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Banners & Buttons

This page offers a number of buttons & banners most designed by Equilibrium fans. Please feel free to use them on message boards or websites.

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  Recent Additions
 By Cleric Wilkinson
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  Equilibrium Fansite Banners

Equilibrium Button

These were created specifically for webmasters or message board posters to
link to this site.

 88 X 31 Buttons


  Fan Creations

All of these have been created by resistance member Cleirc Wilkinson. I am more than honored to include them on the site.

Feel free to use these as is or add your own text.
(click to view actual size)

If you wish to submit any of your own work to the site or know of other links please contact me, JenGe, at Eqfansite@aol.com or post items on the site's message board.  Note - it usually takes me about a week or more to get things on the site.