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From the Set: 2
Observations of an EQ Extra by Jantek

Waiting for a colonade shooting scene

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 Observations cont.

Glowing stars in the next morning. Six o’clock. A crowd of girls, boys, women and men- a hundred people- pressed in a huge white tent. One of the German wardrobe ladies gave me my guard clothes and a too small black shirt. With her chilled view and unnerved voice, like the days before, I had to fight for well fitting clothes again.

On the first morning, when I brought some own black "rebel" clothes and accessories, a Hollywood-enamoured-with-himself wardrobe man watched me with disbelieve, that someone else could have their own idea- but then he liked it, instead of the tasteless rags of their stuff. During which a not-in-charge lady beside him watched me with a hateful view: A silly and really unimportant extra has ONLY to take and act orders without any explanation.

So began the third day. But I was so happy to take part again- in my guard dress, bullet proof and armed with a plastic pistol then with a machine pistol during shooting (an old one from the Federal Border Guard). Our job was: Standing on the top of the stairs, behind our black masks and black helmets. I felt great, I felt stronger and invulnerable with those clothes.

East entrance in the early morn, cam and directors on left tower,
set camp on parking place (click to view)

East same entrance in 1936- visitors of the olympic games opening ceremony

before a stairs shooting scene, with briefcase- our caretaker (click to view)

A full dressed guard (click to view)

My blond partner on the stairs, became my friend during these two days. We hadn’t served our army duty time. Instead, in Germany, you have to complete a civil service for 15 months (now less) in hospital, church or anywhere, after you have written a justified refusal of why you don’t want to learn to kill anybody.

So now, we really enjoyed, loved and lived our part- without any stupid duty. And whenever the film team prepared a new take or during lunch or any break, we played the evil guys with these "paralysed people" and took picture stories. I don’t wonder anymore why those dressed as police guys are so much more aggressive than other ones- the dress, this non-touchable tank suit, changes you into a fighting machine. Or can, if you forget yourself.

arrest of a suspected caretaker-1 (click to view)

arrest of a suspected caretaker-2 (click to view)

arrest of a suspected caretaker-3 (click to view)

my partner during lunch (click to view)

That boy, Vladimir, on the truck must have had a special experience. Behind the machine gun, upon that white-sprayed foam-cannon, he seemed to have an attractive job. Until he climbed down completely shattered- after hours of being enveloped in clouds of exhaust.

Beside this, it was- for all, I guess- a hard day standing and waiting for the next shooting. And there was a familiar mood on set, my girlfriend, who took part, told me. All equally dressed, burghers and the group of guards.

Colonade scene, watching- our suspected cleric, through the tunnel- stadium rebuilding (click to view)

we arrest a suspected cleric (click to view)

Christian Bale had some swart fight exercises in a tent beside the stadium forecourt with his partner during brakes. On set, he was that quiet Preston, like the days before.

The next set locations were the bell tower of the stadium, a new bike stadium and the old airport Tempelhof.

And here I can add something from the "Underground set" about the actors…

You know, C.Bale wasn’t by himself the whole time in that oven room…sometimes the directors, several crew members were with him, silently talking. But when I saw him alone, there was that kind of aura. One could feel and see- he lives Preston (whom I didn’t know). Without diversion. And this aura he gave to his environment as a presence, set it alight. There was a great atmosphere of respect, sensitivity for the actors down there. Intensive. That was really impressive. W. Fichtner treated us very gently. So we extras were not only ordered to "do this or that" but to be involved (as his people). In a low voice talking, you could sense that you had to be sensitive with that room he gave us within his concentration. Then again, he went off to prepare himself…

…and from Klaus Kinski`s (died in San Francisco 1992) first book "I’m so wild about your strawberry mouth" an extract about his early, intensive acting: (…) I have solved the secret. You have to get very quiet and subordinate to the situation of the scene, to take the surroundings, persons in, have second thoughts where you are. The script then comes all by itself. And the sense of the script decides the emotion of your soul. The rest attends the life, which you have to live, without taking care of. (…) That takes of course boundless phantasy, which you, when it begins to unfold, have to cut against all outer influences, in order not to confuse it. That demands of its price. You get so over sensitive, that you cannot live under normal circumstances at all any more. Therefore the hours between the performances are the worst. Or you have that murderously bad luck, to come by a theatre or partner, who destroys this tissue, from which arises the biggest power of the actor, by their coarseness. Then one becomes either the victim or defends oneself vigorously. In both cases one suffers like a swine.

Other Historical Images of the Olympiad

olympiad 1936, view from northwest, middle- Hitlers Führer box, on top- press cabins (click to view)

olympiad in 1936 from north (click to view)