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Sense Offense
Equilibrium Fan Articles

  The Collection

by Simon Pagano

Equilibrium Firearms List:

A look at the various guns and firearms used in the film.

by Cleric Wolf
The Martial Solution:
The role of the
Grammaton Cleric in Libria

Rome was not built in a day and the many roads that supposedly lead to it also took a lifetime to perfect, much of Libria’s technology would have been at first, the remains of the old world.

by Shawn Novinger
Influences in Equilibrium

Now, most anyone who has seen Equilibrium can say, at some point or another during the film, “Hey! That’s familiar!” Yes, it most likely is.

by Judas Austin
Ideas on Libria's Timeline

...if the Nethers are anything to go by, WW3 devastated the entire continent. Libria would have to be practically rebuilt from scratch, since I find it hard to believe that any war would be obliging enough to leave an entire city inside its walls untouched.