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Feb.  - Jul. 2003

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Email: eqfan9@hotmail.com
Date: Wed Feb 05 13:14:10 EST 2003
Hey, Jen, as I've said before, you rock! I'm sending other people to your site.

Name: Chuck Mayer
Email: cwmayer96@aol.com
Date: Wed Feb 05 15:36:23 EST 2003
Thanks for being the guinea pig. Now I have a nice place to come ruminate about this stellar film. Thank you for your hard work!


Name: Gio
Email: anglesgio@hotmail.com
Date: Wed Feb 05 16:42:30 EST 2003
Great job, Jen! So glad to see a nice web presence for EQ. Once they announce a release date, perhaps you can add a countdown clock. Thanks a ton for putting it all together.

Gio Angles (Gioman)

Name: Jen
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Wed Feb 05 18:17:06 EST 2003
Hey Gio that countdown clock is a great idea!! Thanks!!

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Wed Feb 05 18:20:45 EST 2003
Hey Chuck - Did you see your name in the "Trivia" section?? (???)

Name: Bill (JestAGoof)
Email: jest_a_goof@attbi.com
Date: Wed Feb 05 19:09:21 EST 2003
Saw your note on CHUD! Glad somebody jumped to the occasion! Well thought out web site and can't wait for further updates! Already on my favorites list! Thanks Jen, you are awesome! =)

Name: Chuck
Email: cwmayer96@aol.com
Date: Thu Feb 06 08:30:17 EST 2003
Jen, I did and thank you. But that's a grain of sand compared to the work you put in here! We owe you quite a bit. I'll dig through my old posts for some other trivia I might have noticed. But not until I've checked out your image gallery!

Take care,
Chuck :)

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Thu Feb 06 17:46:55 EST 2003
Wow Bill, thanks and welcome. I was beginning to think that some of us EQ fans were taking over CHUD's Message board. I'm glad that you like the site.

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Thu Feb 06 17:50:17 EST 2003
------" I'll dig through my old posts for some other trivia I might have noticed." -----

Chuck, that would be great!! E-mail me or post it here if you find anything.

Name: Leslie
Email: lwill27@lsu.edu
Date: Sat Feb 08 05:41:21 EST 2003
What a great website! Would be great if u got a forum going. I'm looking forward to more screen caps and also I love the countdown!

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Sat Feb 08 09:30:11 EST 2003
Hi Leslie, thank you & welcome - I should be adding more screen caps early next week. As to a forum, Freewebs has the option currently listed in my controls as "coming soon." When its on-line I'll be adding it ASAP. Until then this guest book will have to suffice. Glad you're here!!

Name: JenGe
Date: Sat Feb 08 18:42:06 EST 2003
Hey Leslie, I owe you. After my post this morning I decided to search the web for a free forum and found one. I'll be making it live in a few minutes. Thanks for the inspiration!! - JenGe

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Sun Feb 09 00:59:49 EST 2003
OK, guys the message board is now live. You can get to it by clicking on "The Resistance" in the index column or copy this link...


Name: janni
Email: janni518@optonline.net
Date: Mon Feb 10 14:07:48 EST 2003
Excellent webiste. Obviously a labor of love. We'll all be laughing 10 years from now when Equilibrium is a sci-fi classic.

Name: martin hollis
Email: martinhollis@hotmail.com
Date: Mon Feb 10 18:52:03 EST 2003
hey, i've been following the attempts on the imdb.com since you started this idea of making the website, and i've been silent about it all (i did give the movie 10 on the imdb.com list, even though i haven't seen it! great website, i love it, and i am waiting for the movie to be released in the UK. does anyone have a clue when it will come out?

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Mon Feb 10 20:47:12 EST 2003
janni, its nice to have you here. I believe you're right about 10 years from now. It fascinating to see the following EQ has generated and that's without the majority of the public even knowing about its existence....yet...

Name: beezonpie
Date: Mon Feb 10 20:47:22 EST 2003
Nice site. This is definitely my favorite movie of at least the last 5 years. It has the perfect combination of high quality acting, story, and action to really bring you into the world created for the film.

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Mon Feb 10 20:51:45 EST 2003
Hi martin, the UK theatrical release is scheduled for 14th of March. Welcome!!

Name: Lauren
Email: Dulcis84@aol.com
Date: Tue Feb 11 00:12:56 EST 2003
I'm a Balehead who road-tripped from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa an hour away to Birmingham to see this movie (closest theater showing it). It was well worth the trip :)Cool site :)

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Tue Feb 11 16:44:22 EST 2003
Hey beezonpie & Lauren, Its wonderful to see more fans of the film finding the site. Glad to have you here!! Enjoy

Name: Yssie+Jem
Email: Jem2ys@aol.com
Date: Fri Feb 14 17:14:00 EST 2003
We love Sean Bean!!! And we cannot wait for the UK release!!!

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Fri Feb 14 20:14:18 EST 2003
Hey Yssie+Jem, If you guys run across any pixs of Sean Bean in EQ on the Net let me know. I've been looking all over and only can find the one shot from the USA trailer.

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Fri Feb 14 20:16:32 EST 2003
Actually there is a second Sean Bean picture but since he's laying on a table...

Name: Gretchen
Email: dj_josephine@lycos.com
Date: Fri Feb 14 21:47:36 EST 2003
EQ looks like a great movie. Really kicking myself for missing it at the theater, but I'm counting down the days till I can add it to my DVD collection.
**On a side note, I'm a bit of a techno music freak, especially opera remixes. Anyone have any clue as to the name of the song played toward the end of the EQ trailer? I've searched quite a few msg boards and no one seems to know. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to email me.


Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Fri Feb 14 22:12:18 EST 2003
Hi Gretchen, We've had quite a number of people looking for the music from the trailer with no luck at all. If I ever find anything I'll be sure to add it to the "EC-10" section of the site and e-mail you personally. You might also what to leave a post like this at the Messageboard (The Resistance) and click on the e-mail notification. Let us know what you think of EQ when you finally get the chance to see it. - Jen

Name: Yssie
Email: Jem2ys@aol.com
Date: Sat Feb 15 15:41:47 EST 2003
I've only seen the table pic too! I will look out for others though

Name: pigeon
Email: hatomono@earth.jp
Date: Sun Feb 16 20:36:02 EST 2003
Hi, this is japanease Christian bale fansite! I linked to your COOOOOL "Equilibrium" site!


Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Sun Feb 16 21:51:18 EST 2003
Hey pigeon, I love your site too. You have one of the best EQ image collections on the web. I have your link on the "EC-10" page. When I was looking for pictures to feed my obsession with the film I was glad to find a site like yours, thank you. -JenGe

Name: nouseforaname
Email: darthvedder@hotmail.com
Date: Mon Feb 17 17:53:09 EST 2003
Great job qith the site Jen. I think I may have some ideas for a fan fiction I'll keep ya posted. May take a while but I think I'd like to do one. Keep up the great work.

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Mon Feb 17 20:23:12 EST 2003
Thanks nouseforaname!! I'd love to add anything that you do in the way of fan fiction. Don't worry about taking time because currently I'm swamped with material for the site. Just send me what ever you have when you get done. - Jen

Name: foodi
Date: Sat Feb 22 02:11:39 EST 2003
wow!! i still aitn seen teh movie :(((

but super page!

Name: .R
Date: Sun Feb 23 05:38:56 EST 2003
Wonderful! Nice to see some love for EQ.

Name: Nick H
Email: nickhibbins@hotmail.com
Date: Sun Feb 23 22:27:51 EST 2003
Outstanding site, and a great movie too.

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Mon Feb 24 13:38:53 EST 2003
.R, foodi, Nick, thanks for taking the time to drop a note. Its great to see that people are finding the site and enjoying it. - JenGe

Name: martin hollis
Email: martinhollis@hotmail.com
Date: Mon Feb 24 19:42:26 EST 2003
sorry, don't really want to turn the guestbook into a forum or anything, but i saw the trailer for equilibrium today followed by the matrix 2 and 3 trailers, and i nearly laughed at how a movie that cost $20 million could out do the wachowskis.
all i can say is roll on march 14th!

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Tue Feb 25 13:11:23 EST 2003
Hey martin, its great to hear that the trailer is having an impact in the UK. Well be keeping an eye on the returns here.

Name: Liz
Email: manikdeksr@hotmail.com
Date: Wed Feb 26 18:25:41 EST 2003
A website dedicated to Equilibirum.
It looks absolutely fantastic. I am among the many who have not watched the film yet but have been following it ever since I discovered it about a month before the release date. I am anxiously waiting for the DVD. Your site gives out so many pics and info it might as well become the official site. Take care.

Name: carl90210
Email: lildilla2000@yahoo.com
Date: Thu Feb 27 02:48:49 EST 2003
What a great site to a film that people will discuss in years to come.

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Thu Feb 27 08:37:38 EST 2003
Hey Liz, the only reason I created this site was due to the lack of an official one. Its quite rewarding to read that you find it comparable. Thank you!! - Jen

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Thu Feb 27 08:38:29 EST 2003
Hi carl90210 - Thank you. I too believe this film will have a greater longevity than most we saw released in 2002. I've waited years for a film like this one. Its about time!!

Name: Winona Kent
Email: wkent@direct.ca
Date: Wed Mar 05 23:53:47 EST 2003
Jen - I'm trying to contact you but my message bounces back saying your email box has exceeded its quota. Can you please email me at wkent@direct.ca? I run The Compleat Sean Bean. Thanks!

Name: Winona Kent
Email: wkent@direct.ca
Date: Wed Mar 05 23:54:39 EST 2003
PS - Great website!

Name: Yssie
Email: Jem2ys@aol.com
Date: Thu Mar 06 05:04:00 EST 2003
Just wanted to say thanks again for letting me know about the Sean Bean piccie!! :)

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Thu Mar 06 05:27:23 EST 2003
My pleasure Yssie. If I find anything else I'll let you know.

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Thu Mar 06 05:31:17 EST 2003
Hey Winona, Sorry about that. Roy was sending me another huge file. I've just sent you an e-mail with another addie. Thanks for having so many articles on your site about EQ!! When the film left the theater it gave us something to do beside agonize.


Name: Aaron Toney
Email: nsmunk99@hotmail.com
Date: Thu Mar 06 21:02:31 EST 2003
Wow! Love your site. I haven't seen Equilibrium thanks to who ever maybe responsible for it's quick exit. But I've been wanting to see it for quite some time. I think your site is very informitive and just wanted to say thanks for giving those of us who werent lucky enough to catch it in time.Can't wait till it comes out of DVD.


Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Fri Mar 07 08:55:10 EST 2003
Glad to be of service Aaron especially for a film such as this. It really is unfortunate that you and many like you did not have the opportunity to experience EQ in the theater.

Name: Yssie and Jems
Email: Jem2ys@aol.com
Date: Fri Mar 07 21:03:56 EST 2003
Thanks again for the email - and the audio clip of Sean is very sexy! You spoil us!! :)

"Equilibrium" is being advertised all over the place now here in the UK - yay! And our local cinema is playing it from Friday onwards - yay!!!!

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Fri Mar 07 21:44:26 EST 2003
Again, my pleasure Yssie and Jems...It's great to hear that you'll get EQ local. Let us know what you think. I actually had this crazy idea to get to the UK to see it again but my plans fell through. Maybe Austria in May.

Name: Claudia Kurzyna
Email: cmtks@yahoo.com
Date: Sat Mar 08 18:44:16 EST 2003
I hae the Sean Bean Club on Yahoo Groups, and this is a great site!! Come and say a word on my club!!

Name: chinook
Date: Sat Mar 08 19:38:16 EST 2003
excellent website, shall be adding this to my favorites. I just managed to watch the movie, and was astonished to learn that not many people know of it, or are unable to see it. i shall be using your website to inform everyone about equilibrium, keep up the great work!

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.co
Date: Sun Mar 09 12:02:35 EST 2003
Hi Claudia, I'll try to drop by your Sean Bean Club sometime today. Thanks for the invite!! - Jen

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Sun Mar 09 12:06:22 EST 2003
You know chinook, that's the unfortunate thing about this film's stealth release is that so few people even knew of its existence. Glad you got the chance to see it!! I'll be buying two DVD's; one to lend out and the other to keep all for myself. - Jen

Name: BMaloney
Email: bmaloney2@hotmail.com
Date: Mon Mar 10 16:52:24 EST 2003
JenGe, I absolutely LOVE this site.. It's my third home.. (Perhaps thats why you need to keep getting more bandwidth) This is only one of a few i've found and I just love it! Thank you for providing us with such a resource!

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Mon Mar 10 18:17:17 EST 2003
Gosh BMaloney...Thanks !!! You are more than welcome to take up residence here. I could always save bandwidth by not uploading so many files but what would be the fun in that?? (???)

Name: claudia kurzyna
Email: cmtks@yahoo.com
Date: Wed Mar 12 17:55:08 EST 2003
Can you tell me the title of the Yeat's poem I am a Yeat's fanatic as well as having the sean bean club on Yahoo Groups, if I find the entire poem I would like to post it down on one of my four sean bean sites. As of now, only two are available to see, and the second site is called the sean bean uprade - Claudia

Name: Yssie
Date: Wed Mar 12 19:17:19 EST 2003
Guess what? the EQ trailer was played on ITV too tonight! Yay!! It's getting such great publicity over here!! Only another 2 days to go til I can see it ...

