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Enter the world of Equilibrium where there is no war, emotions are suppressed, and artistic expression forbidden. The guardians of order are an elite fighting force of Grammaton Clerics who specialize in the martial arts system and code of the Gun Kata. There is nothing they cannot do to enforce the ideals of their society but what would happen if a first class cleric suddenly began to feel?

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Cleric Preston

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 Director's Comments

The topics of totalitarian worlds are nothing more than paradigms that people like Ray Bradbury and I use to tell a parable. We move aside our reality and create a simple paradigm to tell a simple story.

Having said all that, it wasn't my real reason for telling this story. For me, the most important thing is that movies are about emotions, and not about politics. The most important element of this film is that it is the story about a man who awakens to the sensory world around him for the first time.

- Kurt Wimmer, FEARSmag Interview

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