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Kurt Wimmer

16. "Not Without Incident" 

Transcription by Walldude

I'll give you a coke if you can tell me where I stole this shot from.


I can tell I'm gonna go bankrupt now from having to buy people cokes.

This is David Hemmings who was a very big actor back in the 60's and is starting to regain some steam again. You may have seen him in Gladiator.

This scene reflects the fact that there was a pair of scenes that I cut out earlier in the film where Preston accompanies Dupont on his way to see Father, where he actually passes through this room and continues down, and establishes the quote, unquote, hall of mirrors as I called it, all the way to the doors, quote, unquote, to Fathers office. What this did was establish that after he exits this room here he passes through a pair of metal detectors which determine whether he is armed or not and he surrenders his guns there. You'll actually be able to see them momentarily...

...Taye is wearing black now to indicate that he has been promoted to a Grammaton Cleric First Class....

You see them right here behind these guys, are the metal detectors. In any case, having taken those scenes out now it simply appears to be an oversight that he wasn't searched for guns before reaching this room, when in fact it's just after this room that he is searched, or would technically be searched for guns before entering the gauntlet that leads to Fathers office. The scenes were taken out for pacing purposes.

Sean Pertwee, another very fine English actor, who I was lucky to have in this film. He has a great voice and he works all the time in commercials in London and he was kind enough to come over from London and help us out.

The idea behind this scene was, in the initial Kendo scene where Christian is battling Taye, Taye does get the best of Christian in that scene. But that's because Christian, in my interpretation, but that's because Christian, or Preston is overcome with the flood of uncustomary emotions at that time. And in this scene, he clearly at the end of it, he sheds those emotions as is indicated by the polygraph, and uh, becomes once again the cold god of death, and everyone in the room knows instantly that that's an extremely bad thing for them. Let's watch...

That guy was a serious actor and it was very hard to get that semi-comical expression out of him.

(Preston throws the 2 clips down the hall)

I'd like to point out that was not done with wires there.  There are no wires whatsoever in this film. I think a lot of people thought the film was full of wires for some reason.

One of the interesting things about this scene is that although I really, really didn't want to, the only music I could get to compete with the gunfire, was to use guitars. And so I was constantly asking Klaus even though I know he would joke about it behind my back, I was constantly asking him to give me a piece that included what I called Wagnerian guitars for this scene.

So.. Christian kicks everybody's ass and he doesn't have a scratch on him.