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Sense Offenses
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Enjoy the various Equilibrium themed games & interactives that were created by other fans of the movie.

  The Collection

  Equilibrium Max Payne 2 MOD: Hall of Mirrors

Completed Project by MisterAndersen, Rico, & their team.  For more info, multimedia, & downloads please see the official site

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Which Equilibrium Character Are You?
(created by Resistance Member JudasFm)

  Judas' Equilibrium Adventure Game
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Note:  if you get an error message please download later.

"Firstly, this is an ADVENTURE game with an actual storyline to it, not a 'point mouse at enemy and blow up, repeat ad nauseum' game. Secondly, you're a party girl from the 21st century, so the chances of your knowing Gun-Kata are pretty remote. And thirdly, I'm not that good an animator. : P  Like I said, I write adventure games, not action ones. If I do the sequel to this, you might be able to do Gun-Kata in that one. I'm not sure." - From the PFAQ

If you have comments or other questions not covered in the PFAQ (Potentially Frequently Asked Questions) of the HOW TO PLAY file please see this Message Board thread

  Equilibrium On-line RPG

Join the adventure of this EQ roll playing game created by Angelus44 and experience the film with other fans first hand. If you are interested in participating you can find the forum here.

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