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Equilibrium Fansite News Archive
2005 Jan. - Feb.

This section of the site archives past news & updates from the Home page.

Feb. 28 - Website Updates
New Link and Trivia Added

The following have been added to the site...

  • In the "Articles" Collection - Atlanta ComiCon Article: 2003 - "AtlantaCon and Chud.com teamed up to present a special screening of "Equilibrium" and a Q&A session with writer/director, Kurt Wimmer..."
  • Under Trivia on the Libria page - "The injector unit has a function on it which detects the presence of human hemoglobin. On Partridge's unit it states 'human hemoglobin detected' and 'deployment confirmed.'"  (thanks to Queenie & Libby for spotting this)

Feb. 27 - EQ Calendar
Equilibrium Movie Airing Times This Week

UK  (thanks to Beefie)

Sat  Mar 5  20:30P on Sky Movies 7

USA (Thanks to TV-now.com)

Mon  Feb 28  01:00A on Showtime #2
Tue  Mar  1  06:55A on Showtime Women
Tue  Mar  1  03:55P on Showtime Women
Sat  Mar  5  06:00P on TMC Movie Channel
Sun  Mar  6  10:30A on TMC Xtra

Feb. 25 - Site Changes
NOTICE: New Download Host

All on-site downloads are being moved off of the Freewebs server and on to Streamload.  This should fix the "throttle" problem that Freewebs places on them and will significantly reduce download time.  If at any time you receive an error message while attempting to download please check back later. (Comments)

Feb. 23 - Bale is Batman
Christian Bale comments on EQ's Director

Bale made the following comment at WonderCon (thanks to gapeach1939 for posting this on the boards...)

"One fan asked if Bale had ever imagined he would be playing a super hero considering all of his darker roles. Bale said that he never would have thought it would happen and that a bizarre bet even came up about it. "'Equilibrium' director Kurt Wimmer once told me I would one day play Batman." Bale told Wimmer that he would bet him $500 dollars that he wouldn't and it would be the easiest money he ever made. He lost and now he has become the new Bat hope."

see Complete Article  Comment on the Boards...

Feb. 22 - New Equilibrium Pictures
Equilibrium Production Stills - Set 7

Also see Equilibrium Screen Captures  Other Image Galleries

Feb. 20 - EQ Calendar
Equilibrium Movie Airing Times This Week

USA (Thanks to TV-now.com)

Tue  Feb 22  06:00P on Showtime

Feb. 19 - Equilibrium Fan Fiction
Immune - Chapter 8 by Judas Austin

Kevin found himself staring down a pair of twin pistols. He tried to swallow in a suddenly dry throat. If he was going to end it, he wanted to do so on his terms, not the terms of some bastard Cleric.

Read more here

see also More Equilibrium Fan Fic  Comments

 Feb. 17 - On the Boards
New Equilibrium MOD & Gamers Forum

JenGe wrote : Well, Rico asked me to create another private board so that his team could ask some people to assist in testing the new MOD ... but I thought it was time that the MOD had a public board of its own. This way the MOD team & those eager for it can communicate here if they wish.

I will also be moving other game related threads into this forum that are not directly related to the MOD such as the recent one about Devil May Cry 3 and 100 Bullets. Enjoy...

Feb. 16 - Equilibrium MOD Update
Two More Screenshots for the EQ MOD

On The Boards: Rico wrote - Media update - Cleric duels!

Plenty more to come! I have around 50 new screenshots showing some new stuff we haven't even told you about yet ... see here 

Also see  Other EQ Games & Interactives

Feb. 14 - Site Update
New Equilibrium Avatars & Sigs - by Beefie & ClericWilkinson

see All New Additions  Other Equilibrium Web Graphics 

Feb. 13 - EQ Calendar
Equilibrium Movie Airing Times This Week

USA (Thanks to TV-now.com)

Tue  Feb 15  04:30P on Showtime #2
Thu  Feb 17  04:00P on Showtime
Fri  Feb 18  03:30P on Showtime #2

Canada (see TMN.ca)

Tue  Feb  15  06:15A (EST) on M
Tue  Feb  15  02:30P (EST) on MFun
Tue  Feb  15  11:45P (EST) on MExcess

Feb. 11 - New EQ Download
Behind the Scenes: Equilibrium Production Video #2

The following has been posted on the message board...

Equilibrium Production Video 2 
Warehouse Blocking/Practice with Kurt Wimmer, Jim Vickers, Mike Smith, & others
(if the download drops just try again!!)

Download WMV file (26.8M) here ---
(note that this version is slightly off sync)

Download Original VOB file (146M) here --- 

Also see  EQ Production Video #1  Other Downloads

Feb. 10 - Info Added
Equilibrium Center Updated

The following has been included under "Klaus Badelt"...

