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Equilibrium Fansite News Archive
2005 Mar. - Apr.

This section of the site archives past news & updates from the Home page.

Apr. 29 - Site Update
Nethers Updated: New Look & Links

The page has been reformated and the following links added...

Apr. 27 - Site Update
Equilibrium Fan Videos Page Updated

The following changes have been made...

(smaller than actual size)

  • Several links have been either fixed or removed due to deletion.

Apr. 25 - EQ Fan Art Added
Tetragrammaton Cleric Gun by AlphonseCapone

One of the site's finest artist adds more of his Equilibrium related work to his page at DeviantArt.com


Apr. 24 - EQ Calendar
Equilibrium Movie Airing Times This Week


Fri Apr 29 20:00P on Sky Movies 1

USA (Thanks to TV-now.com)

Thu Apr 28 02:25P on Showtime
Fri Apr 29 11:35A on Showtime #2
Sat Apr 30 06:30A on Showtime Beyond
Sat Apr 30 02:55P on Showtime Beyond
Sun May 1 06:30A on TMC Xtra

Apr. 22 - The Final Chapter
Ashes Part 4 - Clerical Error by ClericWolf

ClericWolf has completed the last chapter in his Equilibrium fan fiction, Ashes.  Enjoy!!

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Apr. 21 - Site Updates Resume
Immune - Chapter 10 by Judas Austin

Kevin stirred restlessly, regretting it instantly as lightning pain arced from his chest down his entire left arm and finished up in his shoulder for good measure.

Where am I? How the hell did I get here?

Read more

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Apr. 17 - Limited Update
EQ MOD: New Hall of Mirrors Media

On the boards Rico wrote - New batch of screenshots and information at our official website.  A small taste:



Apr. 14 - Limited Updates Resume
Kurt Wimmer in Austin, Texas: Report

By Alicia Vogel, April 2005
“Anyone who leaves this room I’m going to kick their ass,” Kurt Wimmer said with a grin to the students at the packed crowd at the University of Texas at Austin, Saturday, April 9, 2005. When the UFA staff left, he added, “The UFA officers are gone, let’s fuck this room up.”  (more )

Note - I still do not have my computer back but I plan on resuming updates on an extremely limited basis until I do.

Apr. 5 - Recent News
Items of Interest from the Boards...

Wimmer to be in Texas on Apr. 9 - Posted by Aikido Al
"Kurt Wimmer is going to be at a small film conference here at the University of Texas in Austin! I'm getting more details in terms of schedule but the conference itself starts at noon on Friday and is being held next to the building where I work..."

HoM update and preview at Games Xtreme!
An excellent article about the Hall of Mirrors MOD by member Cleric Wolf.

Also, I should have my laptop back from the shop in the next week or two and then regular updates will resume.

Mar. 28 - SITE NOTICE!!
Updates & Additions Temporarily Suspended

On the boards JenGe wrote: Due to several current computer related problems I will have to suspend updates and additions for a time. I hope to resume as soon as I am able.

Any new news relating to Equilibrium, UltraViolet, or the Hall of Mirrors MOD can be found on the boards.

Mar. 25 - New Equilibrium Pictures
Equilibrium Production Stills: Set 9

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Mar. 24 - Equilibrium Fan Fiction
Pater Primus: Prologue Part 2 by Calico

A small boy of about six years old sat on his bed, hands folded in his lap, staring at the plain wall across from him. It had been just over 24 hours since he’d seen the woman dragged off by the Tetragrammaton. She had been arrested for Sense Crime, and he knew with perfect logic that it was for the best.

Read more here 

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Mar. 22 - More Pictures
15 New Equilibrium Screen Captures

Thanks to gunnerk19 for sharing the first set of 7 Equilibrium screen shots.  Most are "gun" related.

The second set added are images that have been used around the site...mostly for the Equilibrium Fan Fic.

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Mar. 20 - EQ Calendar
Equilibrium Movie Airing Times This Week

UK  (thanks to Beefie)

Fri  Mar 25  20:00P on Sky Movies 9

USA (Thanks to TV-now.com)

Fri  Mar 25  01:45P on TMC Xtra
Sat  Mar 26  04:45A on TMC Xtra

Mar. 19 - Web Graphics Addition
6 New Equilibrium Avatars by Darko

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Mar. 17 - Equilibrium Fan Fiction
Immune - Chapter 9 by Judas Austin

Kevin shot him a look, but Jacobs had already laid down on his bed and started the essay DuPont had set on Emotional Recognition. Something in his posture told Kevin that he wouldn't get any more answers just then.

