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Welcome to the fan humor section of the site.  All of the following were created purely out of love for Equilibrium. Those without humor genes need not click...some senses sure to be offended.

Equilibrium: Bloodbath Edition (by Father)


So, you don't have time to watch the entire film...
then try a shorter version...Here

Fan Humor on the Boards

Classic Mexican Stand-Off Mistakes No 56: Use a gun.
Not your finger. That's just silly. (by Coolhand)

"Feel the hatred!"-"I can't! I'm on prozium!"  (by Kakihara)

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If you wish to submit any of your own work to the site or know of other links please contact me, JenGe, at Eqfansite@aol.com or post items on the site's message board.  Note - it usually takes me about a week or more to get things on the site.