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Sense Offenses
Equilibrium Fan Poetry

All of the following are contributions by avid fans of the film.  Those who wish to submit their writings, do so to Eqfansite@aol.com or on the website's Message Board

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I feel their presence even as dawn arrives.
I see them everywhere.
I cannot escape!
They are the ones who have fallen for my hand.
They are white, ghostly shapes who transcends
into faces for an instant before floating out
into a mass.
I recognize every one of those faces.
For they appear in my dreams at night…

- Electra Montoya


I feel the cold draft of death swirl around me.
I have set the rules for this game and I am
the master in the dark, silent shadows
who owns ultimate power.
Why was I not wiser?
I found a man who had the capacity
to feel and didn`t yet know it.
I created a "monster" and now it has
turned on it`s "creator"!
Why did I not see this forthcoming?

- Electra Montoya


He was nothing more than a statue who seemed to belong
to the world of the living.
An ultimate enforcer.
But one day the clear yellow liquid did not flourish in his veins.
The little ampule had fallen onto the floor and instantly
transformed itself to a little wet pile filled with tiny parts
of glass.
Now it`s content no longer held back the flood of strange things
that he sensed was emotions.
Now he no longer was a statue.
He was A MAN.
A man that lived to the outmost point of living and who was not
going to be stopped.
Not by any other human, nor by the very state itself for it
would crumble and vaporize into nothingness now that
he no longer stood by it`s side.
He was mesmerized by the slightest hint of emotion
and he would gladly pay whatever the price to see
life itself rejuvenated in the hollow shells that
walked on the streets of Libria......

- Electra Montoya


I cannot walk with you.
I cannot see what you see.
I cannot feel what you feel.
For your presence has been erased from this world.
Now I am left alone with a dilemma in my mind.
Shall I be Father`s weapon against the Underground?
Or shall I turn and become a champion in that world?
Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma...

- Electra Montoya


There is so much love, there is so much hate,
Why have they not been eradicated to this date?
Emotions are banned, because they create too much problem
at their own hand.
Yet I am intrigued by their presence, and they fill all of my senses.
Now I know that they are worth fighting for, and I will not leave
Father until he is bleeding and is sour.
I was His instrument towards the Underground, but now I am his
worst enemy and I am no longer by His will bound.

- Electra Montoya

Men in black

They may come at night, they may come at dawn and I
am the dying swan.
They are dressed in midnight black with faces carved out
of rock, leaving no hint of any thought.
But there is one in that human wave of death which hasen`t
made up his mind just yet.
Then there is still hope for humanity that is becomes critical
of the ones in power and regains it`s sanity.

- Electra Montoya


There is darkness all around me,
even though my desk is fluorished
in the purest of light.
But no mortal can see the darkness,
For it only exists in my mind.
The darkness are the black
cloak that I have allowed
to be pulled over my head,
to shield my eyes from
the truth.
But now I have awaken,
awaken in triumph in the
face of yet another day.
I live, I breath, I feel.
Now that I know it,
can I really take it?
Is it really worth the price?
I pay it gladly…..

- Electra Montoya

Uncomprimising Servants

In dark cloath they ascend
down the stairs.
Father`s elite number.
There can not exist any human
being that would take these
adverseries lightly.
For they are a terror to meet
in battle.
One can NOT achieve victory
against a Tetragrammaton agent,
one can only loose horribly.
One cannot wish for any mercy,
for they do not know it.
They are Father`s uncomprimising servants,
the most gruesome foe that you can ever have.
So pray that they will not locate you,
for there are really no words that can
tell of the fate you would suffer.

- Electra Montoya

At What Prize Freedom?

The echoes of his guilt resonated in his head
He had his freedom but he wished for death
A bloody vengeance but many dead friends
He led a revolution with out a soul
A dead best friend he’d never known
A rotting wife he hadn’t love
He was a hero the people cried
He missed the lover he never had
The one sweet kiss that was now marred
The smell of burning flesh that cut his heart
Tabula Rasa he dared and hoped
Yet all he saw was death and gore
At what prize freedom, He asked himself
When all he wanted was gone in flames
He hated feelings, he missed his drug
He went quite crazy one rainy night
He burn himself just like old days
He never mentioned he went insane
And in his memoirs a lie he wrote
The prize of freedom he said
Is worth all things even your loved one’s death

- Mallory