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Equilibrium Fansite News Archive
2003 Feb. - Mar.

This section of the site archives past news & updates from the Home page.

  • Mar. 31 - New stills have been added to the Libria page in a slideshow format.  Later this week they will be included with the other images in the galleries and current cropped images will be available in their entirety.
  • Mar. 30 - I realized this morning that a link to the Equilibrium site @ UK Sci/Fi was not on any of my main pages.  The omission has been corrected and it now can be found at the top of the EC-10 page.
  • Mar. 29 - Since there has been interest in the Acrobat (pdf) format of the Production Notes, I have added a link to it with the HTML version that was already on the ClericsMessage Board as well as Roy for e-mailing it to me a few weeks ago.) page. (Thanks to Spider Al for posting it on the
  • Mar. 28
    • Since the issue of Empire with the article about Gun Kata is now off the shelf I have added it to the listings of articles on the Clerics page.  You can also find it here...Kung Fu: New & Improved...
    • The page created indexing Wimmer's comments on the CHUD Message Boards has been included with links of his interviews also on the Clerics page.
    • BBC now has EQ's UK trailer with sound.  I have changed the links on the EC-10 page to reflect this.
  • Mar. 27 - A collection of avatars has been added to the EC-10 & Gun Kata pages (same set).  They have been placed near the bottom of both pages to permit extra loading time.  I would personally like to thank Cux and Roy for creating them as well as allowing me to include them on the site. - Jen
  • Mar. 26
    • The first post on the EQ Calender thread will now list upcoming events by date.  Following messages on it will be for further information, discussion, & questions.  Please add any information you may have there.
    • Mar. 28-30 - A showing of EQ will be held during I-Con 22 @ Stony Brook University, NY (time?) More info here ...
    • Coming Soon - A new slideshow with character stills.
  • Mar. 25
    • Equilibrium will be playing this Friday, Saturday, & Sunday at the Tate Center at UGA in Athens, GA.  For more info see Kingdaywalker's post on the Calendar thread...
    • An animated "muzzle flash" graphic has been added to the "Trivia" section on the Libria page. (thanks to Roy for the images)
    • CHUD has returned to us so the links from the new page created yesterday should now work.
  • Mar. 24 - Whew...this one has actually taken me weeks to finally finish. I have indexed Kurt Wimmer's comments about EQ from the CHUD message boards. So now, instead of searching through that monstrous thread, you can just click on one of the links here...
  • Mar. 23
    • A conceptual art image from the film is now on the Gun Kata page.  I have also created a wallpaper version for your computer.  Enjoy.
  • Mar. 22
    • UK Trailer!!! - Since BBC has decided to take down the trailer for EQ,  it has been added to the EC-10 page.( hugs & kisses to nouseforaname for finding it)
    • Equilibrium's UK box office for the week of March 14-20 is $1,265,659 with a per-screen average of $4,335.  Way to go UK!!! (thanks to AgentPat @ IMDb)
  • Mar. 21
    • I had to take evasive action yesterday and create a new Message Board because the old one was deleting posts (300 max).  Come and check out the new one with better features and no pop-ups. (thanks to BMaloney & Xyon)
    • I have also made a "Portal" page through the Resistance link that will have access to both the new and old message boards during the transition.
  • Mar. 20
    • The last two storyboard pages have been formatted and uploaded.  Both are from the Cathedral/Yeats segment and can be found with the others on the Storyboards page. With a total now of 16 pages, this completes all that I have. 
    • A fan related forum, Equilibrium on Morbid.tk, has been added to the discussion links in the Nethers.  See their poll and discussion - Should there be a sequel?
  • Mar. 19
    • Since I have various amounts of DVD information and graphics scattered throughout the site I felt it was due time to create a DVD page.  Note that new content has not been added, only consolidation for convince.  A link to it has been included on the EC-10 page as well as a listing on the Site Index.
    • One of EQ's UK fans, Sus, has submitted fan fiction for the site - Sense Crime. It has been added to the Sense Offense page.  A special thanks to her for sharing her talent with us.
  • Mar. 18 - Equilibrium is #4 in its UK opening weekend.  Though seemingly insignificant it actually isn't. 

