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2004 Jul. - Aug.

This section of the site archives past news & updates from the Home page.

  • Aug. 30

Hall Of Mirrors CDC @ Levels4You.com - Mr. A & his team have created a place to keep everyone up to date & informed about their Hall of Mirrors - a Max Payne 2 mod.  Be sure to check out some of their screen captures.  Here's a peek..

  • Aug 29 - "Trivia" Additions - I realize that the following are common knowledge among Equilibrium fans but figured it was time to add them to the "Trivia" section on the Libria page...

  • Aug. 28 - Equilibrium on TV - September Airing Dates & Times (USA) - (Info from TV-now.com)
Thu  Sep  2  06:25A on Showtime Women
Thu Sep 2 03:40P on Showtime Women
Fri Sep 3 02:15A on Showtime Women
Sat Sep 4 11:35A on Showtime
Tue Sep 7 02:05P on Showtime Women
Wed Sep 15 01:10P on Showtime Women
Thu Sep 16 09:00P on Showtime
Sun Sep 19 09:00A on Showtime
Mon Sep 20 09:00P on Showtime Women
Fri Sep 24 07:00A on Showtime Women
Tue Sep 28 07:00P on Showtime
Wed Sep 29 05:45A on Showtime

  • Aug. 26 - New Page - Equilibrium Avatars, Icons, & Sigs - This page is a collection of pictures & images created by various Equilibrium fans.  Also included is an EQ "owned" image.  Please feel free to use them message boards. (Thanks to DeadCleric & KSC2-303)

  • Aug. 23 - Notice of Forum Addition - Even though this new forum is closed to the general public I just wanted all of the Equilibrium fans to be aware of it.  I have given MisterAnderson & his team a place to work on their Hall of Mirrors - a Max Payne 2 mod.  If you want to keep updated on their progress please see their thread here

by Father

by Akimbo

You know this thread has given me an idea...we have pages for wallpapersgifs, maybe I should make a page with generic Equilibrium signatures that people could use. Ones that people could add their own names to or use as is. &

If you wish to contribute to this soon to be created page please e-mail your artwork to eqfansite@aol.com or post on the message board here 

  • Aug. 12 - Equilibrium On UK's Sky TV
    • Aug. 13, 22:00 (Friday)
    • Aug. 21, 22:15 (Saturday)
    • Aug. 25, 20:30 (Wednesday)

  • Aug. 11 - 7 Equilibrium Stills Used in the USA Added - Not really sure how I overlooked adding these to the site before but the omission has been corrected.  Also note that due to the ever growing collection a second page has been created.

  • Aug. 10 - The following has been added to the "Trivia" section on the Libria page...

Preston uses the underhanded fighting style of Zatoichi, the blind swordsman. ( see Kurt Wimmer's DVD Commentary, Chapter 10 )

  • Aug. 7 - Various Updates Around the Site...
    • On the UltraViolet page...
      • Status changed from "filming" to "post-production."
      • Added...UV's Cast & Crew @ IMDb - IMDb has been keeping their "Cast & Crew" listing for Ultraviolet updated.  To see the latest additions check here
    • On the Cleric's page...
      • The "Articles & Interviews" section on this page has been removed & can now be found on its own page here

  • Aug. 4 - Well, I was unable to finish the pages today like I had hoped but I should be done with them tomorrow for sure.  In the mean time here is a teaser frame... (Also my gratitude to Steve Werblun for sharing these with us!!)

  • Aug. 2 - I realized the other day that I had forgotten to add one of the graphics created by Resistance member, Father when I updated the fan items.  This has been corrected and his animation of Preston can now be found on the EQ GIF's page...

  • Jul. 31
    • Equilibrium on TV this weekend
      • UK - Sky TV - Sun. Aug. 1 - 20:00
    • This morning I discovered several more pages missing from the site AGAIN, so I will be spending the day recovering them.  If you stumble upon anything "blank" please check back later.

After a prolonged closure/absence the boards are up and running with a major new storyline about to hit!!!

Old Members and New welcomed! Please stop by!


  • Jul. 26 - Due to recent server difficulties I have been unable to update the site.  Now that my controls are back again I well be resuming the additions to the site and am currently working on 11 more images from Digital Firepower.  I should have them completed sometime tomorrow if all continues to work well. - JenGe

  • Jul. 23 - The following was added to the"Trivia" section on Libria page...

In the church scene, Partridge is really thumbing through and reading Sylvia Plath's poetry--not Yeats.'  We always see him holding the book, "The Poetry of William Butler Yeats," but if you pause the film where it does a close up on the pages, he is reading two long poems by Sylvia Plath: "The Detective" and "The Bee Meeting."

(Thanks to Bane Wulfe for spotting this!! See message board thread Mistaken Poetry! Yeats vs. Sylvia Plath)

"This time it's the action music. Since it's narrowed down to 4 instrunemt playing at the same time on certain phones, that is the format I have used, hence the quality isn't that good. But at least you can hear where it's from" - AlphonseCapone

For instructions, comments or questions see the message board here 

  • Jul. 18 - Equilibrium Fan Poetry Updated - I am always amazed at the beautiful verses which inspired fans of Equilibrium create.  It is pure pleasure to add their work to the site!!  A heartfelt thanks to Libby, MaWa, Cleric Wolf, & Esther Paisante!!

  • Jul 14 - Sense Offense Page Redesign Completed - Since the site's fan collection is ever growing it became necessary to rework this page to keep everything better organized.  I will be spending the next several days updating some of the auxiliary pages.

  • Jul 3 - Mortal Thoughts - Fan Fiction by Libby - Finally after days of repairing the site I get to return to my favorite task...adding new content and I am more than pleased that it happens to be a brand new Equilibrium fan fiction by Libby... Comments

  • Jul 2 - In an attempt to take my mind off of the current website dilemmas I have slightly updated the look of the Message Board.
  • Jul 1 - Discovered more missing pages & sections of the site yesterday & I am again working on fixing the problem.

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