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Equilibrium Fansite News Archive
2004 Jan. - Feb.

This section of the site archives past news & updates from the Home page.

  • Feb. 29 - Two more of Mallory's writings have been added to the site's Equilibrium Fan Poetry page...
  • Feb. 27
    • Thanks to Resistance member KungFuDj it has been discovered that The Sun, A Hong Kong paper, has printed several new UV Images.  (comment here... )

    • Feb. 25 - 4 new images from Equilibrium's Official French Website have been added to the Stills Gallery.
    • Feb. 24 - Site changes & additions...
      • Links to the fan page, Perfect Geometry of Death, have been added to the EC-10 & Nethers pages.  Don't miss their incredible Equilibrium screen captures collection with 491 images & film transcript!!
      • The two links to Grammatoncleric.com on the Nethers & the Gun Kata pages have been disabled due to the site currently being off line.
    • Feb. 22 - A scan for the region 4 DVD (Rental - Australia/New Zealand) has been added to the EC-10 page...(Thanks to Max for the scan!!)

    • Feb. 18
      • Yesterday's fan fiction by Libby, Of Night & Light, has been completed.
      • Check out the new EQ Chat started by Resistance member CruisIn...see discussion...EQ Chat Anyone??...
    • Feb. 17 - Due to technical difficulties I have been only able to complete the first section of Libby's new fan fiction, Of Night & Light, today.  I hope to get the rest on site sometime tomorrow. (thanks Libby!!)

    • Feb. 16 - Equilibrium is listed in this week's Best Buy ad under "Miramax Hits & Winners."  See here... (thanks to corinthian for spotting it & posting it on the board!!)
    • Feb. 15 - A link to The UltraViolet page @ MillaJ.com has been add to the site's UV Page...
    • Feb. 14 - 14 more wallpapers have been added to the Backgrounds page.  Thanks to corinthian, ProziumAbuser, Father, & Echidna for sharing their talents.

    • Feb. 13 - Taking Sides - Chapter 17 Completed
    • Feb. 11 - Two more chapters of the second Commentary have been completed...
    • Feb. 10 - The Sense Offense page has been updated...
      • The following Music Videos by MaWa added (these are direct download links)
        • Nightmares - set to "We are the dead" by Ulver - "It's not an action video. I tried to do my best to show what's happening in Preston's tortured soul. I tried to show him as a man surrounded by death."
        • Touch of Love - "As a musical score I used here a fragment of a track called "Ecce axis mundi ars magna et ultima" by Profanum." (thanks to MaWa for her patience!!)
      • A link to the new Equilibrium Fan Poetry page has FINALLY been added!!
    • Feb. 9 - The site's Ultraviolet page & Equilibrium Center have been updated... 
      • Kurt Wimmer's letter to the fans has been added. 
      • New are several images from MillaNews.com & comments from Milla about her training.  (a heartfelt thanks & lots of hugs to Roby at MillaNews for allowing me to add this stuff to the site!!)
      • Some film facts to the Ultraviolet page.
    • Feb. 8 - As Kurt Wimmer begins filming on his new movie Ultraviolet in just a few hours, he has sent the fans of EQ the following letter...(comment here...)

    To Jen and all the fans of Equilibrium,

    after the release of EQ I had to wonder whether I would ever see another day fulfilling my life's ambition as a director on a film set again. Or if, in fact, as it appeared, the thing that I wanted most in life would now be forever out of my reach. Well, by the grace of God, in a few hours, barring disaster, I will step onto a set once more. I cannot predict the outcome on any level. I can only say that it was extraordinarily hard getting to this point and that there is no doubt that this is far and away in terms of scope, the most ambitious film of this budget to ever be made, and that the odds are definitely not in my favor. But Jen, the kind words of fans of EQ like yourself have buoyed my spirits and given me the strength to fight my way back to this point. From the bottom of my heart, thanks. I will endeavor to pay you back in the only way I know how - by making the best film I can. UltraViolet begins in 10 hours.

    Your fan, Kurt 

    • Feb. 7 - To keep the site's Message Board optimized two new forums have been created and corresponding threads moved...
      • Gun Kata - In depth analysis & application of Gun Kata as well as the film's weaponry & action.
      • Freedom Reading Room - Subjects that are either rhetorical or have become redundant are found on this board. You are at Liberty to read or not.
    • Feb. 6 - NEW SITE PAGE - Equilibrium Fan Poetry - A very special thanks to Mallory, Libby, MaWa, & ClericRiff for their work.  I'll be adding a link to this on the Sense Offense page later today.
    • Feb 4. - 17 new images are now in the Screen Captures Gallery.  A Very special thanks to Libby, Corinthian, Shamus, & Advari for grabbing these!!

