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Equilibrium Multimedia: Posters
Japanese Mini Poster/Flyer

(Equilibrium is the property & courtesy of Dimension Films)

A very special thanks to Yuka (Alex) for the scan as well as the translation.


- Top -

I upset the world!

- Middle -

"Speed", "Twister"
Jan de Bont produces

At last, a new millennium of action has kicked off!
 It is GUN=KATA action!!

(Title - the Biggest line)

"American Psycho" Christian Bale "Red Dragon" Emily Watson

- Bottom -

In the near future, a man who knows (Gun=Kata)
the ultimate fighting martial arts,

smashes a brainwashed nation!!

Reverse Side

- Top -

The dawn of an unexperienced new action millennium!!

With cool guns he lays himself open to his many enemies, then dodges bullets by narrow margins, and cuts off his enemies instantaneously - The innovative fighting style which leads 21st century's action is here... GUN=KATA.

GUN-KATA, through analysis of thousands of recorded gunfights, allows him to stand in his enemies' blind corner and cut them off instantly. It is an invincible KATA (style) which fuses Oriental martial arts including Kendo, Karate etc with gun techniques. Holding two guns in Kendo form, he then pulls the triggers of the guns with graceful and dynamic bearing. He moves with speed and powerful motion like you've never seen. Has anyone seen a GUN=KATA action film before ... such beauty and power? The key word is GUN=KATA and you can find out more about it.

- Middle -

(Across Preston's Chest)
Shooting up the screen, the ultimate martial arts - GUN=KATA!

(2 lines in white letters)
He is shattering a brainwashed nation with the best of martial arts. A human-weapon, a Cleric.
He, himself, rebels against the state alone!!

After a Third World War, leaders who survive establish an absolutely police state. People must take Prozium, suppressing all their emotions, and through authoritarian rule a ban on paintings, films, poetry and even music - anything that promotes the expression of feelings - is imposed. Preston is a First Class Cleric who clamps down on the rebels and carries out his commission for state. However, he begins to have doubts with his arrest of Mary. The new, slightest feelings inside of him evolve, becoming bigger and bigger. He then, by himself, throws down the gauntlet against a brainwashed state with the magnum-force of martial arts, GUN=KATA.

(under the pictures)
http://www.amuse-pictures.com/rebellion Producer:Jan de Bont Cast:Christian Bale, Emily Watson Director:Kurt Wimmer


- Bottom -

March 29th (Sat) <Explodes> Road Show!!