Feb. 8 - Site Update
New Equilibrium Fan Art

by Alice

Equilibrium Fan Art

Feb. 6 - EQ Calendar
Equilibrium Movie Airing Times This Week

UK  (thanks to Beefie)

Sun  Feb 13  20:00P on Sky Movies 1

USA (Thanks to TV-now.com)

Fri  Feb 11  12:15P on Showtime
Sun  Feb 13  02:00A on Showtime #2

Canada (see TMN.ca)

Mon  Feb  7  03:15A (EST) on M
Mon  Feb  7  07:45 (EST) on MFun
Mon  Feb  7  05:00P (EST) on MExcess
Fri  Feb  11  02:35A (EST) on MExcess
Fri  Feb  11  07:45A (EST) on MExcess
Fri  Feb  11  05:00P (EST) on M

Feb. 5 - Site Addition
Link Added: Guns of Equilibrium by Mad Ogre

The following has been added to the site's Gun Kata page...

Guns of Equilibrium  - Take a look at Mad Ogre's detailed article about the guns used in Equilibrium and their modifications.

Feb. 3 - Site Feature
Equilibrium Fansite Newsletter - Feb. 2005

February's newsletter has been sent out...

Dear Equilibrium Fans,

February marks the second year since the site was created.  What began as a minor attempt to assist the film has become a full fledge hobby, community, and obsession.  I never really envisioned that two years later I would still be working on the site and enjoying every minute of it.  In January I added not only more stills but also a 6 minute download of behind the scenes footage from the production.  It is because of your support that this is so rewarding for me.  Thank you!!  Also don't miss below an opportunity to add your talent to the soon to be released Equilibrium MOD: Hall of Mirrors - JenGe

Entire Newsletter  Join Board to Receive Site Newsletter

Feb. 2 - Equilibrium MOD Competition
Rico Extends Deadline to Feb. 10

Rico wrote: Competition was extended to Feb. 10 due to technical problems in one of the servers storing some of the submissions on another forum. I wanted to give people a fair chance to resubmit their creations before the deadline was over.

Hope you use the time wisely. 

Submit here or through my email address.

For more info see here

Feb. 1 - New Equilibrium Pictures
Equilibrium Production Stills - Set 6

Also see Equilibrium Screen Captures  Other Image Galleries

Jan. 30 - EQ Calendar
Equilibrium Movie Airing Times This Week

UK  (thanks to Beefie)

Mon  Jan 31  23:00P on Sky Movies 3

USA (Thanks to TV-now.com)

Wed  Feb  2  01:15P on Showtime #2
Wed  Feb  2  11:00P on Showtime #2
Sun  Feb  6  03:00P on Showtime #2

Canada (see TMN.ca)

Thu  Feb  3  09:35A (EST) on M
Thu  Feb  3  06:00P (EST) on MExcess
Thu  Feb  3  01:00A (EST) on MFun

Jan. 29 - EQ News
Director Uwe Boll Mentions Equilibrium

Uwe Boll, the director of Alone in the Dark, discusses Equilibrium's influence in his new film...

...I love stuff like the shoot-out in the loft where you see only the muzzle flashes is basically an homage to Equilibrium with Christian Bale where you have something like this. Here's the thing, I always try to, [if you] say it negative, I steal from other movies, but on the other hand, I think I try to bring some elements in the movies so that it's not going from the first minute to the last minute in the same style or in the same mood. I think with Alone in the Dark, we have horror, we have action, we have a little thriller element, we have a few [different] elements coming together.

see Interview @ IGNFF  Discuss on the Boards

Jan. 28 - Site Update
Quote Addition to Gun Kata Page

The following  has been added to the Gun Kata page...

From an Interview with Kurt Wimmer @ CHUD.com

What I based the Grammaton Clerics on was sort of a cross-section of a number of the aesthetic warriorhoods that existed throughout history like the mamluks who were slave warriors and were often castrated, which is not to say they felt nothing, but there were certainly some things they didn't feel. They certainly had an altered emotional state and the Knights Templar, the Teutonic knights you know, people who had taken an aesthetic religious vow and are really, purely "Warriors of God." Most relevantly, of course, are the samurai and their Bushido code. Obviously, the samurai were required at a moment's notice to commit seppuku if the shogun ordered it and in order to do that, you have to have a certain dispassionate take, I believe, on the material world. You'd have to assume that these people looked at their weapons as essential and integral tools of the trade.


Jan. 26 - Working On
Behind the Scenes Production Video for Equilibrium

This is still a work in progress so it will be sometime before they are an official part of the site.  For those who are interested or have a knowledge of the subject my first attempt at a downloadable video file can be found on the message board - Working on Production Videos...  It is a five minute rough blocking for one of the nether sequences with Jim Vickers.  He is being directed through the action by Kurt Wimmer.

Also see  Other Equilibrium Related Downloads

Jan. 24 - New Site Page: Banners & Buttons
10 New Equilibrium Banners by Cleric Wilkinson

A new page has been created for the site to hold not only the banners & buttons already created to support it but also to add ten superb images by Cleric Wilkinson...

