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Equilibrium Fansite News Archive
2003 Aug. - Sep.

This section of the site archives past news & updates from the Home page.

  • Sep. 30 - No update today...again. Message Board meltdown & maintenance keeping me busier then I expected. You may want to check out my permitters for a "Brawl" in the Nethers Pub though...
  • Sep. 29 - The EQ Project/Gamers board is on standby while we work out some bugs.
  • Sep. 28 - 15 more wallpapers have been added to Backgrounds page.  (thanks again to ClericRyan, TrentPraeger, Alma, & Grey Fox for their work!!)


    • Sep. 27 - It has come to my attention that the music files placed on the site yesterday are not downloading properly. I have placed them into zip. files and should now be downloadable without trouble (hopefully!!)...see Downloads page.    (Thanks to BMaloney for informing me of the problem!!)
    • Sep. 26 - TrentPraeger has created an Equilibrium screensaver using 15 songs from the film & 100 stills.  He has also made an EQ Music Mix with some of the movie's dialog to a tecno beat.  Both items have been added to the Downloads page...(A very special thanks to him especially for his patience!!)

    • Sep. 23 - Site Exclusive!! - Editing EQ's Music - Interview with Richie Nieto - My heartfelt gratitude to Richie Nieto, music editor on Equilibrium for allowing us a unique perspective of the creation of the film's score & soundtrack.  I'll be adding a link to this interview later on the Clerics page. (thanks to Suzana for the Beethoven screen caps used!!)
    • Sep. 22 - Taking Sides - Installment #10 has been completed... (Keep at it Judas!!  Great stuff!!)
    • Sep. 21 - The following French Equilibrium links & info have been added to the site...
    • Sep. 20 - 22 new images have been added to the Screen Caps Gallery.(A very special thanks to Imylover & Suzana!!)

    • Sep. 18 - www.abbyshot.com has been busy creating a replica of the Cleric's coat.   To view their progress or add any input of your own see this thread on the message board - Update on Cleric Coat @ Abbyshot...
    • Sep. 17 - The following have been added to the site...
    • Sep. 16 - 4 new movie/DVD posters and one improved image have been added to the Equilibrium Poster Collection... 
      • French
      • Japan DVD (thanks to Alex)
      • Korean
      • Taiwan/China
      • Thai - improved image (thanks to joei700)
    • Sep. 15 - Coolhand has completed Part Two of This Lonely Tumult, The Absolution (a special thanks to him for his work as well as his patience!!)
    • Sep. 14 - A section on Christian Bale being cast as Batman has been added to the Equilibrium Center as well as a new image of him from Equilibrium.
    • Sep. 13 - TrentPraeger has created an audio mix of dialog from the film with a light tecno beat...Emotions Mix   It has been added to the Downloads page...(Special thanks to him for his creation & patience!!)
    • Sep. 11 - Breaking News!!  The Bale Board is all a buzz with the announcement of Christian being cast as Batman. We here at the EQ fansite like to think that perhaps EQ played a major role in showcasing his astounding ability to tackle action. For news links and discussion see...Bale Cast as Batman!
    • Sep. 10 - According to IMDb the South Korea theatrical release date for Equilibrium is on October 2, 2003.  That information as well as a link to the South Korean official website for EQ has been added to the "Release Dates" on the Clerics page.


    • Sep. 9 - 17 new wallpapers have been added to Backgrounds page.  (thanks to Alma, ClericEd, ClericRyan, Father, Grey Fox, Rephus, & TrentPraeger for their creative contributions!!)

    • Sep. 8 - By request I have created two banners for my site...one slightly animated & the other not. Webmasters feel free to use them if you wish.   I will be adding them later somewhere to the site but I'm still not sure where ...

    • Sep. 7 - A link & quotes from an Interview with Jim Vickers  (EQ's Fight Choreographer) @ Sci-Fi-Online has been added to both the Clerics & Gun Kata pages. (My thanks to Dave!!)
    • Sep. 6 - 20 new images have been added to the Screen Caps Gallery.(A special thanks to Imylover & Marta!!)
    • Sep. 5 - Working today on site maintenance & some screen captures to be posted tomorrow. Until then take a look at the Japanese DVD poster for EQ kindly provider to us by Alex. (Thanks!!) Note - it will be placed on the poster page at a later date.
    • Sep. 4 - Yes, the message board community is ever growing so a new forum has been created for off topics - The Nethers Pub.  Join discussions about other films besides EQ (like Ultraviolet), the actors, politics, and anything else. Beware the bar room brawls...
    • Sep. 3 - A link to yesterday's new page, From the Set - Observations of an EQ Extra, has been added to the "Related Items" on the Clerics page. 
    • Sep. 2 - From the Set - Observations of an EQ Extra - Whew!!  I've been working overtime today trying to get this one on-line.  We have a wonderful new exclusive for the site.  Jantek had the opportunity to be an extra on the film and has shared with us some of his photos and experience. ( a million thanks to him!!) 