    The "I told you so" factor runs deep with the fans here in the USA, generating a sense of confidence that if only this film had received a meager marketing campaign its fiscal results would have been vastly superior to its end take. read more of my commentary>>>

    Mar. 17

  • Mar. 16
    • 6 more sound clips have been added to the EC-10 page.  Included in the set are Father's Speech (which is an extremely large file) and Mary's comments about feeling.
    • Empire thread of comments and discussions by UK viewers...here>>>
  • Mar. 15
    • Check out the new UK viewer reviews at IMDb...here>>>
    • I was planning to upload some more sound bites today but since my computer has decided to declare war on me it may have to wait a few hours (or days.)  Anyway in the interim take a look at some of the graphics Roy and I are working on...in the forum>>>
  • Mar. 14
    • All eyes are on the UK...
    • nouseforname has posted the cover art for the DVD on the message board which is getting little love on CHUD's forum. So if you feel the need to create a revisionist's version please do so, email it to me, and I will include it in the fan section of the site, Sense Offense.  A very special thanks to both Matt Goldberg for the first fan cover (at right) & nouse for the official one (above).
  • Mar. 13
    • I have included a short excerpt from the Empire article about Gun Kata on the forum. It can be found here...
    • Two more terrific wallpapers have been made by Roy - Cleric...  & Not Without Incident....  Both have been added to his other multimedia creation on the EC-10 and Fan pages.
    • One more day until EQ's UK theatrical release.
    • Exactly two months before we all can get our hands on the DVD.
  • Mar. 12 - The UK Sci/Fi Channel has a somewhat official site for Equilibrium.  All I can say is, "ITS ABOUT TIME!!!"  It includes a teaser spot, an interview with Christian Bale, as well as comments by Kurt Wimmer.  Enjoy... (Note - Disney is the parent company of both Sci/Fi and Dimension Films.)
  • Mar. 11
    • CHUD.com's new magazine, Movie Insider, can now be pre-ordered.  It will include a DVD containing EQ's UK trailer.  For more info & ordering...
    • According to CHUD.com's Magazine Review, the current issue of Empire has a nice little write up about Gun Kata.  I'm now on a mission to find the magazine today...
    • A section of "Quotes & Comments" about the film's action as well as a new graphic by Roy have been included on the Gun Kata page.
  • Mar. 10
    • The Nethers now has a section of links for "Actor Fan Sites." 
    • 3 more "Cathedral" pages have been added to the Storyboards. There are now a total of 6 pages available for this scene. 
  • Mar. 9 - Father's introductory dialogue from the film can now be found on the Libria page along with a new photo. (Thanks to BMaloney for the transcript)
  • Mar. 8 - 4 new clips have been added to the Sound-Bites on the EC-10 page; Gunkata, Incident, Gladly, & Instrument.  Enjoy...
  • Mar. 7
    • 6 sound-bites from the film have been formatted for Real Player & Windows Media.  They can be found on the EC-10 page.  More coming soon... (a very special thanks to Roy)
    • Posted by ZAZU on the forum - Vote for EQ in the Anti Awards...
      • "EQ is nominated in several categories. The Anti Awards are Anti Oscars where fans vote for who/what 'really' deserves the recognition. You can vote more than once, too. Though, it's only once a day..."
  • Mar. 6
    • Roy has created a fifth collage wallpaper - "Don't Do This."  It is from the Nethers sequence of the film where Preston is caught compromised.  It is also listed with Roy's other backgrounds on the EC-10 and Fan pages.
    • Coming soon - Roy has also created audio sound-bites from the film that I am currently reformatting for the net.  I hope to have some if not all of them uploaded by tomorrow.
  • Mar. 5 - 
    • Two new items of trivia have been added to the Libria (thanks to Roy for the images) page as well as the Tetragrammaton symbol and an image of Sean Bean reading Yeats.
    • Trivia comments added to Uncompromised: A Story Based on Equilibrium by Mark Neiser.
  • Mar. 4 (evening) - DVD News sumitted by Gio -
    • According to DDD (who have it available for pre-order ), we're looking at TWO commentaries. One with Wimmer, another with Kurt and producer Lucas Foster.

      The featurette is called "Finding Equilibrium". My guess is it'll chronicle the efforts of Chewers (CHUD.com(special thanks!)
      regulars) frantically searching for once-a-day showtimes in theaters.
  • Mar. 4
    • Today the site is officially one month old. After seeing EQ the first time in December, I never could have imagined that only a few months later much of my time would be dedicated to building a website for it. This is the impact it has had not only on myself but many like me. Thank you once again Kurt Wimmer, cast, and crew for creating Equilibrium; for giving us something extraordinary disguised as mere entertainment. I must also express my appreciation to all of those who have assisted and contributed to making this site so gratifying. Your contributions and comments add character, imagination, and depth, thank you. - JenGe  (thanks to Roy for the Tetragrammaton symbol)

