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Production Info

Filming Dates - Oct. 19, 2000 to Dec. 10, 2000

  • Berlin, Germany
  • Rome, Lazio, Italy
  • $20 Million

"...the shooting schedule was 54 days, preproduction 11 weeks and I cut for nearly a year."
- Kurt Wimmer, CHUD Message Board

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  • DVD Commentary Transcripts - "I always thought that 1984 was about socialism and Fahrenheit 451 was about Mccarthyism while for me this particular film was about numbness. It's about numbness I think as brought on by over saturation potentially from the media. It's about numbness that is brought on by self-medication, whether it be over the counter or under the counter...any of the ways that we have made ourselves insensible to the environment around us."

  • Interview with CHUD - "What I based the Grammaton Clerics on was sort of a cross-section of a number of the aesthetic warriorhoods that existed throughout history like the mamluks who were slave warriors and were often castrated, which is not to say they felt nothing, but there were certainly some things they didn't feel..."
  • An Artist's View of EQ - Interview with Steve Werblun, EQ Storyboard Artist - I just wanted to convey to you my delight and surprise to discover that the world was finally discovering as well as appreciating something that I had known for years now...that "Equilibrium" is a tremendous cinematic achievement...or as I told Kurt the night I saw it for the very first time; "...it's an art-house, sci-fi/action masterpiece....!"
  • Through the Eye of An Artist - Interview with Mark Bristol, EQ Storyboard Artist - "Kurt is very sure of what he wants. He has clearly thought about the shots in his head and is simply using my talents to bring them to life. At times I would add a shot if I thought the sequence needed another beat. I'd also suggest some new shots from time to time - but for the most part I was simply creating Kurt's vision."
  • Editing EQ's Music - Interview with Richie Nieto - "...there was a period of heavy editing, basically putting a puzzle together piece by piece. Some themes jumped out right away, like the burning of the Mona Lisa and the first showing of Libria; others took a lot of time to find a scene where they worked."

  • Klaus Badelt & Company Working on EQ - Scroll to the bottom of this German website and see an image of Equilibrium's scoring session with Klaus Badelt, Richie Nieto, and Geoff Zanelli.

Theatrical Release Dates
(Some with Official Equilibrium Websites)

  • USA: Dec. 6/02 (301 screens)
  • United Kingdom: Mar. 14/03
  • Japan: Mar. 29/03
    (Title: Rebellion)
  • Netherlands: May 8/03
  • Austria: May 16/03
    (Title: Die Skrupellosen)
  • Russia: May 18/03

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