    • Sep. 1 - Site's New Forum - EC-10 Sense Offenses - "The creative outlet locale for all the members of the resistance. You create it, post it, share, & discuss..."
    • Aug. 31 - Several items of interest...
      • StreamingSoundtracks.com has added the Equilibrium soundtrack to their playlist. (thanks to ClericEd for posting this info on the message board.)
      • From CJ (Thanks!!) - Sept issue of SOUND AND VISION magazine:
        • Page 14: EQ is mentioned as one of eight titles being used by Disney's Buena Vista Home Entertainment to test market the new EZ-D DVD format.
          • "Self-Destructing DVDs - ...The limited-play discs, dubbed EZ-Ds, contain a special polymer that causes then to turn black 48 hours after a disc is removed from its package & exposed to air, making it unreadable...The EZ-D test was scheduled to happen in four cities...with eight Buena Vista titles: Signs, The Recruit, Frida, The Hot Chick, 25th Hour, Equilibrium, Heaven & Rabbit-Proof Fence..."
        • Page 108: A short review of EQ. - Movie - 3/5 stars - DVD 3.5/5 stars
    • Aug. 29 - Taking Sides - Installment #9 has been completed... (thanks again Judas!!)
    • Aug. 28
      • (Evening) Earlier today I failed to include TrentPraeger's new Wallpaper with the other additions.  The omission has been corrected. My sincere apologies to him. (Thanks Tyler!!)
      • 7 new wallpapers have been added to the slightly re-formated Backgrounds page.  (a heartfelt thanks to Father, ClericRyan, & Amaaghar!!)


    • Aug. 27
      • The following information was sent to me...

    The September 2003 issue of Stereophile Guide To Home Theater is a special DVD issue. A cover item is: DVD 2003 - Best DVDs of the year. Page 30 article: Must-See DVDs - About 20 are listed, among them, EQUILIBRIUM. (special thanks to CJ)

      • Working on reformatting the Backgrounds page to optimize for the increasing submissions.
    • Aug. 26 - Three Equilibrium styled fonts have been added to the Downloads page...

    • Aug. 25 - Due to the fact that the site has become quite comprehensive & continues to grow daily, I have created a second index page... By Subject. Both indexes (By Page & By Subject) will remain on the site to assist in navigation.
    • Aug. 24 - The following has been added to the FAQ - Interrogation page. (thanks to Pyro for reminding me.)

    Q. Why do the UK posters & DVD cover state, "From the Makers of Minority Report & Speed?"

    A. This is mostly in reference to Jan de Bont who has his name attached to all three films; Equilibrium - producer, Minority Report - producer, Speed - Director.



    • Aug. 14 - Taking Sides - Installment #8 has been completed... (thanks Judas Austin!!)
    • Aug. 13 - The following updates have been made on the site...
    • Aug. 12
    • Aug. 11 - 20 more pictures from Suzana have been added to theScreen Caps Gallery.(Thanks Suzana!)
    • Aug. 10 - The information about Equilibrium's trailer music has been added to the FAQ - Interrogation page.
    • Aug. 9 - More Wallpapers today...
      • 3 more wallpapers have been created by John Porter and can now be found on the Backgrounds page. (thanks John!!)
      • Other wallpapers have been posted on the New Wallpaper #2 thread...
    • Aug. 8 - Trailer Music Identified !! - According to soundtrack.net the following is the music used in Equilibrium's trailer...
        • "Imperial Force" - X-Ray Dog
        • "Narrow Escape" - X-Ray Dog
        • "The Exalted One" - X-Ray Dog
      • A very special thanks to MANIMAL for discovering it and posting it on the message board...Trailer Music
    • Aug. 7 - 9 more cursors & icons created by John Porter have been added to the Downloads page. (thanks again to John!!)
    • Aug. 6
      • Working on site maintenance.
      • Cleric Ryan has created color variations of yesterday's wallpaper as well as a new one. Due to my limited time I can't update his page today but you can find his new items on the message board here...New Wallpaper
    • Aug. 5 - A new wallpaper by Cleric Ryan has been added to the Backgrounds... (Thanks to him!!)
    • Aug. 4
      • Since today is the site's six month anniversary I again want to personally thank everyone involved in creating such an outstanding film as Equilibrium and extend an appreciation to all who have contributed in making the site what it is.  Thank you!!
      • Entries from the Guestbook between Feb & July of this year have been archived and can be found here...
    • Aug. 3 - The following have been added to the Downloads page...
    • Aug. 2 - Imylover has created a number of screen captures from the DVD and I have added 16 of them to the Screen Caps Gallery. (A very special thank to her!)
    • Aug. 1 - More teasers from Kurt Wimmer's Ultraviolet interview in the current Movie Insider have been posted on the message board...here>>>


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