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Wed Mar 12 22:27:42 EST 2003
Hey claudia, The poem is "He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven." Here is its entirety... (I'll email this to you as well)

HAD I the heavens??? embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Wed Mar 12 22:31:02 EST 2003
Yssie That's terrific!! Hey Do you know of any websites that track UK Box Office tallies? E-mail them to me if you do.

Name: mikelon
Date: Fri Mar 14 11:58:22 EST 2003
just come back from seeing the moive here in london WOW 1984 meets the maritx.

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Sat Mar 15 20:33:29 EST 2003
Thanks mikelon, its nice to hear the Equilibrium is getting love in the UK!!

Name: Sus
Email: thegoauld@hotmail.com
Date: Sat Mar 15 23:35:11 EST 2003
Hey there, I'm in the UK and I've seen Equilibrium twice in as many days, I'm downloading it as I type and I fully intend to purchase the DVD when it becomes available. I've searched for two days for EQ fansites, and I can't tell you how good it is to find out that there are people who loved the movie as much as I did. So thanks for having so many great pictures of Preston, thanks for having all the fascinating information on this site, thanks for having a links section to even MORE fansites, and above all, thanks for being the first Equilibrium fansite I came across!

Hugs, Sus

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Sun Mar 16 06:42:40 EST 2003
Hey thanks Sus!! You just made my day!! It's sooooo wonderful to see Equilibrium being discovered and getting the recognition that it really deserves. I'm so glad that this site could be of service to you. BTW, I hope to get a few more stills of Preston uploaded next week.. They are ones that I haven't seen anywhere else on the net.

Thanks again!! Jen

Name: patrick
Email: scarymilkman@hotmail.com
Date: Sun Mar 16 07:47:44 EST 2003
nice site, i coodn't believe how much i loved thismovie, it blew me away, and i came out so overwhelmed. i am dissapointed in ppl who compareit too the matrix, its nothiong like it, infact i think its better! nice site :)

Name: Yssie + Jems
Email: www.freewebs.com/wraithsonwings/
Date: Sun Mar 16 17:57:26 EST 2003
Oh my!! We saw the film tonight and it was absolutely amazing! Best film we've seen this year - wow, wow, wow! We wanna go again! Woo hoo!!!

Name: Steve
Email: swilsonatepies@hotmail.com
Date: Tue Mar 18 15:36:03 EST 2003
Saw the film today and really enjoyed it.The McGuffin of the never need loading gun was masterfully dealt with with two greay reloads.Those machine gun guys in the black visors can't shoot for toffee though!

Great informative site - thanks.


Name: Conrad
Email: conrad_murkitt@hotmail.com
Date: Tue Mar 18 17:38:35 EST 2003
Jen, Hi, This is a great site that I found purely by accident and I am glad I did. I will be checking back here regularly to get the latest bits of info on this great film..Thanks..

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Wed Mar 19 11:21:36 EST 2003
Hi patrick & welcome to the site. The initial comparison between Equilibrium and Matrix is inevitable. There are a few similar elements, Sci/fi, lots of guns, martial arts, lobby scene...but these are really only superficial especially since other films prior to Matrix also have these elements. But these two films have very different feels, stories, and messages. Some just can't see past the surface though.

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Wed Mar 19 11:23:42 EST 2003
Yea Steve, isn't that reloading great!! It make one wonder why someone hadn't thought of it before??

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Wed Mar 19 11:27:27 EST 2003
Hi Conrad, its great to know that there are enough stones around the net so that you could stumble your way here!! Something must be working. Thanks and pull up a chair!!

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Wed Mar 19 11:29:44 EST 2003
Yssie + Jems...I see the Sean scene wasn't too hard on ya. ??? Glad you loved the film!!

Name: Ashlea
Email: SummonaYuna@yahoo.co.uk
Date: Thu Mar 20 06:39:23 EST 2003
OMG !!! This site is amazing its gotta be the best Equilibrium site I've found on the net. Equilibrium is my fave movie at the moment I seem to have become obsessed with it and I seem to have become obsessed with Christian Bale aswell ^^;;; Well I'm gonna recommend this site to everyone. Keep up the good work ^_~ Ashlea ~X~ *crazed EQ fan*

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Fri Mar 21 10:00:00 EST 2003
Hi Ashlea, Isn't Equilibrium great!! It's the only obsession film I've had since Gladiator. Talk about addicting!! Glad you like the site.

Name: Richard
Date: Fri Mar 21 16:11:58 EST 2003
It was an amazing film! Dimension/Miramax should be shamed for their lack of faith. It worries me that we may never see Gunkata in film again. It could be the 'Shawshank Redemption' of our generation. A film that most in the US never saw until release on video. It then became one of the most celebrated films of all time, usually in the top 10 lists of most people. Thank God for Kurt Wimmer.

Name: Gregg Clark
Email: stallion115@hotmail.com
Date: Sat Mar 22 19:39:54 EST 2003
I would like to say this film absolutely without a doubt tooped the matrix. It was so inventivr and well,acted. I wished this wouild have done so much better. I live in england and have just seen and will glady promotre this filmas much as i can!!!!!!
Thaks for the qwebsite i apreciate it!

Name: Kiri Romano
Email: kiri_romano@yahoo.com
Date: Sun Mar 23 15:28:35 EST 2003
Wow, this is the best site that I have found for Equilibrium, it deserves a site like this as there seems to be no offical site. Very clearly laid out and easy to navigate.
Slightly OT does anyone know if the sondtrack for Equilibrium is or will be availiable?

Name: Richard
Date: Sun Mar 23 19:50:07 EST 2003
I've heard that there will not be a soundtrack release for EQ :( Thats a major shame cause it was great!

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Sun Mar 23 22:07:35 EST 2003
Hi Kiri, at this point Richard is correct, there is no sign of a soundtrack release. Many of us are hoping that there might be a later release as was the case with Pitch Black but then we also might be looking at something like Blade Runner which took 10 years to finally get it out.

Name: Feline
Email: ingvild@inspirasjon.net
Date: Tue Mar 25 03:42:07 EST 2003
Got a simple message, really: Thanks for a great site. :)

Name: Kiri
Email: kiri_romano@yahoo.com
Date: Tue Mar 25 12:05:55 EST 2003
Thanks Richard and JenGe, I hope that the soundtrack wil be released even if it is at a later date, but this means that I will stop looking for the soundtrack if it is nonexistent.
Thanks again,

Name: Sus
Email: thegoauld@hotmail.com
Date: Tue Mar 25 13:04:58 EST 2003
I was desperate to by the Soundtrack too - how gutted was I? Its a real shame, since its so bloodydamn great! Fingers crossed for a later release.

