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Equilibrium Fansite News Archive
2004 Mar. - Apr.

This section of the site archives past news & updates from the Home page.

  • Apr. 30 - All hyperlinks on site to the Sci/Fi UK webpage for Equilibrium have been disabled due to the fact that it is no longer available.
  • Apr. 29Bale Article Added: Christian's Crusade - This interview with Christian Bale was done while he was working on the set of Equilibrium.  Thanks to Queenie for not only finding it but sharing it with the site as well.  Be sure to visit her website christianbale.net

While the director oversees a rehearsal of the scene, the actor pulls up a canvas chair. For the moment, he's wearing a sharp white suit with a high collar, buttoned up to the neck, although he'll change into an identical black suit for the actual shoot. He looks incredibly poised, and the suit hangs superbly. In fact, he could pass for a fashion model, were it not for the slightly pallid make-up he's wearing, and the streak of blood drawn onto his lower lip...(read more )

 Mar. 18, 04

Australia/New Zealand 
 Apr. 20, 04

Apr. 21, 04

  • Apr. 27 - While working on the DVD commentary for Chapter 13 the other day I realize that a portion of Chapter 12's was missing.  The omission has been corrected...

Kurt - Dimension jumped on it instantly, overnight, which shocked the hell out of us.  I remember I got the call as I came back...as I got out of the plane from Holland as a matter of fact.  Lucas had stayed over there to wrangle with the bankers and they said they wanted it but they wanted the world and so that meant the Dutch were out...(read more )

Lucas - "It was a challenge to try to figure out how to cast this part in particular because the range of emotions that the character goes through is kind of extreme. There are many fine actors out there but to take someone from the depths of coldness to you know sort of to feeling every little thing, almost vibrating from your senses back to coldness again at the end of the film but with something extra that he's picked up along the way. That was a tough thing to find. It was tough to find actors that could do that." (read more )

  • Apr. 23 - Influences in EQ - I am currently compiling a list of influences & references in Equilibrium to other films & lit. as well as cultural & historical themes so that I can create a page for this subject in the near future.  If you know of any, wish to contribute, or comment please see the message board here

  • Apr. 20 - Working on getting my set of Polish lobby cards for Equilibrium scanned & on the site.  Should be done sometime tomorrow.
  • Apr. 19 - Information about Equilibrium's Turkish theatrical release have been added to the site...
    • "Release Dates" on Clerics page - Apr. 2, 04
    • "Alternate Titles" on Libria page - Isyan
  • Apr. 18 - Equilibrium Ranked High on Amazon.de Charts - At posting time EQ was ranked # 5 & # 17 on two different charts at Amazon.de (Germany) - Thanks to smithfan for posting this info on the boards!!
  • Apr. 16 - The following changes & updates have been made to the site today...
    • The Equilibrium Poster Collection page has been redesigned.
    • AlphonseCapone's Ring Tone is now on the Downloads page ...
    • Yesterday's buttons have been added with the other button & banners on the Interrogation  page.
    • All comments about GrammatonCleric.com have been removed from the site since it no longer exists.
  • Apr. 15 - By request I have created a 88 X 31 button for my site in three variations.  Please feel free to use them if you wish.

"I have made the prozium/Family as a polyphonic ring tone. Only the, um... melody part, not the other sound effects. And I'm trying to copy more songs to make ring tones.... Any requests?" - AlphonseCapone

For the Download file, instructions, comments or questions see the message board here 

  • Apr. 12 - Message Board Update: Since some threads have been ranking high on certain Google searches it has become necessary to clarify that the boards are an appendage to this site as well as to the film Equilibrium...
    • The graphic has been changed to include "Equilibrium Fansite Boards"
    • Some hyperlinks now state "Return to Equilibrium Fansite"
  • Apr. 10 - 4 More Images: from Equilibrium's Official Taiwan Website have been added to the Stills Gallery...


"These are the newest and coolest products our customers of Cult Movies are buying. This list, updated daily, is based entirely on purchase patterns."

