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Equilibrium Commentary
Kurt Wimmer

5. A New Morning

Transcription by Libby

...and not only that, but it seems to me that when you start telling people... when a Government body starts telling people who they can hate, it is the same thing or at least the beginning of...and I may just have a sort of simplistic understanding of it, but it is the beginning of telling them who they can love and I have a certain amount of trouble with that.

This is the lovely Maria Pia Calzone.

She is not, you may notice, the exact same woman who is Preston's wife Viviana, when she is being taken away to be incinerated later in the film. That woman's name was Alexa Summer and she was a very drop-dead beautiful model and we filmed that incineration scene first and when we came to film this scene, she was nowhere to be found. We couldn't locate her and so we had to scramble and find a look-alike and I was very fortunate to get Maria and not a single person, I should say, has noticed.

That was the Director speaking there.

He's grey, she's colourful. They both become colourful. She's colour. He's grey.

They were leading here into the scene where he drops his vial of Prozium. It was originally called Librium until I found out that there was a real drug that did something very similar...so I changed the name.

You know I never think I got the delivery vehicle for the Prozium quite correct. It was all centred around...sort of reverse-engineered from the idea that I wanted it to be a glass ampoule that..er.. and we could have this definitive moment where it shattered -a kind of point of no return, so that the audience could make the judgement as to whether it in fact it was accidental or subconscious. So anyway it centred around that, so I had to reverse-engineer the delivery vehicle and I never think I ever quite got it right, it's sort of a wonky little device, but that's how that happened.

Matthew Harbour. This is the one actor that the studio insisted I hire.

I had another young man who I wanted to hire who I thought I liked more. I also liked Matthew - he was my second choice. But for some reason the Studio put their foot down and insisted that I hire him. At the end of the day now, I am very glad that they did because he proved to be prepared, intelligent, talented...calm, which is very unusual for a young actor and more importantly than that, he had an essential character that the audience was able to connect with, such that, as cold as he is through most of the movie, they were rooting for him when he turned at the end and in fact the scene where he reveals himself to be off the Prozium was repeatedly cited as the audience's favourite scene in the film and that's something you can never predict.

This is a digital enhancement of a building that is attached to Hitler's Olympic Stadium called the Glockenturm.

See, here's another one of these fire trucks. Wolf had actually wanted to build a shell over this truck and use the truck simply for it's engine, but I said "Hey, I think the truck's great. Let's leave it as it is."

Taye had just learned to drive and er..'cos he grew up and lived in New York, I guess, and he actually almost ran over a few people there.

Exterior of the Templehof.

Do you hear that, he just said "Maybe I'll drop by later and get my interval adjusted." This implies that Taye's character is either under or over-medicated. Somebody suggested it's the latter, which would also go some distance to explaining why he expresses emotion occasionally.