Name: pamela
Email: wynnp@csusb.edu
Date: Tue Mar 25 14:47:54 EST 2003
this seems to be th only way to get hold of you. hope you have a great day. i like your page

Name: Chris
Email: Christopher.Dodd@btinternet.com
Date: Tue Mar 25 15:12:43 EST 2003
Hi! Great site, I've seen the USA version of the film and now the film in the UK and I think there is a scene missing from the UK version. When Preston is being questioned towards the end and the tables are turned briefly - the scene isn't in the Uk version...anybody else noticed this?

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Tue Mar 25 16:02:45 EST 2003
Hey Chris, I'm going to add your question over at the site's message board and see what we get there. You can find the forum at the link below...

Email: get_it_boy@hotmail.com
Date: Tue Mar 25 23:34:23 EST 2003
pimp site man, ive been looking for one for the longest time. good job


Name: Angelo Canale
Email: angelocanale@hotmail.com
Date: Wed Mar 26 10:22:50 EST 2003
thank you for this excellent website, at last there are others who share the enthusiasm of this classic cult movie already!!! that i do.

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Sat Mar 29 06:25:47 EST 2003
MANIMAL & Angelo Canale thank you so much for taking the time to sign the guestbook. Its extremely gratifying to find other fans discovering Equilibrium and recognize its significance. Welcome!! - JenGe

Name: helen rose
Email: helenhastie@hotmail.com
Date: Sat Mar 29 14:57:56 EST 2003
i think this site is cool. i have only seen the movie twice but me good friend sus has already got me hooked

Name: stephen k
Email: stephenkilbride@hotmail.com
Date: Tue Apr 01 05:23:16 EST 2003
This site is fantastic. Great design. I loved the movie and this is going in my top sites list! :)

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Wed Apr 02 22:31:28 EST 2003
Hi helen rose, its great to see that Sus is spreading the word! Welcome. - Jen

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Wed Apr 02 22:33:46 EST 2003
Hey stephen, thanks for the comments on the site design. I always wonder how it works for new people and if things can be found. Thanks for adding it to your top sites!! - Jen

Name: Sam
Email: spikeshadow@hotmail.com
Date: Sun Apr 06 11:52:12 EDT 2003
Hey Jen!
Found the site the day after i saw the film for the first time (seen it twice at the cinema here at the UK) and think this site utterly rocks!
The film, goes without saying - blew me away really. I had to see it a second time just to convince my eyes of what they were seeing.
Definitely one for my DVD collection - i too hope that it becomes a Sci-Fi classic in the years to come!
I too am also intrigued by the entire movie's soundtrack and am having NO luck tracking it down - can anyone offer any tips?
Downloaded the screensaver (wohoo!) and got one of the backgrounds on my desktop...am totally into this film and wish my puny student budget would allow me the privalege of seeing it again - but till then - rock on DVD release!
Many thanks for building this superb website :)

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Sun Apr 06 12:57:05 EDT 2003
Hey Sam welcome to the ever growing numbers of EQ fans. Glad you could join us!! As to a soundtrack there isn't one (yet). I just started a thread this morning on the message board about items relating to the film. If and when it is released I'll most likely announce it there first. - Jen


Name: Tez
Email: irtez786@yahoo.ca
Date: Sun Apr 06 18:52:09 EDT 2003
Crazy site congratulations on accomlishing such a feat. Man i'm dyin for the soundtrack, e-mail me too if ya can if u hear anythin. great job awesom site

Name: tez
Email: irtez@yahoo.ca
Date: Sun Apr 06 18:53:41 EDT 2003
P.S. Equilibrium rox

Name: Erik Brickman
Email: dracopticon@hotmail.com
Date: Sun Apr 06 20:20:32 EDT 2003
This is, I mean, seriously a very good site. Neat. Clean, totally catching the cool emotionless atmosphere of the movie. Very Nice. And the movie really needs some badass promotion.
Keep it up!

Dracopticon out.

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Tue Apr 08 08:53:43 EDT 2003
Tez, I'll let you know if there's a soundtrack release, also thanks for joining us on the message board!! - Jen

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Tue Apr 08 08:58:48 EDT 2003
Hey Erik, thanks for catching the design element of the site!! That means a lot me!! I wanted a clean transition between the film to here. - Jen

Name: Claudia Kurzyna
Email: cmtks@yahoo.com
Date: Fri Apr 11 08:39:54 EDT 2003
Jan can you go back down and repost your message and the URL for this club that you added a new picture the link that the moderator gave me to put down was not correct! but members can however get thru on the link that is on the links section of the club. thanks claudia

Name: professor
Email: profesor3@tlen.pl
Date: Sat Apr 12 09:48:51 EDT 2003
GunKata is not original idea. Identical martial art is used in Cyberpunk 2020 Role Playing Game where its called GUN-FU. "GUN FU - Completely geared around mastery of the handgun, this form makes a firearm truly an extension of the user. Students are only taught the basics of surviving a gunfight - stay constantly moving, fire till your opponent is dead, (preferably from as close a distance as possible) count your shots, when your out don't hesitate to find another weapon instead of taking the time to reload yours (the dead guy on the floor won't be needing his anymore right) if your hit don't think about it till your dead or your enemies are, never panic, and above all keep your opponent on the defensive. Once a student has learned the basics the only way for him to advance in his art is through combat, so beginners don't stay beginners long, they are either killed or they become better. A master is a truly magnificent sight in a gun battle.". Btw. very nice page ;)

Name: track
Email: fh_trackAThotmailDOTcom
Date: Thu Apr 17 09:45:28 EDT 2003
very nice website, you made here, great info on the movie, I've seen it recently and I must say it kicks some major ass, now to find a dojo that teaches Gun Kata :D

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Thu Apr 17 11:36:21 EDT 2003
professor, welcome!! Interesting stuff there. I think it would make a great discussion on the message board so I'm going to repost it there. Thanks!! - Jen

Message board -http://equilibrium.proboards17.com/

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Thu Apr 17 11:39:19 EDT 2003
track - "now to find a dojo that teaches Gun Kata :D"

I wish!!! You find one, you let me know!! Oh, and welcome. - Jen

Name: Steven T
Email: loyal_scaper@lycos.com
Date: Fri Apr 18 15:04:16 EDT 2003
Great site! Equilibrium rocks!

