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DVD Commentaries

This section of the site offers transcripts of the DVD commentaries by writer/director Kurt Wimmer & producer Lucas Foster.  My gratitude to all those who have helped me bring this project to the site!! Thank you!!

  First Commentary: Kurt Wimmer

1. Man's Inhumanity To Man
2. An Unfeeling Society
3. The Prodigal Cleric
4. A Heavy Cost
5. A New Morning
6. Existence And Purpose
7. Awaking Emotions
8. Signs Of Remorse
9. Doubting Father?
10. A Big Mistake
11. "He's A Sense Offender!"
12. Questions For Mary
13. Contacting The Resistance
14. Incineration
15. Nothing To Hide
16. "Not Without Incident"
17. Paying The Price

A very special thanks to Silencer, Libby, g3po, ChronosX, Coolhand, Trinity, & Walldude for their assistance with this project!! Also thanks to all who have contributed screen captures & stills to the site.