Also see  Equilibrium Avatars, Sigs, & Icons

Jan. 23 - EQ Calendar
Equilibrium Movie Airing Times This Week

USA (Thanks to TV-now.com)

Mon Jan 24 08:50A on TMC Xtra
Mon Jan 24 04:55A on TMC Xtra
Thu Jan 27 10:45A on TMC Xtra
Thu Jan 27 07:00P on TMC Xtra
Fri Jan 28 04:15A on TMC Xtra
Sat Jan 29 12:35P on TMC Movie Channel
Sun Jan 30 08:45A on Showtime Beyond

Jan. 21 - New Equilibrium Pictures 
Equilibrium Production Stills - Set 5

20 more Equilibrium images have been added to the site's Stills & Image Gallery. More to come.

Jan. 19 - Equilibrium MOD Update
Hall of Mirrors - Gameplay Video

Rico wrote: As promised, here's more of the video media I was talking about. This is actually a gameplay video I recorded on one of my playthroughs recently.

It shows a few of the moves in action, not all of them though...

get download link here 

Jan. 18 - Equilibrium Fan Fic
Immune - Chapter 7 by Judas Austin

Kevin didn't answer. His brain seemed to have shut down. He vaguely remembered DuPont saying something about corrupting a member of the Council, but he hadn't paid any real attention to it. He supposed it was because he was so used to the idea of Barrett being a sense offender that he tended to forget that other people didn't or weren't supposed to know.

Read more here

see also More Equilibrium Fan Fic  Comments

Jan. 16 - EQ Calendar
Equilibrium Movie Airing Times This Week

UK  (thanks to Beefie)

Sun  Jan 23  02:55A on Sky Movies 5

USA (Thanks to TV-now.com)

Mon  Jan 17  04:35P on TMC Movie Channel
Thu  Jan 20  08:35A on TMC Movie Channel
Thu  Jan 20  08:00P on TMC Movie Channel
Sat  Jan 22  08:45A on Showtime Beyond
Sat  Jan 22  03:15P on Showtime Beyond

Jan. 15 - Site Updates Resume
11 New Equilibrium Wallpapers

Equilibrium Wallpaper

EQ Wallpaper

EQ Wallpaper

EQ Wallpaper

see more   Equilibrium Backgrounds here

Jan. 10 - Notice!!
Site Updates Suspended

Due to current weather related problems in my immediate area all updates to the site will be suspended for the time being.  I hope to resume as soon as I am able to.  For the most recent information please see the following thread on the message board... I'm Stranded

Jan. 9 - EQ Calendar
Equilibrium Movie Airing Times This Week

UK  (thanks to Beefie)

Thu  Jan 13  22:10P on Sky Movies 7

USA (Thanks to TV-now.com)

Mon  Jan 10  05:05P on Showtime Beyond
Thu  Jan 13  11:00A on Showtime Beyond
Thu  Jan 13  10:00P on Showtime Beyond
Fri  Jan 14  04:30A on Showtime Beyond

Jan. 7 - 20 New Pictures
Equilibrium Production Stills - Set 4

20 more Equilibrium pictures have been added to the site's Stills & Image Gallery. More to come.

Jan. 5 - Site Feature
Equilibrium Fansite Newsletter - Jan. 2005

January's newsletter was sent out this morning...
2004 has been a monumental year for the site. We passed the 1000 member mark on the message board and dramatically increased the content thanks to fans as well as those who worked on the film. I am constantly amazed at what people contribute. Already though 2005 looks to surpass last year as submissions continue at a steady pace, constantly keeping me busy. To those of you who add to the boards & the site my gratitude is ever yours!! - JenGe

Jan. 4 - MOD Update
Hall of Mirrors Teaser Clip

Rico wrote:  Small update, the video media I promised is here. There will be more released in the future quite possibly, but here's something you can use for the trailer (this is also your first look at the mod in action!)

Here's the first promotional video for HoM. It's a simple gameplay clip showing off some gun-kata...read more & see clip

 Equilibrium Center page has been updated

Jan. 3 - Site Update
New Equilibrium Fan Art

Equilibrium Fan Art

by Stephen Torreno

by Harribo

Jan. 2 - EQ Calendar
Equilibrium Movie Airing Times This Week

UK  (thanks to Beefie & Max)

Wed  Jan 5  20:30P on Sky Movies 7
Sun  Jan 9  21:45P Sky Movies 5

USA (Thanks to TV-now.com & ClericMatthius)

Mon  Jan 3  06:15A on TMC Xtra
Mon  Jan 3  03:35P on TMC Xtra
Fri  Jan  7  06:40A on Showtime Beyond
Fri  Jan  7  01:15P on Showtime Beyond
Fri  Jan  7  11:15P on Showtime Beyond
Sat  Jan 8  07:00P on TMC Xtra
Sun  Jan  9  07:05A on TMC Movie Channel
Sun  Jan  9  06:00P on TMC Movie Channel

Jan. 1 - Happy New Year!!
JenGe's 2004 EQ Awards...

On the boards - Welcome to my second annual EQ awards. As with my picks last year remember these are just my personal opinion. Please feel free to disagree or add your own. (note - mine are based on USA release dates)

Gun Kata Award: EQ-like use of firearms

Darkroom Fight Award

Door Surfing Award
I, Robot

Yeats Award: Most memorable use of poetry
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Iris Portal Award: eyeball close-up
Phantom of the Opera

See Complete 2004 List  2003 Picks

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