Name: Sherval
Email: ms003e6539@blueyonder.co.uk
Date: Sat Apr 19 14:33:28 EDT 2003
I'm a UK resident and was lucky enough to see "Equilibrium" in the local cinema. It was great but, this may suprise you, it didn't get all that much advertisement. There were a few 5 second TV spots but other than that this was a very quiet affair. Still, it went in at No4 in at the UK Box Office and stayed in the chart for 3 weeks or so.
Nice site by the way. You've done the job Dimension films hasn't.

Name: chris
Email: balefan@gmx.de
Date: Sun Apr 27 13:24:00 EDT 2003
Hi!This is the greates EQ-Site ever.Thank you very much for all this stuff and the hard work!!!!!!!!!!Really appreciate it.Chris

Name: lici
Email: l_ici@yahoo.com
Date: Mon Apr 28 13:37:43 EDT 2003
Hi, I really love this website...

Name: Alex
Email: Boromir67@Hotmail.com
Date: Sun May 04 10:11:43 EDT 2003
Id like to say thanks. Finally a site that appreciates the brilliant film that is equilibrium. Several so called film enthusiasts dismissed the film as crap well i do reviews for four different sites and i think its good that theres finally a film that doesnt take itself too seriously. ill get to the point and say that the action in this film is bloody AMAZING. I would say its the best ive seen (and ive seen a bloody lot) superior to the matrix even. Cheers

Name: wizza00
Email: wizza00@yahoo.com
Date: Mon May 05 02:52:52 EDT 2003
Equilibrium= Fahrenheit 451, Brave New World, and 1984
You should all read those books instead of watching this cheesy movie.

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Mon May 05 10:38:08 EDT 2003
What makes you assume that we haven't read them??

NOTE - I'm moving this to the Message Board... other responses to this will be moved there as well and then deleted here... See "Do EQ Fans Read??"


Name: cre
Email: stas_2083@yahoo.com
Date: Tue May 06 10:55:47 EDT 2003
great film,
2 thumbs up

Name: Elaine Leeke
Email: elaine@murasaki.fsnet.co.uk
Date: Wed May 07 10:09:58 EDT 2003
Equilibrium is one of the best films I have ever seen and this website is definitely the best one I have found. You definitely do justice to this wonderful piece of cinema. Thanks, guys.

Name: Ark
Email: arcane@rambler.ru
Date: Thu May 08 12:57:56 EDT 2003
Hello, i am common russian man, so i know english badly. Sorry...

This film look like Matrix, but I think it better... And i glad to see lyrics, so beautiful lirics...

Name: Matt
Email: gunkatacleric@yahoo.com
Date: Fri May 09 22:15:37 EDT 2003
Great site for a great film. 3 more days woohoo!

Name: Joshua Kelly
Email: sidissatan@hotmail.com
Date: Sat May 10 18:09:19 EDT 2003
I wish people and especially EQ fanatics would stop comparing this film to the Matrix. They are two totally different movies. I hate it that the DVD cover says "Forget the Matrix!" because they have nothing (besides fighting-style) in relation to each. Personally I like the Matrix more but I would never compare the two because they truly are different genres. Anyways, nice site. =P

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Sat May 10 19:53:42 EDT 2003
Hey guys, again thanks and welcome to the site!!!

Joshua, I'm reposting your message to the forum because I think it would make for a good discussion. Even I have been somewhat guilty of the Matrix comparison.

Name: Claudia Kurzyna
Email: cmtks@yahoo.com
Date: Tue May 13 11:27:30 EDT 2003
hi this is claudia from the sean bean club is Equilibrium released out today 5/13 please e-mail me back at cmtks@yahoo.com or just do a post on the club and I will put it down thanks a lot - Claudia

Name: Reppin
Email: therepp@cool.dk
Date: Tue May 13 17:47:01 EDT 2003
Good site.

I was simply stunned. Gun Kata is the most unique innovative action moves to date. This movie beats The matrix.

Name: Chris
Email: Chaos@Superior-X.com
Date: Wed May 14 00:36:48 EDT 2003
Although I loved the movie, I'd like to point out that Kurt didn't invent Gun-Fu(Kata). It was infact invented in a book called "Pacific Rim" for a roleplaying game called Cyberpunk 2020 in 1994.

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Wed May 14 09:03:12 EDT 2003
Hi Chris, Yes, we are aware of Cyberpunk 2020, "gun-fu", and the question of whether Gun Kata is origianl or not. We even have a discussion about it on the forum. You can find the thread at the following link...........


Name: Ben
Email: bmasters@weir.net
Date: Wed May 14 13:29:09 EDT 2003
Great site!! I love the movie. I was one of the lucky few to see it at the theater, and I just picked it up on DVD yesterday.
Anyway, I was wondering if you or anyone else out there new the make of Preston's coat? I see you found his watch. I'd love to have one those coats if I knew where to get one.

Name: vikki
Email: amebic_disinti@hotmail.com
Date: Thu May 15 11:01:32 EDT 2003
Equilibrium was one of the most remarkable films i have ever seen. I have never been so touched nor seen so much depth and action in a film before. Equilibrium is a diamond in the rough of critism.

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Thu May 15 11:13:47 EDT 2003
Welcome Ben & Vikki... About the coat, so far it has not been made for sale but www.abbyshot.com has stated that if they receive enough requests for it they might consider it. You can find a discussion about it on the message board here...

Name: Eric
Email: JiangLiQingS@msn.com
Date: Fri May 16 17:46:16 EDT 2003
Just wanted to say this is a terrific website for my favorite movie of 2002. Nice to see someone out there took some interest in this awesome movie and decided to let the rest of the world know about it.

Name: Josh
Email: chevymanjosh@cox.net
Date: Fri May 16 19:20:29 EDT 2003
Great site. Well put together.

Name: Katy
Email: http://www.toxicpink.com
Date: Sat May 17 11:58:56 EDT 2003
I saw your link on IMDB. This is a great site for an awesome film!

Name: CeNoByTe
Email: freaky_richie@hotmail.com
Date: Sun May 18 08:07:34 EDT 2003
Just wanted to say that this is the coolest Equilibrium site on the net (its the only one i found wallpapers on!!) Keep up the good work!!

Name: Plissken
Email: Sizin@gmx
Date: Sun May 18 18:44:39 EDT 2003
Hi all !

i really love the movie and will travel to Berlin to see where it was shot ;). I am from German so it will not be a big travell.

Can somebody please tell me the classical song which was played during the scene with the antic grammophone ? I suppose it to be Tschaikowsky but not sure ??? please helpe me out

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Sun May 18 23:33:17 EDT 2003
I just sent you an e-mail. Its Beethoven's 9 Symphony, 1st movement. Glad you found the film and the site!!

