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Equilibrium Fansite News Archive
2003 Jun. - Jul.

This section of the site archives past news & updates from the Home page.

  • July 31 - Due to the significant rise in downloads offered on the site a page has been created for them - Downloads.  There will now be a link to it on the EC-10 page instead of the items being there.
  • July 30 - John Porter has created another wallpaper...With Incident.  Links to it have been added to the Sense Offense and background pages.(thanks again to John!!)
  • July 29 - The Gun Kata quote from Kurt Wimmer's Interview @ Sci/Fi Dimensions has been added to the Gun Kata page.
  • July 28 - Taking Sides - Installment  #7 has been completed. (Special thanks to Imylover for images of Preston on this page.)
  • July 27 - Replaced the original "Soundtrack" thread on the FAQ Page - Interrogation with the updated and working correctly Soundtrack Thread 2.
  • July 25 - John Porter has created a set of EQ cursors and has allowed me to offer them on the site.  They can be found in the "Extras" section on the EC-10 page. (thanks to John!!)
  • July 24 - No update today due to having to deal with glitches on the message board.  Note that the original "Soundtrack" thread has been lock and a new one started due to these problems...Soundtrack Thread 2
  • July 23 - The William Fitchner Fansite has 3 pages of Equilibrium pictures.  A link to it has been added with the other "Image" links on the EC-10 page.  Also the following images have been used from the site (with credit)...
  • July 22 - The following links have been added to the "Ultraviolet" section in the Equilibrium Center...
  • July 21 - Due to the fact that I've been wasting most of my day debating on IMDb's Equilibrium message board there will be no update today.  You can follow the thread here...This Film Lost a Lot of Money...
  • July 20
    • The filming dates of "Oct. 19, 2000 to Dec. 10, 2000" have been added to the "Production" section on the Clerics  page.
    • The link to IGN's page of Video Clips for Equilibrium has been removed from the EC-10 page since the clips are no longer functioning.
  • July 19 - A new Fan Wallpaper by John Porter - Static Kata has been added to the site.  Links to it can be found on the Sense Offense and background pages. (thanks to John!!)
  • July 17 - Taking Sides - Installment # 6 has been completed
  • July 16 - After weeks, even months, of trying to figure out how to best incorporate official Equilibrium websites, I have come up with a simple solution.  Hyperlinks to corresponding sites have been added to the following "Release Dates" on the Clerics page...
  • July 15 - Yesterday's info about Kurt Wimmer's Movie Insider interview as well as a picture of Milla Jovovich have been added to the Equilibrium Center page ...
  • July 14 - The upcoming issue of CHUD.com's magazine, Movie Insider, will feature an interview with Kurt Wimmer on his forthcoming film Ultraviolet.  For teaser and ordering info click here...
  • July 13 - Four Equilibrium Themes for Pocket PC 2002 have been created by Andy Gilfirn and can be found with the other "Extras" on the EC-10 page. (special thanks to him for allowing me to add them to the site!!)
  • July 12 - Word of thanks added to "Welcome" section above.
  • July 10 - New production related links have been added to the Clerics page...
  • July 9 - I recently noticed that there were several past off-site fan items posted here on the updates that I had neglected to add to the Sense Offense Collection.  The omission has now been corrected and the following links can now be found there...
  • July 8 - A link to Netflix's Member Reviews for Equilibrium has been add to the Nethers...
  • July 7 - Doing maintenance on the site & message boards today.
  • July 6
    • A link to the Polish website with more Equilibrium production stills has been added with the other links on the  EC-10 page. (thanks agi)
    • A link and information about the EQ RPG is now on the Equilibrium Center page ...
  • July 5
    • Angelus44 has created an online Equilibrium Roll Playing Game and has invited any one who wishes to play to join. You can find his forum with more information here>>> or leave a message for him on the message board...Equilibrium RPG
    • There are now two sections of the Message Board...
  • July 4 - Note that the DVD Countdown above has been replaced by a "Navigation" section.
  • July 3 - A link to the newly created Forum @ TetraGrammaton Cleric has been added to Nethers...
  • July 2
    • The following comment has been added to the "Production" section on the Clerics page. --- "...the shooting schedule was 54 days, preproduction 11 weeks and I cut for nearly a year." - Kurt Wimmer, CHUD Message Board
    • The "Release Dates" section on the same page has been somewhat updated.  I'm still trying to track down a few other dates (ie - Russia)
  • July 1 - Taking Sides - Installment #5 has been completed.
  • June 30 -  Links to EQ screen captures at CHUD, IGN, and Full of Beans have been added to the other off-site collections in the "Image" section on the EC-10 page. 
  • June 29 - Site Changes on EC-10 page...
