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2006 Mar. - Apr.

Apr. 30, 2006 - Site Update
New Equilibrium Fan Poetry by Electra Montoya & Mallory

Three news Equilibrium poems, two by Electra Montoya and one by Mallory have been added to the site's Poetry page...

Apr. 29- Site Update
New Equilibrum Fan Art

Apr. 24- Site Update
New Equilibrum Music Videos

The site's music video page as been updated with new fan created downloads...

(graphic by Kristin)

Apr. 17- Site Update
EQ GIF'S Update: New Smilies & Avatars

The following has been added to the site's GIF page...

EQ Smilies by AlphonseCapone

EQ Avatars of Bobstar's animation (white one by Cleric Amie)

Apr. 13, 2006 - Added to the UV page...
UltraViolet: Rough Cut vs. Studio Cut

Posted on the boards by Psyclops: I'm sure most of you will be going to see ULTRAVIOLET this weekend. I just got back from a showing here in Los Angeles and I figured I'd start a thread discussing the various differences between the cut that was screened last February, which I had the opportunity to see, and the finished product. Some of the changes are pretty insignificant while other scenes changed the way the film was structured. I'll list as many as I can remember either way. The rough cut of the movie ran about two hours in length while this new version clocks in at 88 minutes. There will be spoilers contained within so please tread carefully.

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Apr. 4, 2006 - New EQ Download
11th Production Video Added

#11  On the Set with Christian Bale: Blocking and filming.

Download WMV file (20.8M) here 

Download Original VOB file (113M) here

Mar. 29- EQ Fan Music Update

UPDATED: Equilibrium Music Mix by U.E.D.

The following has been added to the site's fan music & videos page...


Mar. 23- New Equilibrium Pictures
Equilibrium Production Stills: Set 19

Also see Equilibrium Screen Captures  Other Image Galleries

Mar. 20, 2006 - UV Music
UltraViolet Opening Score On-line: Klaus Badelt

Posted on Hans Zimmer's Website: As it seems to be no plan for a cd release, we decided to present the opening title online in a very bad quality (to prevent illegal copy) (MP3-mono-96Kbs) in order to share with you one of the most exciting Klaus Badelt's piece of music ever composed...

Mar. 16, 2006 - Site Addition
Equilibrium Costume Designs by Joseph A. Porro

Mar. 13 - Equilibrium Fan Fiction
Ashes II: Chapter 1 by Darren "the Wolf"

John Preston, avenger, killer and saviour of New Libria had finally been allowed to rest. After faking his own death to trap Ezekiel Kayne and bring an end to the machinations of Father’s best, he had gone above and beyond his call of duty and even the Governess had understood the need for such an act – though she did not agree with it.

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other Equilibrium Fan Fic  Comments

Mar. 3, 2006 - UV Addition
UltraViolet Wrap Party Invitation

Mar. 1, 2006 - UV on the Net
More UltraViolet on the Internet (additions)

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