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Equilibrium Fans Unite: Report
UK Screening, Feb. 3, 2007

-- JenGe, February 2007

Saturday, February 3 saw a number of Equilibrium & Christian Bale fans join forces in the city of Derby, UK for a screening of EQ.   Though our numbers were relatively few the excitement sparked the air with conversations, laughter, and camaraderie.   Of those present only two had witnessed the film on a large scale and knew what lay ahead.


Months ago the hajj began when Frivolity, a resistance member, announced that a screening of the film just might be possible in her home town.  The journey to Derby for a number of Equilibrium and Bale fans had begun.  Recognized by the symbol of a red ribbon, the pilgrims greeted each other at a restaurant in Derby and then proceeded to the university for the showing.

Equilibrium on a large screen, as many agreed, is a vastly superior experience by comparison to most home viewing options. 
Frivolity - "I can't get over how different the film was on the big screen from the DVD. The lighting was so different, harder, cleaner."
Libby - "I saw so many things that I'd forgotten ( having been a lucky one who saw EQ in the cinema) and that aren't clear on the DVD...all the stuff in Mary's room and even the texture of the fabric on Preston's jacket. And yes the lighting was far better...it seemed much edgier. The sound ... was sharper and the whole surround-sound-echo bit when Father was speaking was excellent."
JenGe - "[Equilibrium] loses a lot in the translation especially the Strobe Shooting in my opinion. The film seems much grander and immense in the theater. The bleakness of their society, their world much more stark."
Mirabilis - "The movie was just SOOOO much better on the big screen...and for me...I just noticed more background sounds than on the DVD....but it was just seeing it THAT size and with all my EQ buddies that made it so special."


It was indeed a special event and there are plans for more such in the future since many fans were unable to join us this time around.
Thank you Friv for making a re-visiting of EQ possible and for us to experience with each other the camaraderie and love for the film.

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