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Kurt Wimmer

17. Paying The Price  

Transcription by Walldude

Uh.. a lot of people love this, some people don't. It's just a matter of taste. I personally like my heroes to just whip ass and that's that. At the end of the day it's a fantasy. From my point of view, action is how men express romance on film. Whether it be romance for family, wives, children, king, country, it doesn't matter. They express their love by whipping ass in the name of one or the other of the above.

When I was growing up and fantasizing about whipping ass, which is what boys do, and maybe even adults, like me, I can promise you that in my fantasy you didn't get a few good licks in.  I kicked your ass in a commanding fashion, with compelling punctuation.  And so I'm simply translating my fantasies onto celluloid here and that's what you're getting.

I always find it annoying when in a climatic fight in a film, when the bad guy is beating up the good guy because I find it boring. There's no suspense there.  We all know that eventually the fight is going to turn and the good guy is going to win, so in my conception lets get on with it.  It's a fantasy after all and since it's a fantasy lets not make our dream girl gorgeous except she's got a wooden leg. So when Christian is back to his cold-blooded killer self, Taye doesn't stand a chance and by the way neither does anyone else.

(Taye's face slides off)

The audience always enjoys that, and it always kind of interests me because I've seen plenty of movies like Blade 2 that are infinitely more gory and they have plenty of that stuff.   But uh, the individual scenes don't get nearly the response and not because it's executed any worse because it's not.  But I think it's because there's nothing like it prior to this in this film, and it sort of stands out and is not swamped by other similar things in the film.

When I watch these fight scenes I kind of cringe a bit because I know we could have done them so much better but we had so little time to shoot this and often times we only had one take especially if it was something that involved multiple squibs because the reset times simply would have killed us.

This was the best we could do by the way in terms of our resources as far as creating a sumptuous and hypocritical office for Dupont because the Germans, contrary to what I was hoping, were not about to let us shoot in some of the magnificent palaces they have there in Berlin, but that would have been great.

I always wish we would have opened the doors a little longer and we would have held on that shot with the dead guys out there.

( 2 guards drop, blood dripping on Preston's neck)

That was a moment of slightly broad comedy which doesn't really work.  I've concluded I'm not good at it and I'll just stick with the action.

A lot of people said the production design was kind of ripping off Metropolis with those cityscapes.  Um, I'm not sure these people have even seen Metropolis in recent times. This cityscape looks nothing like Metropolis. I drew almost all my inspiration for the cityscapes here and the design of the city from Hugh Ferriss, an early 20th century conceptual artist.

You know in the final analysis this film was eviscerated by the critics.  It was really vilified in a measure that I've usually only seen reserved for established directors who make a 100 million dollar flop and I don't fully understand it but I believe in chivalry still, and good, bad, black and white.  And I don't think it's a movie for cynics but I'm not a cynic and hopefully I'll be making movies forever.

(Us too Kurt!! (Walldude insert))

I'm out - Kurt Wimmer