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Equilibrium Fansite News Archive
2005 Jul. - Aug.

This section of the site archives past news & updates from the Home page.

Aug. 31, 2005 - EQ Fan Art
"Christian Bale as Preston" by AlphonseCapone

Aug. 30 - Site Update
New Equilibrium Wallpaper

This background by Cleric Wilkinson has been added to the site's Wallpapers page

Aug. 28 - On the Boards
May Payne 2 Gun Kata MOD

kengou wrote: EQ gunkatas v1.01 came out recently. here
(NOTE - the link to this download has was removed on Oct. 9 due to piracy and fraud. See here)

It's really fun, and has a bunch of different gun kata moves. Unlike the CttT mod, you can actually hit enemies with these moves. You have 8 different techniques, each for different directions, so you can use some strategy when aiming for people.

(Note - This is different than the Hall of Mirrors MOD.)

Comment on the Boards

Aug. 24, 2005 - UV Production Art
More UltraViolet Production Art @ Static Line Productions

Posted by JenGe: "I know you guys really want news about the actual film but I don't have any. I did find [this] though the other day on Mark Bristol's site..."

Aug. 22 - Updates Resume!!
CanMag's Review of Aeon Flux Trailer Plugs EQ

The following was stated in CanMag.com's review for the new Aeon Flux Trailer...

"I also like how the film reminds me a lot of Equilibrium, which is a great movie in its own right. If you have not seen Equilibrium starring Christian Bale, do yourself a favor and go out and rent it. But, back to the movie at hand, Aeon Flux definitely has a slightly more clean look than Equilibrium had, which is also fine by me." see full review...
Thanks to Aikido Al for posting this on the Boards ...

Aug. 12 - NOTICE!!
Updates Suspended

Due to the fact that I am in the process of moving updates and additions to the site will be suspended for a week or two.  For any current information please see the site's Message Board

Aug. 9 - Site Update
Equilibrium Center Updated

Serveral items of information relating to the Hall of Mirrors MOD and Cast/Crew projects have been updated on the Equilibrium Center page

Aug. 8 - Site Update
Equilibrium Music Video by Kristin

The following has been added on the Fan Videos, Music, & Films page...

On the boards Kristin1228 wrote:

I just made a music video for Equilibrium. Living in a cold, futuristic world where emotions are forbidden and kept dormant through the use of drugs, John Preston's feelings are awakened after missing his usual dose. This video features Preston's conquest to overthrow the regime and come to term with his own feelings.

Aug. 5 - On the Boards
PSP Includes Equilibrium on its List of Movie Titles

Equilibrium is among the soon to be released films for the new Playstation Portable in UMD format (Universal Media Disk.) The release date is set for September 1.

(A special thanks to FabioQelDroma for the info.)

Comment on the Boards

Aug. 4 - Site Update: New Link
On the Web: User Reviews @ Rotten Tomatoes = Fresh

A link to the User Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes for Equilibrium has been added to The Nethers.  Currently with 87 reviews 82% of them are "Fresh."

Other User Reviews on the Web

Aug. 2 - Site Feature
Equilibrium Fansite Newsletter - August 2005

The August newsletter has been sent out...

Dear Equilibrium Fans,

It has been several months since I have been able to send out the site newsletter due to a recent glitch in the Proboards system. This current one will only go out to those who have validated their email addresses on the boards since the upgrade in May. My apologies for the inconvenience. - JenGe

Entire Newsletter 

Jul. 30 - Equilibrium Behind the Scenes
Eighth Production Video Download Added

The following has been added to the site...

#8  On the Set with Christian Bale: Blocking and camera placement for the gun butt sequence.

Download WMV file (20.9M) here 

Download Original VOB file (113M) here

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Jul. 28 - New Equilibrium Download
Gun Kata Ring Tone created by Cleric Deckard

The followning has been added to the site's Moble page...

"I took the music from the fight between Preston and Dupont and turned into a file small enough to use as a ring tone on a cell phone."  - Cleric Deckard

For comments or questions see the message board here

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Jul. 26 - New Equilibrium Pictures
Equilibrium Production Stills: Set 14

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Jul. 23 - On the Boards
New V for Vendetta Trailer Uses Equilibrium Music

Posted by Cleric Deckard - The trailer for "V for Vendetta" is up at the official site. I have the mini-series and believe me, it seems like America is getting closer to the world shown in the comic.

One thing, you may recognize the music in the trailer


Jul. 21 - Link Correction
Equilibrium Stories @ FanFiction.net

The link on the site's Fan Fiction page to the collection of EQ related writings at Fanfiction.net has been updated.

Jul. 20 - New Graphics
2 New Equilibrium Banners by ClericWilkinson

Jul. 17 - New Fan Downloads
3 New Fan Created Films/Trailers

The following have been added to the Equilibrium Fan Videos/Films page...

Jul. 13 - Equilibrium Fan Fiction
Immune - Chapter 12 by Judas Austin

"Did you do that?" a Resistance fighter demanded, gesturing angrily in the direction of the two prostrate rebels.

Kevin looked from the newcomer to the two he'd downed—one who was currently shrieking in agony and one who would never shriek again—to the guns he was holding and then back to the Resistance fighter before saying, "No."

Read more

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Jul. 11 - Link Addition

On the Web: Fan Flash Film - The Hallway by Azuis

The following has been added to the site's Fan Videos, Music, & Films page...

This is something I made in tribute to a great but rather widely unheard of movie called Equilibrium. In this version - the Prozium Version - I had originally planned to be reading a poem which is prevalent in the movie as the background but the gunfire drowns me out so I just decided to go with silence. - Azuis

Jul. 10 - Site Update

Off-site Equilibrium Gallery Links Updated

The following links on the Galleries Page have been updated or removed...

Removed due to unavailability...
  • Fan Page with 491 Captures
  • Sean Bean EQ Captures
    @ Full of Beans

Jul. 8 - Equilibrium MOD

PC Gamers UK: Hall of Mirrors Article

An article for PC Gamers UK about the creation of the Hall of Mirrors MOD has been scanned and linked on the boards here

Jul. 6 - New Equilibrium Pictures
Equilibrium Production Stills: Set 13

Also see Equilibrium Screen Captures  Other Image Galleries

Jul. 3 - On the Boards
Hall of Mirrors: Take 2

Rico Wrote:
With work on our first release almost coming to a close I have had some time on my hands to start experimenting once again and come up with new stuff.

Some of you may have already gotten a small taste of it in the suggestions thread. Here, I'll be posting a preview of what you might see in the next version. It'll be updated with each new development.

Jul. 1 - New EQ Music Mix

Added to the Site: Family by U.E.D

The following has been added to the site...

On the boards AlphonseCapone wrote:

Its here!
But... don't get too excited
Its my first attempt on it
Universal Equilibrium Device - Family

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