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The following is a list of questions that I have seen time and time again on message boards
, in private emails, and also across the Internet. If you have other questions or corrections please feel free to email me at Eqfansite@aol.com or leave a message on the message board - JenGe (Webmaster)

 Why do Brandt & Dupont
 Show Emotion?

A. They are both feeling. Several clues to this are given throughout the film. Also note that Prozium does not eliminate emotions entirely but merely suppresses the highs and lows like many drugs we have today. This is made clear at the beginning of the film.

Kurt Wimmer - "I think Brandt is smiling because he feels something. He does remark that he needs to get his dose adjusted which implies he is either over medicated or under-medicated. I always thought the latter. In fact, I hired Taye for his smile because I thought it was too perfect and anyone that perfect had to be a facist. A number of people have mentioned this and, generally, where there's smoke, there's fire - so it was a mistake of sorts but my feeling going is was that since we Americans generally feel that facisistic societies are hypocritical at heart they would assume that those in power were breaking all the rules. I'm pretty certain the Marxist tenet ' each according to his needs' didn't apply to Stalin. The Nazi's tolerated and even concealed Ernst Rohm's homosexuality until he became politically inconvenient (for unrelated reasons) and then destroyed him. DuPont feeling? Absolutely. This one's definite - it's why I put him in the lavish (as lavish as the budget would allow) office at the end. (from CHUD Message Board)

(See Message Board Discussion...Why Brandt is smiling in film?)

Q. Why was Equilibrium a limited theatrical release and why the lack of advertising?

A. Writer/Director Kurt Wimmer stated the following... "the worst thing it had against it was that it was in profit due to foreign pre-sales prior to release. The studio saw no reason to risk further monies on P&A and risk turning a money-maker into a money-loser." (Interview @ Sci/fi Dimensions)

Q. Equilibrium Trailer Music - What music is used in the trailer?

A. According to soundtrack.net it is... (see discussion...Trailer Music)

    • "Imperial Force" - X-Ray Dog
    • "Narrow Escape" - X-Ray Dog
    • "The Exalted One" - X-Ray Dog

The Plot

Q. How do the people of Libria have children with limited emotions and why marriage?

A. Wimmer's comments... "It brings me to another small point that a number of people have brought up (so the gaff is mine) and that is the institution of marriage. ...this world was only maybe 30 years young and to my mind, this would mean that there would still be vestigial remnants of our own time. So, yes, birth is in vitro but with humans I don't think you can wipe the slate completely clean too abruptly, (the communists had to keep churches around for years, gradually eroding their power) so this shell of the family unit still existed (but, we can assume, wouldn't for much longer) kind of like certain traditions or sayings we have whose origins we no longer remember." (from CHUD Message Board)

 Is the Gun Swap a plot hole?

A. After reading countless theories I'll let you decide. You can find and contribute to discussions about it on the message board. Threads include:

Q. What music does Preston listen to on the record player and which version is it?

A. It is Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, First Movement. The exact one used in the film is unknown since it is not listed in the end credits. Wimmer does mention on the DVD commentary that he intended to use the Karajan rendition but was unable to due to cost. In the end he had to settle on a bargain bin version. (see the audio teaser by Kurt Wimmer about this scene on the DVD page as well as an Interview with EQ's music editor - Richie Nieto...)

Q. What poem does Partridge read in the Cathedral segment?

A. The last three lines of "He Wishes For the Cloths of Heaven" by W. B. Yeats. The entire poem can be found at the bottom of the Trivia page.

Q. How did Preston get the cut on his neck that we see bleeding at the end of the film?

A. Preston was grazed with a bullet during the fight with Dupont. (DVD commentary & Atlanta Q&A)


Q. Where can I find a coat/costume like Preston's?

A. Abbyshot.com has created a replica of the Cleric's coat. Information & pictures can be found on their website here...

Q. What type of car do the Clerics drive in the film?

A. "They drive white 1998 Cadillac Seville STS Sedans, modified interior design, pure white in the cabin as well, and a high priced tint job."Cleric Ryan, Resistance Member

Q. Why do the UK posters & DVD cover state, "From the Makers of Minority Report & Speed?"

A. This is mostly in reference to Jan de Bont who has his name attached to all three films; Equilibrium - producer, Minority Report - producer, Speed - Director (see Site's Poster Collection)

Q. What type of gun is used by the clerics?

A. The Cleric's firearm is a highly modified Beretta. (Discussion as to the model range from a 92FS or "Blademaster" - see What guns are used in the movie??)

NOTE - For other guns used in the film see Equilibrium Firearms List

 What is the Cleric's Wristwatch &
 Where can I Find it?

A. It is an Android Alien watch and can be purchased at the Android website. (A very special thanks to Kelvin & Android for reissuing it!!! Also thanks to pylorns1 for finding the link.) (... see other EQ Merchandice)

Q. Where can I find the soundtrack or score for Equilibrium and who's it by?

A. All the music from Equilibrium beside Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, are original to the film and composed by Klaus Badelt with additional music by Ramin Djawadi & Geoff Zanelli. It is currently not officially available to the public. (NOTE - There are a number of bootlegs floating around but I personally will not use this site to promote them just as with the pirated DVD. See discussion - Equilibrium Soundtrack Thread 4)(see also the Interview with EQ's music editor - Richie Nieto...)


Q. Where are Kurt Wimmer's cameos in the film?

A. Not including "hands" or "voices" as mentioned on the DVD...1. Silhouetted figure in the Grammaton Cleric introduction with narration, 2. Rebel who is pushed up against the column in the warehouse raid and executed. (Detailed comments by Wimmer on the Action Info page. )

Q. Who created "Gun Kata" and coined the phrase?

A. The answer to both is writer/director Kurt Wimmer though there has been some discussion on the message board about Gun Kata's originality. (see discussion...Is Gun Kata Original??)

Q. Is wire work used in the film and if not how was the motorcycle flip accomplished?

A. Kurt Wimmer..."No - no wires in that scene or anywhere else in the film. Christian's stunt double (Mike Smith) was a champion college diver from Texas. I asked him if he could do a lay-out gainer. He said yes..." (more info on Action Info page...)

Q. Which of the stunts did Christian Bale perform himself?

A. All of them except for three; the gainer off the motorcycle as well as the summersault and side spin during the hall sequence.

 What Film is Kurt Wimmer Referring to
 in the DVD Commentary that He Stole
 a Shot from (Coke comment)?

A. I can't help you but you can join the discussion about the subject on the message board here...

Q. Why are two different actresses credited with the roll as Viviana Preston/Preston's Wife?

A. From Atlanta Q&A with Kurt Wimmer ..."There are two different actresses playing the roll because the "video" incineration segment was taped quite a bit earlier. When it came time to film the arrest the original actress was nowhere to be found. Not even her agent knew where she was so they had to find a new one for the roll."

Q. Do you have any buttons or banners for your site that webmasters may use?

A. Yes, please feel free to use any of the following. If you'd rather have a different style or something specific please contact me at eqfansite@aol.com & I'll create one. (a very special thanks to Arnie at www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/ for creating the button above!!)

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