Name: Joshua Kelly
Email: sidissatan@hotmail.com
Date: Mon May 19 23:36:02 EDT 2003
Hey, its me again. I just wanted to say another thing about the DVD covers I just noticed. The UK cover makes me alot more angry than the North American cover did. It actually compares EQ to Speed. Hello? Did I miss something here? I am starting to get annoyed by the marketing gimmics that these people are trying to pull. EQ, as decent a film as it many people believe it to be just does not compare to movies like Speed. I mean, how can you even compare them? Its one thing to compare the Matrix and EQ but its a totally different realm to compare it to Speed. Its like saying that Sign Along With Barney should be compared to Citizen Kane. Anyways, I'll try to stop ranting now but I think that its worth talking about.

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Tue May 20 00:31:58 EDT 2003
Actually Joshua, yes you did miss something. Its not a comparison at all but a "from the makers of" blurb referring to Jan de Bont. His name is attached to both films. You can sorta see it if you make out the blurred print. Its also on the UK poster...

Name: Joshua Kelly
Email: sidissatan@hotmail.com
Date: Tue May 20 18:33:34 EDT 2003
Ahh, thanks for pointing that out. I was starting to wonder for a second there... why would they put a comparison to speed on the cover? lol...

Name: Dani
Date: Wed May 21 08:02:42 EDT 2003
Excellent site, I stubbled accross it but its a fantasitc site about the film :)


Name: Tim Poulsen
Email: timjpoulsen@hotmail.com
Date: Wed May 21 14:42:31 EDT 2003
Just like to say that this movie was just a really cool flick!Underrated by the masses, but goes down right alongside all the other "less-known", marketless straight to video flicks(as the film beancounters deem them)like Bound! Someone should inform them on what 2 directors did that one! ;)

Name: MeelaPo
Date: Thu May 22 13:54:36 EDT 2003
Excellent site to complement an excellent movie. Great work!!

Name: dewaron
Email: dewaron@gmx.de
Date: Sat May 24 19:18:36 EDT 2003
this film is excellent and i want the soundtrack

Name: Juan
Email: Rodriguez
Date: Sun May 25 13:12:35 EDT 2003
hey this is a great movie

Name: David
Date: Sun May 25 16:48:50 EDT 2003
Aaah. Great site. Amazing movie.

Name: Lorren
Email: armyofme33@hotmail.com
Date: Mon May 26 22:06:05 EDT 2003
Thank you Kurt Wimmer, and thank you Jen for making this great site. I'm addicted to this movie and I hope we get a soundtrack soon!

Name: Triinu from Estonia
Email: triin8977@hot.ee
Date: Tue May 27 14:08:50 EDT 2003
ohhh....I love this movie...I just love it. It is my favorite. Best movie I have ever seen in my entire life. Actually..."Equilibrium" is even better than the Matrix...in my opinion of course. I have seen in 5 times by now...can;t help it...its is all your fault.Why you had to made so great movie...:)What can I say...You have done so great and hard work...Thank You, guys! You are the best! but is there comeing also "equilibrium II" ;)

Best wishes...->Triinu

Name: triinu
Email: triin8977@hot.ee
Date: Tue May 27 14:20:31 EDT 2003
by the way...the website is very SUPER...you have made a huge work...respect!!!

Name: Roger
Email: slin2@socal.rr.com
Date: Tue May 27 18:56:49 EDT 2003
Excellent site!

Name: ~C
Email: claki23@earthlink.net
Date: Wed May 28 00:47:03 EDT 2003
Holy crap - you're site is cool! I love the design. I just rented this movie and can't get it out of my head. It will stay with me forever. THANK YOU for putting this site together. It's absolutely gorgeous and you've captured just how great this movie is.


Name: Misael R.
Date: Thu May 29 01:28:07 EDT 2003
i personally tought equilibrium kicked ass,i think its one of the greatest movies of all times..But i was surprised at all the bad reviews it got from the damned critics..i loved the movie it was awesome!!!

Name: Equilibrium Cleric
Email: eyedea@streamingsoundtracks.com
Date: Sat May 31 22:44:18 EDT 2003
Great Site, for a GREAT movie. NIce job, glad i found it

Name: Matthew Guest
Email: mattrek36@hotmail.com
Date: Mon Jun 02 05:57:04 EDT 2003
All i can say is WOW,EQ makes Matrix Reloaded look like an episodes of the smurfs, Great site, with Great info, i'm also in the process of modifing bb gun Berrata.
Keep up the great work.

Name: soh
Date: Tue Jun 03 05:13:27 EDT 2003
it is a disgrace that this film has not recieved more attention and publicity, its bloody brilliant!

Name: Pip3699
Email: Pip3699@compuserve.de
Date: Tue Jun 03 17:46:57 EDT 2003
It was not easy to find this side. But the movie was and this side is great,too. Only the fucking devil knows why this great Movie becoming a looser at the cinemas. (Zwei Dinge sind unendlich: Das Universum und die Menschliche Dummheit. Aber beim Universum bin ich mir nicht ganz sicher-ALBERT EINSTEIN)

Name: NiA
Date: Wed Jun 04 18:20:28 EDT 2003
Excellent site Jen! Pls keep up the good work. I love that you're still so dedicated to the site and still keeping it up to date. It was very helpful and entertaining for me. Hopefully I'll have something to contribute soon. A wallpaper maybe, a winamp skin... who knows

Name: Tim
Email: wildstar109@yahoo.com
Date: Thu Jun 05 12:20:25 EDT 2003
Cool website!! I guess I'm not alone in my equilibrium appreciation! The movie had style and so does this website. Very cool...

Name: a questioner
Date: Fri Jun 06 16:11:40 EDT 2003
who can describe the muzzle blast of the Grammaton Cleric's gun?

Name: Rhiannon
Email: quite_the_pervy_elf_fancier@yahoo.com
Date: Sat Jun 07 05:39:15 EDT 2003
...wow. This has to be the biggest and best Equilibrium site on the web. I've spent weeks trying to track down pictures, and this is the only site that has them. Your information is extensive and accurate as well. BRILLIANT job! Thank you! ^__^

Name: stephen gill
Email: einfrosch@earthlink.net
Date: Sat Jun 07 17:12:19 EDT 2003
Hey all you Tetragrammaton Clerics. I just obtained an unreleased copy of an Equilibrium Soundtrack. If anyone is interested email me for more info on how to obatin a copy. Feed your need to feel.

