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Kurt Wimmer

3. The Prodigal Cleric

Transcription by Silencer

Here we are on the exterior of Hitler's olympic stadium, the Reichsportwelt and it takes us into the interior of DuPont's office,

... which I think is the reason why my very talented production designer Wolf Kroeger got involved with this project. It's uh, almost identical to the way I wrote it. This gigantic minimalist office with this gigantic glassless T window in the background. I think that captured his imagination, for some reason, and made him want to do the film. I have to say, I think Wolf is a genius.

For instance, there are these steps in this office here; maybe we'll see them in just a moment when we make the cut. Yeah, I think they're coming up right here. See these steps behind him (DuPont), I could only look out that window a certain number of times because it was a green screen shot. Every time I looked out that window, it would be a relatively expensive 2D or 3D for me, so I told the producers "listen, I'll be a responsible director and I won't see that shot out that window", and you'll see that the frame cuts off right at the bottom of the window. So, had there been less steps, as Wolf had wanted, then I would have had to crane the camera up to a really ungracious angle on Angus MacFadyen which I really didn't want to do. So I said "there are going to have to be more steps, Wolf" and this is the kind of thing that drives a perfectionist like Wolf Kroeger absolutely nuts, because he had figured out with mathematical certainty how many steps would go into the proportions of this office, and I totally respect that ethic of working, however, I was dealing with a much more practical universe, and at the end of the day, fortunately I had the final say in it and we ended up with more steps rather than less. But I don't think anybody actually notices at the end of the day.

You know, when I cast Christian, I cast him based on his performance in American Psycho where he did some pretty awful things, but I found him to be imminently likable throughout the entire film, and I thought that was a quality characteristic that this character would need to get through the first act and have the audience stay with him. But I never could have imagined how perfect he could have been for this role.

This scene was shot in a garage...

...this is a great example of, you know when your on tech scouts and everybody's always talking about "well, we'll just let the backgrounds fade to black" and there's always a really nervous look on their face when they say it like everybody standing around knows it's bullshit but we don't have the money to fix it so lets pretend like we don't have to. But this is a really great example of Dion (Beebe) creating a set out of nothing but light, he simply painted this space with light and created a set. And hey, what do you know? The backgrounds do go to black and it can be done and it does work.