"Firstly, this is an ADVENTURE game with an actual storyline to it, not a 'point mouse at enemy and blow up, repeat ad nauseum' game. Secondly, you're a party girl from the 21st century, so the chances of your knowing Gun-Kata are pretty remote. And thirdly, I'm not that good an animator. : P  Like I said, I write adventure games, not action ones. If I do the sequel to this, you might be able to do Gun-Kata in that one. I'm not sure." - From the PFAQ

If you have comments or other questions not covered in the PFAQ (Potentially Frequently Asked Questions) of the HOW TO PLAY file please see this Message Board thread


  • Mar. 30 - The following has been added to the "Trivia" section on the Libria page...
  • Body Counts

    • Entire film - 236

    • Cleric John Preston's Tally (thanks to ClericMike for counting these. See Message Board )

Pitch Black Justice - 22
Partridge gets a tracheotomy - 1
Puppy Shootout - 13
Sector 7 Beat Down - 8
Not Without Incident - 9
Hallway Deliverance - 53
DuPont's Office slice-n-dice - 8
Brandt's Ownage - 1
DuPont gets capped - 1
Preston's Hegemony - 2

Preston's Total - 118

    • The painting of the young girl during the opening raid sequence is "The Story Book" by Adolphe-William Bouguereau.  (thanks to Bella for finding this!!)

Help Needed in translating this program!!
contact JenGe at eqfansite@aol.com 

  • Mar. 28 - Coming Soon: Japanese Program Scans - Thanks to Queenie, I am currently working on getting her scans of the 24 page Japanese Movie Program for Equilibrium (ie - Rebellion) on the site.  I hope to be finished sometime tomorrow but here is a teaser in the mean time.  (a million thanks to Queenie for saving me the time of having to scan them myself!!)

"It's no coincidence that Bale landed the coveted Batman role shortly after this film. Equilibrium gave the actor a whole new coolness and unleashed writer/director Kurt Wimmer onto Hollywood. These are good things." (Read More )

  • Mar. 25 - EC-10 Page Redesigned - Due to the ever growing Multimedia Collection on the site, the EC-10 page has been redesigned to accommodate the continuing additions.  This should allow easier navigation to items of interest as well as room for me to add scans of my personal Equilibrium Lobby Card collection in the near future.  Look for them soon.
  • Mar. 24
    • Australian DVD:  April 21, 2004 - Equilibrium is scheduled for release in Australia on April 21.  This has been added to the site's EQ Calendar on the Message Board. (thanks to Punch for the info)
    • New Board: Evidentiary Reports - Created by request for member reviews, comments, & thoughts on specific films, books, games, TV, music, & other forms of media. Please see Rules Before Posting Here   (thanks to EsbenF for the title!!)
  • Mar. 23 - Second Commentary - Chapters 11 & 12 - (Transcribed by Libby)

Lucas: I had a debate with Kurt about the use of slow-motion in... in the film, in the early going. I...I think it's not over-used in this movie. We did use it in places where it was useful to tell the story.

Kurt: Right. I don't like to use it at all. The only place I used it actually was..er..in...I slowed down the...er...flip - believe it or not even though it doesn't really look like it - when he flips off the back of the motorcycle. I slowed that down slightly, so the audience would have a little more time to process it. I slowed down that, not so that the audience could see what was happening, but it was strictly stylistic...stylistic purposes. And there's one or two shots in the final fight sequence in the hallway, I think, that have been..er...slowed down a little bit. But..ah...you know, there's plenty of love-letters and treatises to slow motion that have been done in cinema and they're sort of...I feel there's no reason for me to do it. (Read More )

"Kurt is very precise with the exact angles and compositions of his shots. As a matter of fact I have never worked with a director that was so intimately involved with recreating the exact vision he had in his minds eye. Sometimes I would have to revise a drawing a couple of times to capture exactly what Kurt was after..." (Read More )
Check back tomorrow for more of Mark's Equilibrium Artwork to be added to the site.  Lots of hugs & thanks to him!!

