from 20% in the original plan, and to extend the period of filming from February to May. As the story takes place a millennium from now, the first crew arriving at Hong Kong last November was mainly engaged in scouting about for modern buildings. We helped them with work visa applications to the Immigration Department and location scouting. So following Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, Hong Kong’s unique cityscape will be laid once again before the eyes of the world. The film company will hire 120 local film workers, which is expected to benefit the economy. (see here )

  • May 10 - One of the images from AbbyShot's new gallery for their reproduction of the cleric's coat has replaced the other images in the Equilibrium Center.

AbbyShot Custom Clothiers have made an adjustment to their Cleric Coat. The collar's height has been reduced, for better accuracy. And so, a new gallery has been created...
The new gallery's photos feature Chris and CJ.

Set of Images by
Stephen Torreno

by Spacer

  • May 5 - Currently getting more Fan Art on the site.  Should be finished sometime tomorrow...
  • May 4 - Site Maintenance Day - Working on fixing a number of broken links & navigational errors that I have recently discovered.

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