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Equilibrium DVD
Region 1 - USA/Canada

  Cover Scan (click for larger image)


  • Release: May 13, 2003 (Can. May 20)
  • Distributor: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
  • Region 1
  • Keep Case
  • Anamorphic Widescreen - 2.35
  • Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 - English
  • Close Captioned

  • Additional Release Material:
    • Audio Commentary - also see transcripts
      • 1. Kurt Wimmer - Director
      • 2. Kurt Wimmer - Director, Lucas Foster - Producer
    • Featurette - 1. FINDING EQUILIBRIUM
    • Interactive Features:
      • Scene Access
      • Interactive Menus

  • Release Info:
    • Color Film
    • Letterboxed
    • Year Released: 2002
    • RunTime: 107 Min
    • USA Rating: R (for violence)
    • Release Language: English
    • Original Language: English
  • Scene Index
1. Man's Inhumanity to Man [7:28]
2. An Unfeeling Society [4:12]
3. The Prodigal Cleric [3:08]
4. A Heavy Cost [5:43]
5. A New Morning [4:52]
6. Existence and Purpose [4:39]
7. Awakening Emotions [6:42]
8. Signs of Remorse [7:59]
9. Doubting Father? [2:34]
10. A Big Mistake [9:03]
11. "He's A Sense Offender" [6:25]
12. Questions for Mary [3:17]
13. Contacting the Resistance [5:19]
14. Incineration [3:11]
15. Nothing to Hide [8:47]
16. "Not Without Incident" [5:07]
17. Paying the Price [5:42]
18. End Credits [5:53]

from ign.dvd.com - "the DVD will feature Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, a 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer, an audio commentary by the Director, an as-yet untitled featurette, and the films' trailer." - (thanks to nouseforaname @ CHUD forum)

DVD News sumitted by Gio

According to DDD (who have it available for pre-order ), we're looking at TWO commentaries. One with Wimmer, another with Kurt and producer Lucas Foster.

The featurette is called "Finding Equilibrium". My guess is it'll chronicle the efforts of Chewers (
CHUD.com regulars) frantically searching for once-a-day showtimes in theaters.
(special thanks!)


Equilibrium Region 1 DVD Promotion Card
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This page sized promotion card for Equilibrium was sent out to various retailers
  so that advanced orders could be placed.

Fan Created DVD Insert
(click for larger view)

Since the DVD was issued minus an insert with chapter listing Gavin D. has created one himself. You can either right click on image to save or left click to go to a printable page. A very special thanks to Gavin for allowing me to include it on the site.

Since some fans are having a difficult time with the official cover art for the DVD I thought this might be a fun means for them to release their pent up creative expression.

 by Matt Goldberg

Click for larger view...

Variation by Rio

Click for larger view...

Notes for Rio's version - "The quote at the top is not in the same order as the actual line, but I thought it better matched the faces and storyline in that order. Love=Mary, Sorrow=Preston, Anger=Brandt, and Preston goes through love (his wife through Mary in effigy), sorrow (over the incinerations) and anger (Not without incident!)." (Also note that the guns are actually firing.)