Name: Jose
Email: wishkid85@hotmail.com
Date: Mon Jun 09 14:25:07 EDT 2003
hey,Jen nice page buddy i found alot of interesting thing about this movie , and actually i bout the movie and i dont care what other people said but the movie is good alot of people i know watch id and they loved it now im looking for any info about Kurt Wimmer please if any body know where to contact him please email me thanx , and thank you Jen for the great page keep up the good work !

Name: Kassy
Email: dream_kat@mail.ru
Date: Tue Jun 10 20:25:14 EDT 2003
Thank you for the site!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Russell Love
Email: sheepdip82@hotmail.com
Date: Sat Jun 14 11:54:47 EDT 2003
Equilibrium is a great film, and this website is great :D

Name: Meeee
Email: inside_four_walls@hotmail.com
Date: Sat Jun 14 14:25:29 EDT 2003
I totally loved this movie, but im wondering one thing.... HOW, did you/whoever make those moving avatars? what/which screenshot program does that? the rest i think i can figure out for myself...

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Sun Jun 15 06:52:49 EDT 2003
Hi Meeee, the avatars were created by someone else (Cux). He explained how he made them on the following thread on the message board...

Name: Heath Lang
Email: winterknight75@hotmail.com
Date: Mon Jun 16 14:39:34 EDT 2003
Great Site!!

Name: Tore
Email: barambaram@jk.com
Date: Mon Jun 16 14:49:47 EDT 2003
Nice to see a webpage about this movie, finally I got som nice pictures for my desktop

Name: Viktor
Email: viktor@sverok.se
Date: Mon Jun 16 20:08:28 EDT 2003
Greetings folks, I'd really like to get ahold of Mr. Joseph A. Porro (The costume designer) to kindly ask him if there is a chance that he'd be able to share the patterns for the cleric-coats.

Anybody know where I should turn to?


Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Tue Jun 17 08:49:05 EDT 2003
Sorry Viktor, I have no idea how you could get ahold of Porro but any good tailor should be able to figure out the pattern by just a few good pictures.

Name: Viktor
Email: viktor@sverok.se
Date: Tue Jun 17 16:43:01 EDT 2003
Yeah, but the problem is that a tailor costs a really sick amount of cash ;p

Name: zaphir shamma
Email: zaphir.shamma@ngc.com
Date: Wed Jun 18 16:55:44 EDT 2003
Fantastic web site for my new favorite movie. Thanks for all of your hard work.

Name: Grammaton Cleric X
Email: djxcal@qwest.net
Date: Thu Jun 19 17:56:57 EDT 2003
Like the movie, this site is on point...I had no feelings about it, I was mearly attempting to optimize.

Name: Star Dancer
Email: stardancer@lisco.com
Date: Sun Jun 22 12:37:49 EDT 2003
Great site. Great pics. Glad it's here. While I would have seen Equilibrium without Bale in it, (I'm one of the few female sci-fi fans out here), I think the role of Preston was made for him. Bale is tall, athletic and precise, serious and sexy, unruffled and then passionately vulnerable. His sardonically smirky smile makes him a totally believable actor. I'm sooo glad he's too old for the fluff he's done in the past. Great movie! It's now one of my favorites. I don't care that Wimmer got accused of stealing from a lot of other movies such as A Clockwork Orange, etc. I think he's done an excellent job at reviving the old Orwellian idea and put his own spin on it.


Name: Star Dancer
Email: stardancer@lisco.com
Date: Sun Jun 22 12:40:16 EDT 2003
LOL... sorry.

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Sun Jun 22 14:48:49 EDT 2003
No problem Star Dancer...all taken care of. (?)

Name: Hilal
Email: keine vorhanden
Date: Mon Jun 23 02:49:37 EDT 2003
I like your film very much your so nice

Name: Rana
Email: john_schmidt@mindspring.com
Date: Wed Jun 25 21:52:38 EDT 2003
Thanks for creating this website. I love this movie and am sorry it wasn't appreciated as it should have been.

Name: Mac
Email: Hyghlaender@aol.com
Date: Sat Jun 28 20:46:54 EDT 2003
I saw Equilibrium yesterday for the first time . And i must say one thing : THE CLERIC DAMN RULZZZ !!!

Name: Bill Y.
Email: wyoung@ladwp.com
Date: Mon Jun 30 18:02:30 EDT 2003
NICE SITE!! A very good job Ms. F.

Name: Jason
Email: jason@homepctech.com
Date: Tue Jul 01 12:04:14 EDT 2003
Really enjoy the site. www.tetragrammatoncleric.net <-- mine because I love the movie !

Name: amigo
Email: no email
Date: Wed Jul 02 21:35:15 EDT 2003
Great web site erally great i was looking for some web sites with info about this great movie and didnt find much this is the best site for that great movie i found here all i wanted thnx very much m8 take care and keep up great work.

Name: [SuNet]GloBin
Date: Sat Jul 05 18:33:03 EDT 2003
Nice Site and a kind of interesting movie. Make Privacy Default... because the alternative is not an option. Join The Libertarian Party [WWW.lp.ORG]

Name: Michael
Email: fakeaddress@hotmail.com
Date: Sun Jul 06 13:11:39 EDT 2003
Equilibrium is one of my favorite movies. I'm from Australia and saw it on DVD as it has not yet been released over here yet. I had been waiting since seeing the trailer for it on apple.com last year. I love it. Can't wait to see it when it comes to cinemas.

Name: Chris
Email: Thel2eeper@hotmail.com
Date: Sun Jul 06 19:10:04 EDT 2003
Nice site jen, god dam a LOT of people has signed your guest book. i love this movie too, i bought it the day it came out, but holy shit, you memorized every detial, how the hell did you get all those pictures? its not on the DVD.

Name: BulletRide
Email: corrino@poczta.onet.pl
Date: Mon Jul 07 06:14:13 EDT 2003
Great page but the movie is better ^^
GooD WorK

Name: Andy
Email: wald0mp3@myrealbox.com
Date: Tue Jul 08 16:18:57 EDT 2003
I highly recommend reading the book "The Giver." The storyline is nearly identical to Equilibrium's, sans violence.

Name: j
Date: Tue Jul 08 21:00:42 EDT 2003
this is one of the coolest sites ever put together, and definately the best on Equilibrium. i am pleasantly surprised at how many people not only saw, but enjoyed the movie. keep on rocking, clerics!!!

Name: Fawad
Date: Fri Jul 11 02:20:38 EDT 2003
I definetly love this movie rather then other movies I've seen in last 6 years!

Name: Jantek
Email: brockenwolf@gmx.de
Date: Fri Jul 11 19:21:05 EDT 2003
Hallo, woud You like some original set pictures from the Olympiastadion Berlin? There were took scenes in the"Underground" and in front of the "staires".

