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Welcome to the fan video & music section.  Please enjoy these creations by other fans of the movie.  If you wish to submit any of your own work to the site or know of other links please contact me, JenGe, at Eqfansite@aol.com or post items on the site's message board

Note: if you get an error message for on-site files please try again later.

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  Recent Additions

UPDATED: New Equilibrium Music Videos

On the boards ViDawn wrote: ... I've just finished a new EQ vid to "Kryptonite" - and not sure if you all knew that I remade my "Bodies" vid to the entire song this time.

Hope you like them.
  Download here Watch here
On the boards frivolity wrote: ...it's a sensible one.  I hope you like it.

Set to Enigma's "Return To Innocence".

On the boards Eithne Ame wrote: ... I've tried to make some "epic" video to show a huge number of people serving the great system - uncompromising machines obeying the will of their leader.

Music is "Fundamentum" by Lesiem. Sounds great, but the song is in Latin and I don't understand a word...

Download here

On the boards Kristin wrote: ...I made a new Equilibrium music video called "Touched." It features the tense relationship between Preston and Mary. He is tottering on the brink of awakening his emotions, and falls over the edge into her eyes.

  Music Mixes

  • Equilibrium Music Mixs by TrentPraeger
    1: A mix of dialog from the film to a tecno beat...

MP3(.zip)  -


2: Emotions Mix - Audio mix of dialog from the film with a light tecno beat...


  Music Videos

 On Site

  • Equilibrium/Terrible Lies by NoClockThing
On the boards NoClockThing wrote: 

This Friday night I decided to have some fun and installed a trial version of an old video cutting prog I had lying around someplace. 24 hours and little sleep later, I had my first vid, but then the rendering nightmare started... now it's finally finished...

  • Equilibrium/Summer Moved On by Eithne Ame
On the boards Eithne Ame wrote: Oh well... That's my very first video...

...The idea is that the first things Preston feels are sadness, misery, pain and suffering. At least, I've tried to focus on those...

...And, oh... no action scenes included

Images to Poem by Taproot...

 Off Site

On her site frivolity wrote: Equilibrium is one of my very favourite films. I love the Cleric. Thank you, Kurt Wimmer for creating something so very, very special. Fingers crossed he doesn't send me for summary combustion for being so....fluffsome with his fabulous film.

On the boards Kristin1228 wrote:

I just made a music video for Equilibrium. Living in a cold, futuristic world where emotions are forbidden and kept dormant through the use of drugs, John Preston's feelings are awakened after missing his usual dose. This video features Preston's conquest to overthrow the regime and come to term with his own feelings.

Equilibrium Music video set to Pompeii by E.S.Posthumus created by MisterAnderson

  • Music Videos by MaWa (these are direct download links)
    • Nightmares - set to "We are the dead" by Ulver - "It's not an action video. I tried to do my best to show what's happening in Preston's tortured soul. I tried to show him as a man surrounded by death."

    • Touch of Love - "As a musical score I used here a fragment of a track called "Ecce axis mundi ars magna et ultima" by Profanum."

Clips from Equilibrium set to Linkin Park.

Download a fan created video set to "The Game" by Trapt.

  Fan Films

On the boards MisterAndersen wrote:

That Kill Bill meets EQ trailer I made yonks ago.. I'm about to do a big reformat of my C drive & I thought I put this up before it goes - I remember promising to get it to JenGe a few months ago for funny submissions (or something).

Hi there, Just got my fanfilm uploaded...


[Here] you will see a play window, instead of pressing play, click 'This
media files URL:Link' and the film will start uploading to windows media
player. It's only 3.9 mb so shouldn't take long.

  • Fan Cut Equilibrium Trailer by graphic designer Grant Blackburn
Download here (right click, "save target as")

also see Grant's Portfolio Website - Darkline

This is something I made in tribute to a great but rather widely unheard of movie called Equilibrium. In this version - the Prozium Version - I had originally planned to be reading a poem which is prevalent in the movie as the background but the gunfire drowns me out so I just decided to go with silence. - Azuis

On the boards Harribo wrote: ...in February I was told for my 2D animation to make anything I'm enthusiastic about in flash and so I present you all with...

(smaller than actual size)

Fan Page @ Gunkatta.com - Includes a video

Also see