  • Mar. 16 - New Trivia Added - The following can now be found in the "Trivia" section on the Libria page...
  • Casting Trivia

    • According to Kurt Wimmer at the Atlanta Q&A only Christian Bale had actually been offered the role of Preston.
    • The studio wanted him to consider Vin Diesel. (Atlanta Q&A)
    • Dominic Purcell of Fox's John Doe was considered for Preston. (see DVD Commentary 1, Chapter 1)
    • In April of 2000 a factually incorrect news release stated that Leonardo DiCaprio had signed on.  This was later retracted.  (see Romanian studio backs down from DiCaprio boast - off site)
  • The inspiration for the cityscapes and the design of Libria come mainly from the works of Hugh Ferriss, an early 20th century conceptual artist. ( see DVD Commentary 1, Chapter 17)

  • Off Site - see download link on rohan's page 



    • Mar. 13 - EQ Showing in the Netherlands on Mar. 17 - More info on the board...here
    • Mar. 12 - Site's New Message Board - One Man's Vision - All things Kurt Wimmer besides Equilibrium. His other films/screenplays & those currently in the works. Created mainly to keep all of the board's UltraViolet threads in one place. (Thanks to Mr.Anderson for the title idea!!)
    • Mar. 11 - Taking Sides - Chapter 18 - Thanks again to Judas for her patience!!
    • Mar. 9 - The Message Board has been busy...
      • AbbyShot's 'Cleric' Coat Used as EQ Mod Model! - Plus a look at Abbyshots staff decked out as clerics. (thanks to Max for finding & posting this!!) 
      • INDEX OF FREQUENT SUBJECTS (IFS) - Created by Max & Mawa to help keep the board organized by easily locating multiple threads on a single topic such as The Gun Swap, EQ Sequel, UltraViolet...etc.  (thanks for the help guys!!!)
    • Mar. 8 - Original Equilibrium Concept Art by Mark Bristol is now on site...finally!! (thanks Mark!!)  Here is one of my favorites...

    • Mar. 7 -  Well, it is taking me a bit longer then expected so here is a teaser of what I am working on adding to the site...(a heartfelt thanks and awe to Mark for allowing me to do this!!  It is quite an honor!!)

    • Mar. 6 - Check Back... - I'm currently working on an extremely kewl exclusive for the site & hope to have it done some time tomorrow...
    • Mar. 5 - Guestbook Entries Lost - As feared I have been unable to recover the Guestbook submissions from Feb. 2004 until now.  My sincerest apologies to all those who this has effected.  Please feel free to repost any comments or thoughts that you have. - JenGe
    • Mar. 4
      • Guestbook Busted - Well, while archiving Guestbook entries today from Aug. 2003 to Jan. 2004 I have inadvertently busted it.(oops!!)  So far the ones archived are safe but those submitted between Feb. 2004 to now I am unsure of and new ones will not stick.  I'm attempting to fix the problem...
      • Looking for new USA poster source - The "USA Poster" links in the Nethers & on the Message Board have been disabled because the source has sold out.  In the mean time try Ebay.  If anyone stumbles across a new source please post it on the message board here
    • Mar. 3 - Klaus Badelt Talks Equilibrium... - A short section about Equilibrium from an interview Klaus Badelt, the film's composer, did for the French site Dreams to Dreams... has been translated & added to the site  -  (Lots o' thanks to BaleheadNutcase!!)
    • Mar. 2 - Three more commentary chapters have been added to the site...(thanks to all & to Libby for some of the captures)
      • 8. Signs Of Remorse - Transcribed by g3po
      • 9. Doubting Father? - Transcribed by Cardinal
      • 10. A Big Mistake - Transcribed by Cardinal
    • Mar. 1
      • According to Resistance member Alex, Equilibrium will be screening in Japan between Mar. 2 - Mar. 15...

    From the board... "EQ was in a cinema(@Tokyo) last week, and is NOW in another cinema!!! It's in Hokkaido the nothest part of Japan! (from March 2nd~ March 15th) "

      • Today the votes at IMDb for Equilibrium finally reached the 10,000 mark and still remains on the site's Top 50 Sci/Fi's List.  (Currently at #41)

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