    • A slideshow-type screensaver has been created by Roy.  It is currently only available in PC format and can be found on EC-10 or Fan pages. (thanks to R)
    • The new produdtion/location stills have been added to the Image Gallery where full versions of those that had been cropped can be viewed.
  • Mar. 3 - 3 new storyboard pages have been added.  These are from the Cathedral/Yeats segment of the film.  You can access them through the main Storyboards page or go directly to the first page in the sequence here...
  • Mar. 2 - 5 new images from the UK Trailer have been included in the Screen Caps Gallery.  They are from the EQ page @ BBC.  Still no luck on the actual trailer.
  • Mar. 1 - New production, location, & set stills have been added as slides to the Clerics page.  A large b/w image of Wimmer and Bale has also been placed in the "Articles & Interviews" section of the same page.  All of these pictures will soon be added to the Image Gallery and will include full versions of those cropped for the slides.
  • Feb. 28 - The very first fan fiction to the site has been completed by Mark Neiser, "Uncompromised: A Story Based on Equilibrium". It can be found in the Sense Offence Collection. (special thanks to Mark)
  • Feb. 27 - Two more outstanding computer wallpapers have been created by Roy Batty - Gun KataSnow Globe Collage (right).  That brings the total of four now to choose from either on the EC-10 or Fan pages.  Enjoy!! (above) &
  • Feb. 26 - An Image Gallery has been created to index the pictures (not from the trailer) that are used on the site.  It has been included in the links on the EC-10 page.  More stills will be added to the site soon...
  • Feb. 25
  • Feb. 24
  • Feb. 23
    • A Site Index has been created to assist in navigating the pages.
    • The following theatrical release information was posted by AgentPat at IMDb (thanks)
      • United Kingdom: 3/14/03
      • Argentina: 5/31/03
      • Australia: 5/31/03
      • Austria: 5/16/03 (Title: DIE SKRUPELLOSEN)
  • Feb. 22 
    • New CHUD thread added to the "Discussion" links in the Nethers - Equilibrium UK Trailer
    • The Sense Offense section has been created for those who want to creatively express their love for the film.  If you would like to include your own work please e-mail me... (special thanks to those who've contributed so far - Leslie & Mark)
  • Feb. 21 - I have used 24 action related images to create a slide presentation on the Gun Kata page.  These pictures include new stills to the site as well as formerly posted Screen Caps.
  • Feb. 20 
  • Feb. 19 
  • Feb. 18 
    • About half of the Screen Captures have been reloaded due to a smudged appearance. They should be clearer now.
    • All five storyboard pages for the opening raid sequence of Equilibrium have been uploaded.  They begin here...  A link to other film credits by Steve Werblun has been included on the main Storyboards page.
  • Feb. 17 - Three pages of Storyboards are now available to view from the newly created section of the site which can also be navigated to through the Cleric's page (cast, crew, & production).
  • Feb. 16 - Due to the fact that CHUD.com has more than one EQ thread, there are now subcategories to its listing in the Nethers. I have also included the Rottentomatoes.com's forum to the "Discussion" links as well.
  • Feb. 15 - Another newly created fansite has been included with the other links in the Nethers. You can find it here @ Grammatoncleric.com..
  • Feb. 14 - ign.dvd.com is reporting the following specs for the DVD -
    • "the DVD will feature Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, a 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer, an audio commentary by the Director, an as-yet untitled featurette, and the films' trailer." -  (thanks to nouseforaname @ CHUD forum)
  • Feb. 13 - The Screen Captures gallery for the trailer has been completed. There are now a total of 64 images to view.
  • Feb. 12 - A link to MSN Entertainment User Reviews has been added to the Nethers.  There are currently 34 reviews there.
  • Feb. 12 - Four new images have been added to the "Main Characters" list and larger versions are but a click away. You can find them here... 
  • Feb. 11 - Comments by Kurt Wimmer on the significance of "EC-10" in the film have been added to the multimedia page. - "I see the MPAA... narrowing the bottleneck of the emotional bandwidth..." (scroll to the bottom)
  • Feb. 8 - Two more article links have been added to the Clerics page as well as teaser quotes to the others and a new production image.
  • Feb. 7 - Gun Kata - new page added which includes info and links about the film's action as well as Kurt Wimmer's comments on his cameos.
  • Feb. 5 - Dominic Purcell of Fox’s John Doe has been added to the cast list as well as comments and an EQ image to the Trivia section.
  • Feb. 4 - Site's Birthday 

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