Name: Christine
Email: kerpluey@aol.com
Date: Sat Jul 12 00:23:16 EDT 2003
Hi, just wanted to say hello and that I love love this website :)

Name: J
Email: 1500@caribsurf.com
Date: Sat Jul 12 00:55:00 EDT 2003
Best damn movie i ever saw. no movie i ever saw, had me dubbing it off. dont worry i still buy the dvd :PPPP
BALE RULES, i am so pissed with stupid movies and stupid actors m aking it, this crap should make it.....not dan ben affleck!!!

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Sat Jul 12 12:58:30 EDT 2003
Hi Jantek, I'd love to add some pictures to the site from the Olympiastadion. Thanks for offering!! I'll e-mail you. - JenGe

Name: David Erickson
Email: eeyore@spro.net
Date: Sun Jul 13 16:21:45 EDT 2003
i'm trying to locate the movie soundtrack. It doesn't seem to be available for purchase anywhere. I was hoping you could help me. :)

Name: sean
Date: Tue Jul 15 22:32:08 EDT 2003
Im trying to look for the soundtrack also. Where the fuck is it? If you like equilibrium then you will like Bumfights. That movie is just sooo funny. You guys should look at my website, we fight nazi scum. www.geocities.com/weaksisters

Name: guest@Taiwan
Date: Wed Jul 16 01:49:14 EDT 2003
Equilibrium released in Taiwan on July 4, 2003.
The official Chinese site:
The Chinese trailer and poster included.

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Wed Jul 16 10:03:11 EDT 2003
Hey guest@Taiwan, thanks for that link!!! I'll add it to the site soon!! - JenGe

Name: Chris
Email: Thel2eeper@hotmail.com
Date: Fri Jul 18 21:58:05 EDT 2003
I've been looking for the sound track also, did they even make one?

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Sat Jul 19 01:35:47 EDT 2003
Hi Chris, there is no official soundtrack for Equilibrium but there are bootlegs.

Name: Harry Herrera
Date: Sun Jul 20 16:47:59 EDT 2003
What a cool movie man!!! I'm very impressed by this underated movie here in southamerica but thanx god some friens and me have this amazing sci-fi and we are "Multiplicating it" in our country

Name: Chris
Email: Thel2eeper@hotmail.com
Date: Sun Jul 20 20:55:06 EDT 2003
I know, it is under rated, all the critics kept talking crap about it, saying it takes it self too seriously, the only ones that i know of that liked it is Ebert & Roeper and even they were making fun of it, there soo stupid, but at least all MOST of the AMG's liked it.

Name: Adam M
Email: admi6@yahoo.co.uk
Date: Sun Jul 20 21:52:03 EDT 2003
Great website mate. Im a student finsihing my course in directing and acting and this film inspired more ideas to come into my mind than any other. Us Brits are proud of Christian Bale, Sean Bean, Sean Pertwee and Emily Watson. They are all one of us and they all shined in this movie. Cheers guys....

Name: Marcus
Email: FirePlexus@aol.com
Date: Sun Jul 20 22:56:39 EDT 2003
Gun Kata is simply ingenious. Why didn't i think of that. I'm 17 and I started my first screenplay and man, that would have been great in it. If your wondering, my movie is about a Hitman, but hitman movies suck bigtime because they are so predictable, I think I have something new and different both story and style wise

Name: Tez
Email: irtez786@yahoo.com
Date: Tue Jul 22 01:13:16 EDT 2003

Name: DiGiSTAB
Email: digistab@hotmail.com
Date: Tue Jul 22 07:36:28 EDT 2003
The Best movie I've seen in a long time ... in my opinion it is better than the Matrix(es) .

It has a romanesque literary dimension.

I love ALL about this movie

PS : & This fansite Rules .

Name: Andronikov Rhzeva
Email: AcidPhreak@freakmail.de
Date: Tue Jul 22 13:05:46 EDT 2003
I love this film it's better than "the matrix".

Name: glenn
Date: Tue Jul 22 17:35:32 EDT 2003
I saw the movie recently....it kicks ass....I can't wait to buy it on DVD

Name: D Bl@st
Email: DashBlaster204@aol.com
Date: Tue Jul 22 23:10:05 EDT 2003
I just wanted to thank you for making this site. I became a true Equilibrium fan after watching the movie many times over. I am so glad that there are others out there that appreciate this film as much as I do.

Name: .
Email: ..@yahoo.com
Date: Wed Jul 23 07:33:39 EDT 2003
The site is great ... though i found the forum boards are crammed so that it's hard to find a specific topic (looking for EQ windows font [TTF, ...] Help appreciated ...

Name: JenGe
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Wed Jul 23 12:28:52 EDT 2003
Did you do a search under "font"?? You can find the thread here but it is the font used on the DVD and not the theatrical poster...


Name: JenGe - To Obscene Poster
Email: sundabcer@juno.com
Date: Wed Jul 23 13:06:26 EDT 2003
I want to personally thank whoever it is that is leaving obscene messages in my guestbook, especially the ones you leave in my name. You are making my day by flattering me with your time and wit. I'll continue to play this game with you as long as you want. It only feeds my insatiable ego.


Name: Fabio Oliveira
Email: fabiopma@yahoo.com.br
Date: Wed Jul 23 18:12:35 EDT 2003
I'm so glad I finaly found this site,since I saw Equilibrium last year on the threaters(3 times) I've been looking for a site like this,thank you for make me feel not the only one who lloved this film.

Name: Jaye
Email: kimmielvr@yahoo.com
Date: Thu Jul 24 10:03:11 EDT 2003
I just managed to see EQ last night. I live in Germany and it never made the theaters over here. I originally wanted to see it b/c of Sean Bean, but after seeing it...I do think it's one of the best films I've seen. Keep up the good word with the site!

Name: George
Email: georgeirwin@yahoo.ca
Date: Thu Jul 24 17:23:50 EDT 2003
Great Site. I'm happy other people like the film. I thought I was alone on the web.

Name: 'MAX'
Email: -
Date: Sat Jul 26 12:55:32 EDT 2003
Great site!!!
...That's all I have to say.

Name: Razur
Email: doubl3ag3nt@hotmail.com
Date: Sun Jul 27 03:11:39 EDT 2003
Equilibrium is the tightest movie I have ever seen, and this site is equally as good. Gunkata is the sickest shit I have EVER witnessed, and I think Preston could kick Neo's ass in any fight where Neo couldn't use his Matrix powers, and I think everyone would have to agree with me! ;)

Name: sogo
Email: sogo@mailbox.hu
Date: Wed Jul 30 03:31:17 EDT 2003
I love Preston. :)


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