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Equilibrium Commentary
Kurt Wimmer &
Lucas Foster

9. Doubting Father?

Transcription by Cardinal

Kurt: This is the...

Lucas: This is the inside of that set we were talking about earlier, the Glockenterm,  it's that, the inside of that building.

Kurt: Cathedral-like. And I remember you were concerned about these words back there.

Lucas: Yeah, there are some pretty interesting, uh, words written on the wall in that building.

Kurt: Well it's Ger... it's German... it's in German and, um, we didn't really know what it said but it's done in this, it was done in World War Two, or just prior to World War Two and done in this heavily, uh, Germanic style that was all the rage and very recognisable.  And we didn't know what it said.  I was gonna shoot here no matter what and, uh, Lucas was worried though,

Lucas: Just slightly concerned. (laughs)

Kurt: (laughs)...and I said, um, "Hey, don't worry about it.  We won't light it" you know its just so.. (laughs)

Lucas: (laughs)

Kurt: ...but a great set, you know.

Lucas: Yeah.

Kurt: Great, cheap set.

Lucas: It didn't cost us anything , you know, anything to build and we got a lot of value out of places like that where we just shot these massive buildings and edifices that people constructed like, you know, the Templehof airport or the subway set that you're seeing.

Kurt: You know, it's a matter of opinion, uh, whether this looks like a twenty-million dollar film or not.  I don't think it does, um, I think it looks like more than a twenty-million dollar film and that all comes back to making decisions like that, finding, um, you know, sets that will work for this scene, uh, that, you know, cost the same as other sets that would work that will convey...

Lucas: Hey, there's my box!

Kurt: there's... that's right, that's his box! And, um, you know, and using them and making what hopefully, intelligent choices about that to give scope to a film.

Lucas: That's in part why we went to Berlin, I mean, I think we made a conscious choice to try to, you know, find this stuff in real life and... and there were a lot of other places we could have gone in the world from, you know, we talked about Brazil and we talked about Romania...

Kurt: That's right.

Lucas: ...and various other places, and we looked at a lot of location photos and we sent scouts out and we... we ultimately decided Berlin had the most interesting mix of, kind of old and new, and uh...

Kurt: That's right... it... it is a unique mix, actually, of, uh,  old, I mean, and we wanted the sort of nineteenth century architecture.  It didn't really work out at the end of the day but, you know, Dupont's office, we were hoping we could get to shoot more of these german palaces and ended up having to... having to build it, which is kind of taxing.  But, uh, and then obviously we wanted the fascist architecture and then we wanted some of the, sort of the futuristic architecture that's been built there.