Read more here

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Mar. 16 - Behind the Scenes
Fourth Production Video Download

The following has been added to the site...

#4  More Gun Butt Blocking, Practice, & Discussion.  Various angles filmed by Kurt Wimmer.

Download WMV file (20M) here
(note that this version is slightly off sync)

Download Original VOB file (109M) here

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Mar. 14 - Equilibrium MOD Update
New Hall of Mirrors Website

On the boards Rico wrote: The announcement I wanted to make was the creation of our new website ! The website will be updated first and foremost so all new developments will be recorded there before anyplace else. The site is still under construction at the moment but it's fully functional so I thought it would be wise to release the information to the public seeing as we will be gearing up for release sometime this year (this is as close a release date you'll ever get  )

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and give it a look, bookmark it while you're at it!

Mar. 13 - EQ Calendar
Equilibrium Movie Airing Times This Week

UK  (thanks to Beefie)

Wed  Mar 16  22:20P on Sky Movies 9

USA (Thanks to TV-now.com)

Mon  Mar  14  06:05A on TMC Xtra
Mon  Mar  14  03:45P on TMC Xtra
Thu  Mar 17  12:35P on Showtime Women
Sat  Mar  19  08:15A on TMC Xtra
Sat  Mar  19  7:00P on TMC Xtra
Sun  Mar 20  05:10A on TMC Xtra
Sun  Mar 20  02:00P on TMC Movie Channel

Mar. 12 - New Equilibrium Fan Fiction
Pater Primus by Calico

Forty-eight hours since her arrest. There was the humiliating strip search; the begging for food at midnight because no one bothered to bring her dinner; and the inhuman looks of the Tetra Grammaton’s finest. But by far the worst part was the waiting, because the end of her life’s journey was nearing and she certainly wouldn’t be complaining about the cold then.

Read more here 

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Mar. 10 - New Equilibrium Pictures
Equilibrium Production Stills - Set 8

Also see Equilibrium Screen Captures  Other Image Galleries

Mar. 9 - Hall of Mirrors Update
Equilibrium MOD: New Screenshots

Rico has posted eight new screenshots of the Equilibrium MOD they are working on for Max Payne 2.  See here 

Mar. 7 - UltraViolet Page Update
Klaus Badelt Joins UltraViolet & New Image 

The following has been added to the site's UltraViolet page...

UltraViolet - Klaus Badelt Composes Soundtrack  (Feb. 2005 - MoviesOnline.ca)
Klaus Badelt works again for a movie directed by Kurt Wimmer. After composing the music for "Equilibrium ", he also will compose the orignal score for "Ultraviolet". Other movies Badelt made the music for are "Catwoman", "The Time Machine" and "Ned Kelly".

Mar. 6 - EQ Calendar
Equilibrium Movie Airing Times This Week

UK  (thanks to Beefie)

Thu  Mar 10  21:45P on Sky Movies 9

USA (Thanks to TV-now.com)

Mon  Mar  7  09:55A on Showtime Women
Tue  Mar  8  06:05P on TMC Movie Channel
Thu  Mar  10  07:35A on TMC Xtra
Thu  Mar  10  05:05P on TMC Xtra

Mar. 5 - Site Addition
Three New Equilibrium Wallpapers

by Beefie

By Queenie

EQ Wallpaper

see more   Equilibrium Backgrounds here

Mar. 3 - Site Feature
Equilibrium Fansite Newsletter - Mar. 2005

March's newsletter has been sent out...

Dear Equilibrium Fans,

Recent changes & additions have been made to the site to better serve the fans. Since the Hall of Mirrors MOD is inching closer to completion I have decided that a public form has become necessary so the team can communicate & post updates. Also with the new production videos being added to the site I have moved all other on-site downloads off of Freewebs & on to Streamload. This will eliminate the "throttle" problem that we have had in the past. If you have any off site files linked to the site & would like me to host them please e-mail me or follow the link below. Also, thanks again to all of the fans who continue to allow me to add their talents & creations to the site!! - JenGe

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Mar. 2 - Behind the Scenes
New Production Video Page & 3rd Download

A new page has been created for these downloads and the following has been added...

#3  Gun Butt Blocking/Practice with Mike Smith, Extras, & Jim Vickers.  Filmed by Wimmer.

Download WMV file (18.7M) here
(note that this version is slightly off sync)

Download Original VOB file (101M) here

 Also see  Other Downloads

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