    • Feb. 3. The following has been added to the "Trivia" section on the Libria page...

    Alternate Titles for Equilibrium

      • Librium (original & working title) - Had to be changed due to the existence of an actual drug by that name.
      • Rebellion (Japanese title)
      • Cubic (Scandinavian Title) - see Cubic DVD page
      • Other Considered Titles (not used)


    • Feb. 2 - It's begun...round two...

    Kurt Wimmer
    & Lucas Foster
    Transcription by Max 


    • Feb. 1 - A new section about the training in Equilibrium has been added to the Gun Kata page & includes the following statements...

    Once Bale took the role, he also went into physical training. John Preston is one of Libria's most skilled martial artists - a master of Kendo and of Libria's special "Gun-Kata," Wimmer's innovative fighting form that merges Westerstyle gunplay with an Eastern Karate sensibility. Bale worked closely with stunt coordinator Jim Vickers to get a crash-course in the Japanese fighting arts as well as the Zen of handling multiple guns simultaneously.

    "There are some really amazing choreographed action sequences in the film," Bale points out, "and I wanted to be ready. Although I studied martial arts for 'American Psycho,' I needed more training for the kind of big-scale Kendo fights in EQUILIBRIUM. I took an eight-week course in Judo, and I so enjoyed it, that I look forward to doing more action roles."

    Adds Wimmer: "We were immensely lucky to discover that Christian is a gifted athlete. He has the ability of a trained dancer to remember choreography instantly and I honestly believe that he made the action scenes in this film work as no one else could have." - Equilibrium's Production Notes

    • Jan. 28 - Transcripts of the first commentary on the DVD with writer/director Kurt Wimmer have been completed...whew!!  These are the chapters added to the site today...
    • Jan. 27 - Chapter clarifications have been made to the Korean DVD page.
    • Jan. 26 - UK's Sky Box Office with be showing Equilibrium this week on Wednesday, January 28 through Saturday, January 31. (a very special thanks to Resistance member Libby for the information & the link!!)
    • Jan. 25 - Links to the new DVD Commentary page have been added to other pages throughout the site.
    • Jan. 24 - Two more commentary chapters...
    • Jan. 22 - According to IMDb, Equilibrium will be showing on January 25 at the Grafton-Stovall Theater in Harrisonburg, VA...7pm.  Discussion & information on the message board...OMG!!! EQ in a theater??
    • Jan. 21 - More commentary chapters added...
    • Jan. 20 - Due to connection problems yesterday & today I have only been able to work on & complete one chapter ...
    • Jan. 18 - New commentary chapters...
    • Jan. 17 - Just completed...
    • Jan. 16 - Since I just realized I've been working on the wrong commentary chapter all day, the update will be postponed until tomorrow.  I am now going to go lay down & place ice on my aching "code" head.
    • Jan. 15 - Transcript # 6. Existence And Purpose done by Libby is now on site.  Also a very special thanks to her for getting me the "wall" screenshots as well.
    • Jan. 14 - New transcript chapters completed...
    • Jan. 12 - The following have been added to the new DVD Commentary Transcripts section of the site...
    • Jan. 11 - Whew!!  Finally got this off the ground...

    Image thanks to Advari

    Chapter 1. Man's Inhumanity to Man with writer/director Kurt Wimmer is now on site.  Several more will be added tomorrow.  Againy heartfelt thanks to all who are helping me get this done!!
    - JenGe


    • Jan. 4 - The seasonal EQ-Cards have been replaced by three wallpapers from the site.
    • Jan. 3 - Five more wallpapers have been added to the Backgrounds page.  (A very special thinks to Father, ClericWolf, KareBear & Spider.007 for their contributions to the site!!)

    (Note - to optimize this section of the site a second page has been created.)

    • Jan. 1 - Happy 2004 Everyone!!  Just posted on the board... 

    Jen's 2003 EQ Awards... 

    Favorite use of two shotguns - The Rock in The Rundown
    Favorite face slice - Underworld
    Most riveting action - Return of the King
    Most EQ-like use of a Katana - Last Samurai - street fight

    See if you agree or disagree with some of my other picks here...

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