    • Outside links to other sites with Equilibrium picture collections have been moved and are now included in the section with this site's Image Galleries.
    • New section with "Posters" - currently only the USA and Japanese Mini Poster but others to be added soon...
  • June 28 - The reverse side of the Japanese Mini Poster with the translation is now on-line...here...
  • June 27 - A new page has been created for the Japanese Mini Poster/Flyer which also includes the English translation. (very special thanks & hugs to Alex )
  • June 26 - The following items have been added to the Equilibrium Center ...
  • June 25 - Two more items have been added to the FAQ Page - Interrogation 
    •  The blood on Preston's neck at the end
    •  Christian's stunts
  • June 24 - A pdf format of the screenplay (draft version) has been added to the Clerics page.  It is also available as a zip download. (special thanks to CNote for creating them.)
  • June 23 
    • According to a Japanese fan, Equilibrium (aka. Rebellion - Japanese Title) will be having a one week encore engagement in Tokyo, June 28 - July 4.  For more information see the following post on the message board...EQ Again in Tokyo...
    • Due to the fact that several of the fan fictions are having coding errors I will be spending several days manually fixing the problems. Sorry to the writers and readers for the inconvenience.  Hopefully the fixes will be permanent.
  • June 22 - Two Equilibrium Yahoo Groups are now listed with the other message boards in the Nethers...
  • June 21 - Two more questions with their answers have been added to the Interrogation page.
    • Kurt Wimmer's Cameos (with pictures)
    • Two Viviana Prestons
  • June 20 - Finally after weeks of trying I have the music video created by AMD4EVER .  You can download it now by clicking here...  Later today I'll be adding it to theSense Offense Collection. ( A very special thanks to him for patiently helping me work through all the bugs to get it here!!)
  • June 19 - The screenplay/script for Equilibrium (draft version) has now been completed and can be found here...  I can now return to my daily updates and additions to the site.
  • June 18 - UPDATE - The script should be completed sometime tomorrow.
  • June 14 - NOTICE - Since I plan to spend the next several days crunching to get the rest of Equilibrium's draft script online all updates and submissions will be put on hold until I can accomplish this.  If there is any breaking news though I will post it.
  • June 13
    • The following quote has been added on the Equilibrium Center page, "...I can tell you this, films are legal drugs, and I want to make some of the most addictive drugs around." - Kurt Wimmer,  Sci/Fi Dimensions
    • Working on more pages of the script...
  • June 12 - Two different graphics created by snufkin Sense Offense Collection.  Each comes in four color options. (special thanks to snufkin, especially for being patient with me) have been added to the
  • June 11 - The newly created page, Equilibrium Center, will have links, and announcements relating to any new projects or information involving EQ or Kurt Wimmer.  A few items about other cast and crew will also be included.  
  • June 10
    • More server/coding problems (symbols where spaces should be) ...working on fixing it...
    • 8 new images have been added to theScreen Captures Gallery.  (A very special thanks to MrsPreston)
  • June 9 - The following has been added to the FAQ Page - Interrogation under the Soundtrack/Score question..."(NOTE - There are a number of bootlegs floating around but I personally will not use this site to promote them just as with the pirated DVD.  See discussion -  Soundtrack ) "
  • June 8 - Installment #4 of the fan fiction Taking Sides by Judas Austin has been completed.
  • June 7 - Since there seems to be a bit of a confusion about the Galleries and Slides I have added links to the Stills & Screen Captures Galleries at the bottom of each of the slideshows on the following pages; Libria, Clerics, & Gun Kata.  Hopefully this will make accessing images on the site easier.
  • June 6
    • UPDATE - Pages 41-50 of the screenplay are now uploaded.
    • A fan created music video can be found here... (need AVI compatibility)
  • June 5 - A new fan fiction, This Lonely Tumult by Coolhand has been added to the Sense Offense Collection. (A very special thanks to the Sean Bean fansite, Full of Beans for allowing me to use the images of Partridge.)
  • June 4 - No new update today.  Managing the message board and spreading the word about Alien's reissue has been eating up my time...
  • June 3
    • Two more outstanding Equilibrium wallpapers can be found at Dozzie's Wallpapers.
    • All information about purchasing the Cleric's Watch have been updated throughout the site.
  • June 2 - Kelvin, the PR guy for Android, has announced on the message board today that the company is planning a limited re-issue of the "Alien" model (ie Cleric's Watch.)  For more information see the following thread... Alien Watch (ie Cleric Watch) (A very special thanks to Kelvin & Android!!!)
  • June 1 - Today I'm working on maintenance for the site; fixing dead links, errors, and coding problems.

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