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Gun Kata Wallpaper - Kurt Wimmer Cameo

Download Cameo Wallpaper by Roy Batty here

 Kurt Wimmer on His Cameo

I was actually in the film in two places - primarily because we didn't have the money to pay anyone. In the first instance, it is in the beginning crawl/narration where some guy in silhouette is doing the gun kata. I shot that in an empty warehouse with just a pair of lights on the wall. It was done after principal photography when I was trying to figure out the right balance of info to ease the audience into the film. To find and hire a dancer or athlete would have required paying them not only for their performance on the day, but to spend several days to a week learning gun-kata choreography which would have meant more expense than we could afford at that point (which was approx. 0$'s).

Kurt Wimmer Cameo Gif - Equilibrium
Wimmer's 2nd Cameo
Capture created by corinthian (thanks!!)

So I bit the bullet and did it. I felt it was important to set the audience's expectations because without that bit about the Grammaton Cleric there is the risk that the unindoctrinated audience would think that, given what proceeds the 'dark room'shootout' that this was a contemporary action movie and, consequently, Preston's seemingly miraculous abilities in the dark room might have come off as silly. Looong way of saying that's why I was willing to go through the trouble of shooting it myself. The second instance is when the rebel is pushed up against the column in the warehouse raid and executed. We probably could have afforded to pay someone at the that point but everyone wants to get shot in a film and that sort of thing is considered a stunt ($$), and so, is not an insignificant cost - so I figured if I could do it, it would be fun and the money would be welcome elsewhere in the film.

Cameo Production Videos
Behind the scenes videos of the filming of
Kurt Wimmer's cameo.

  Motercycle Flip & Wire Fu

Atlanta Q&A: Kurt Wimmer

No - no wires in that scene or anywhere else in the film. Christian's stunt double (Mike Smith) was a champion college diver from Texas. I asked him if he could do a lay-out gainer. He said yes, but it was a more difficult dive than I anticipated but, anyway, we put a mini-tramp right behind the motorcycle and he did the flip off that. The cut hides the transition and the fact that he's slightly further forward into the frame than he should be.

Sci Fi Online: Jim Vickers Interview

DR: I also understand there was no wire work used in the fighting sequences. Was this something that you consciously wanted to avoid?

JV: Yes, absolutely. I am not a big fan of wire work unless the script is trying to go beyond what we perceive as "real". We use wire work in certain aspects of film work to enhance the performance. In movies like The Matrix, X-Men and Spiderman we are trying to suspend reality so the use of wire work in those types of film is understandable. In a film like Equilibrium, we are not trying to suspend reality to that degree.

Equilibrium Motorcycle Flip

 Other Scenes

DVD Commentary: The bokken scene

... these wooden, sort of, kendo-like swords that they're fighting with...

Lucas: ...And we broke all of them.

Kurt: We broke all of them.

Lucas: These guys were really whacking on each other for real.  They both give, we, Vickers gave them a lot of training.

Kurt: No stuntmen for this.

Lucas: Yeah, they beat on each other with these wooden kendo things and they broke every single one of them.

... people talk about this scene a lot because I think if I'm not mistaken it's the first time it's been done on film. And it seems so obvious, hand trapping with guns but nobody's ever done it and I'm glad that we Americans were the ones who were able to invent this.

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